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Public Register of Deposited Site Rules

Site rules are published under Regulation 16 of the Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (England) Regulations 2014. They are a copy as presented to the council by the site owner.

Site rules are put in place by the owner of a site to ensure acceptable standards are maintained, which will be of benefit to occupiers or will promote community cohesion on the site. These should not be confused with site licence conditions.

Schedule five of the above regulations lists matters which are not permitted as site rules. A copy of the regulations is available on the Government Legislation website.

Councils are unable to amend site rules submitted for publication where it is thought to be contrary to a statutory implied term. As a consequence, the published site rules on this page have only received a check that they have been properly consulted upon. We do not endorse or approve these site rules; nor are we responsible for their enforcement. You should seek legal advice if you disagree with rules in place for your site. Advice on site rules can be obtained from Lease.


Updated: 17 Jan 2020
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