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FOI Disclosure Log - May 2014

Requests responded to during May 2014

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service:  Customer and Financial Support

FOI01868For the 2013/14 financial year 1. How much revenue are you due in the spare room subsidy 2. How much remains outstanding 3. How much has administering the spare room subsidy cost, please break this down to show how much it has cost in administration, chasing owed money, appeals against payments, and so on.--Clarification not received
FOI01943With effect from the 01/04/2014, can you please give me a list of the Billing Authority reference number, address and rateable value for all properties with a rateable value below £18,000 which are in receipt of one or more of the following reliefs: Charitable Relief, Rural Rate Relief, Community Access Sports Clubs, Small Business Rate Relief and Empty Property Relief.02/05/201425/04/2014Information supplied
FOI01956Housing benefits and private landlords08/05/201409/05/2014information supplied
FOI01964NNDR Credit balances09/05/201407/05/2014information supplied
FOI01968The amount of money paid by the council in Discretionary Housing Payment for each of the last five financial years, and the number of separate payments for each of those years.14/05/201428/04/2014information supplied
FOI01983A list of all live business rates accounts with a 2010 list Rateable Value greater than or equal to £5,000.16/05/201414/05/2014information supplied.
FOI01995How many people will this year pay either more council tax or council tax for the first time as a result of the localisation and reductions to the previous council tax benefit scheme that operated until April 2013? How many people receiving council tax support which amounts to less than 100% of their liability are:a) Carers? b) In receipt of disability benefits? c) In receipt of a war widow/ war widower pension? d) In receipt of a war disablement pension.22/05/201420/05/2014information supplied
FOI02015an Excel Spreadsheet with the following columns and data for ALL business premises where NO RELIEF (for example small business relief, charitable relief, etc) of any type has been granted. The information must be correct as of today's date, please can I have a fresh report, NO historic reports as this will affect my research. If it is possible could the date be included from when the data was last accurate.30/05/201416/05/2014information supplied
FOI02017a list of STARBUCK's properties and accounts that come under your council's instruction.29/04/201402/05/2014information supplied
FOI02018Re: 1 Southampton Road Lyndhurst 1) Please confirm the name of the individual or entity liable to pay non domestic rates in respect of the Site for the period 23 September 2010 - today's date. 2 ) If more than one individual or entity was liable to pay non domestic rates in respect of this Site during this period, please can you confirm: 2.1) The name of each individual/entity; 2.2 ) The period in respect of which that individual/entity was liable for the payment of non-domestic rates.22/05/201402/05/2014partial response - section 40
FOI02019All properties within your Billing Authority area where there is either a credit held on the account or there was previously a credit which has now been written on. The fields required are all non-personal; Primary Liable Party Name (Business Name)Full Property Address Postcode Billing Authority Reference Number (Assessment Number) Current Rateable Value Credit Amount Date05/06/201407/05/2014partial response - section 40.
FOI020221. The total net collectible council tax charged to all "ex-100%" working age CTS claimants during the course of 2013/14 (2013/14 tax only) 2. The total net collectible council tax collected from all "ex-100%" working age CTS claimants during 2013/14, as of 31st March 2014 (2013/14 tax only)03/06/201414/05/2014information supplied
FOI02031a list of any empty properties either council owned or privately owned10/06/201415/05/2014partial response - section 40
FOI02032a complete list of PLC's and Ltd companies that have become liable for the non domestic rates in your council area between the 23rd April 2014 to the 9th May 2014. Please could you supply the company name, address, liable party, RV and the date they became liable please.17/06/201419/05/2014information supplied
FOI02034A list of all the current ratepayers in the area, along with details of any relief applied to the property. Please include both properties currently receiving relief and those not along with the following information : -Property Reference-Ratepayer Name -Liability start date-RV -Property address -Property description -If they are currently in receipt of relief -The type of relief currently being received -Charge type e.g. occupied or void.11/06/201416/05/2014information supplied
FOI02035Accrued NNDR credit balances & write on's (i.e. credits that you have been unable to trace recipients for and have therefore wrote into your accounts, leaving an outward appearance of a zero balance).11/06/201414/05/2014information supplied
FOI02046The business rates for each property band, for your area for the financial year 2013-14 and for the financial years 2012-13. 2011-12. 2010-2011. 2009-2010.17/06/201419/05/2014advised and assisted

Service:  Environment Services

FOI019841)Number of parking permits issues in our authority 2)Cost of each parking permit 3)Revenue raised from parking permit schemes by your authority 4)How this revenue is spent by the authority22/05/201402/05/2014Information supplied
FOI01990how much your council spent in pounds sterling on maintenance of: a) public parks b) public beaches (should you authority have one or more) in FY 2010/11, FY 2011/12, FY 2012/13 and FY 2013/201421/05/201422/05/2014information supplied
FOI02000A list of vehicles owned or leased to the council. Please include; registration mark, fleet number (if used), make & model and body type.Of the vehicles leased, a list of the companies from which the vehicles are leased.Name, position and email address of the staff responsible for these vehicles.23/05/201416/05/2014information supplied
FOI02008The number of PCNs issued, The number of PCNs cancelled at the first informal appeal. The number of PCNs cancelled after the formal appeal. The number of PCNs cancelled after a hearing before a parking adjudicator or in the case of Fixed Penalties a magistrates court. PCNs cancelled after the appeals went to the parking adjudicator but before a hearing.30/05/201412/05/2014Information supplied
FOI02037Does your local authority adopt a strategy of fining residents for not recycling? If so, please send a complete breakdown between 2009-2013 (presented by quarter) in fines, warning letters and home visits that have been issued in regards to residents failing to recycle, within your borough?12/06/201414/05/2014information supplied
FOI02038Please could you send a complete summary over the last five years (presented by quarter) of the recycling rates for your borough? (rates meaning what percentage of your borough's waste is recycled)12/06/201414/05/2014information supplied
FOI02061In the last financial year 2013/14 how many incidents did your authority record where refuse collectors were assaulted by members of the public while carrying out council duties? Please give a brief description of the circumstances of the incident.24/06/201428/05/2014information supplied.

Service:  Housing

FOI019751.How many live applications does your Local Authority currently have on your housing list for wheelchair accessible housing? 2.How many wheelchair accessible homes were let to wheelchair users in each of the last 5 financial years in your locality through your general needs housing process?16/05/201406/05/2014refused - section 12
FOI01978Please can you tell me the % of tenants and leaseholders using direct debit as their payment method for rent or service charges? Please can you give me the percentage based on: The % of people paying by DD as a % of all people liable to make a payment? (calculation excludes those on full benefit) % paying by DD as a % of all tenants and leaseholders (statistic includes those on full benefit and therefore not making a payment)19/05/201414/05/2014information supplied
FOI019961)How many notices seeking possession for rent arrears did you issue between April 1 2013 and April 1 2014? 2)How many notices seeking possession for rent arrears did you issue between April 1 2012 and April 1 2013? 3)How many people were evicted for rent arrears between April 1 2013 and April 1 2014?22/05/201414/05/2014information supplied
FOI01999a list of HMO licensed properties alongside the property owners contact details.23/05/201416/05/2014information supplied
FOI02003repair history for two garage blocks.30/04/201430/04/2014partial response - section 40
FOI02004current copy of Empty Homes Register - Property Address that is licensed, owner, how many tenants/rooms that the property is licensed for, email address, address and telephone number.28/05/201428/05/2014Partial response- section 40.
FOI020211. How many social housing tenants on benefit ( including housing benefit) have bought a house through Right to Buy since April 2012? 2. Please state how many of these properties were priced within the following bands at the point of purchase:A. 0-£149,999B. £150,000-£249,999C. £250,000-£500,000, D More than £500,000 3. How many of the buyers qualified for the full discount ( £75,000 outside London, £100,000 in London).4. How many of the buyers qualified for less than the full discount?04/06/201408/05/2014information supplied
FOI020231.How many automatic wash/dry toilets your authority provided via Disabled Facility Grants in 2013/14? 2.How many automatic wash/dry toilets your authority provided for your own housing stock in 2013/14?05/06/201416/05/2014information supplied
FOI02053What was your Local Authority's Supporting People budget in 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013 and 2013/14? What was your LAs budget for providing housing-related support specifically for single homeless people in 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013 and 2013/14?20/06/201422/05/2014info not held

Service: Human Resources

FOI01958Sickness absence for financial year 2013/201408/05/201408/05/2014information supplied
FOI019871.For each of the last five years, please provide details of all compensation claims paid out to council staff members. Please include: The department/area the individual worked in, how much was paid out, why it was paid (i.e., what happened to mean they needed compensation), how many successful claims were made. 2.For each of the last five years, how many unsuccessful compensation claims were made by council staff members?21/05/201409/05/2014information supplied
FOI01993advise the name of the Council officer responsible for pursuing claims against third parties arising out of road traffic accidents involving damage to traffic lights, street lights and street furniture generally.22/05/201409/05/2014information supplied
FOI01998staff structures for your Building Control, Planning and all Maintenance and Groundwork departments within the Council. Can you also please provide job titles and names within the staff structures.23/05/201420/05/2014Part disclosure - section 40

Service:  ICT Services

FOI019321.The total ICT budget for your local authority for the most recent financial year. 2.The annual cost of the contract(S) for the hosting and maintenance of the council's principal website. 3.For each of the past 12 months (March 2013 - February 2014), the number of unique visitors per month who viewed the website.28/04/201408/05/2014information supplied
FOI01960As of 1st April 2014: 1. How many distinct line of business applications does the council maintain and use to support the delivery of local government services? 2. What are the suppliers, product names and version numbers of these line of business applications?3. How many distinct desktop applications does the council maintain and use to support the delivery of local government services?08/05/201408/05/2014information supplied
FOI02002Solution used, license expiry and license cost for each of the following IT Security areas: 1. Desktop Anti-Virus 2. Exchange e-mail security solution 3. Email Gateway 4. Web Gateway 5. Mobile Device Management 6. Hard Disk / Removable Media Encryption 7. Firewall / VPN 7. Firewall/VPN 8. Do you currently use Microsoft Threat Management Gateway and/or ISA server?28/05/201421/05/2014information supplied
FOI020111. The total number of desktop computers on the network in your head council office. 2. The total number of desktop computers on the network in your head office that have Microsoft Windows XP as their operating system. 3. The amount of money spent, or allocated to spend, on upgrading the Windows XP operating system in the current financial year. 4. The total amount of any monies paid to Microsoft for services relating to support for Windows XP in the 2012/13 and 2013/14 financial years.03/06/201421/05/2014information supplied
FOI02014Question 1: How much did you spend on your IT systems in 2013? Question 2: What enterprise storage brands did you purchase in 2013?Question 3 : How much did you spend on enterprise storage in 2013 and how many raw terabytes (TB) of capacity did you get?Question 4: How much did you spend on open-source storage or Software-Defined-Storage in 2013 and how many raw terabytes (TB) of capacity did you get?Question 5: How much data do you have stored digitally currently?03/06/201421/05/2014information supplied

Service:  Legal & Democratic

FOI01986All FOI requests and responses to the FOIs on the Welfare Act 2012 -Bedroom tax21/05/201402/05/2014partial response e- section 40
FOI02025Remuneration received by the Mayor of the council. Provide an itemised list of these benefits and their cost equivalent, broken down annually for the past three years up to the time this request is answered.05/06/201410/05/2014Information supplied
FOI02028Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) issued by the authority since 1st April 2010. For each Compulsory Purchase Order issued, please provide -Full name of the CPO, A copy of the map showing the areas affected by the CPO, A copy of the CPO Order which details all of the effected land/properties.09/06/201409/05/2014information supplied
FOI02042land status in Dibden13/06/201423/05/2014information supplied
FOI02050The details of every time the council has paid for the services of an exorcist, psychic or religious healer, including the date of each incident, the reason the council paid for the service, the cost of the service, whether the services were performed on an adult, child, pet or building.18/06/201421/05/2014information supplied
FOI02051structure chart of how your legal department is structured and the names of the people who head up the various departments within your legal department, i.e. Head of Legal, Head of Childcare, Head of Property etc.18/06/201423/05/2014information supplied

Service:  Leisure Services

FOI01982How many applications the Council received for grants of up to £5000 since the start of the repair and Renew Grant scheme on the 1st of April 2014 to cover homes and businesses flooded between 1 December 2013 and 31 March 2014.20/05/201406/05/2014Information supplied

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01971any toilet provision the council offers to members of the public including those under any community toilet scheme you may have in operation.15/05/201412/05/2014information supplied
FOI01977information about Street Cleaning, Refuse Collection and Pest Control sections.19/05/201416/05/2014information supplied

Service:  Not NFDC

FOI02020What was the cost to the public purse of the most expensive Troubled Family in the most recent year for which you have data?Please state how many interventions were made to assist this family, and how many different services made those interventions in that year?Please state how many Troubled Families you have in your area, and their total cost to the public purse in the most recent year for which you have data?04/06/201407/05/2014info not held.
FOI020291. How many street lights is your council responsible for? 2. Does your council switch-off street lights for a period of time during the night? If so, how many lights are switched off? 3. Does your council dim street lights for a period of time during the night? If so, how many lights are dimmed? 4. Is your council planning to switch off or dim street lights in the future?12/05/201412/05/2014info not held.
FOI02033please can you tell me how many social workers you have in your area12/06/201414/05/2014info not held.
FOI02039A list of schools in your area that have installed PV solar panels, their addresses (including postcodes) and how much capacity has been installed on each one?11/06/201414/05/2014Information not held
FOI02040Number of cluster's and or federations in the authority. Which schools are in each cluster/federation. The name, number and email of the cluster or federation lead and the name of the school in which they work.12/06/201415/05/2014info not held.
FOI02054how community and school transport is delivered for persons with reduced mobility.23/06/201423/05/2014info not held.
FOI020731)how many Serious Case Reviews have been published in 2014?2) In each Serious Case Review how many social workers were given disciplinary action in each case? What did this action involve and were they dismissed, suspended or did they resign?3) Please can you repeat questions 1 and 2 for the years 2013, 2012 and 2011.4) How many social workers do you employ?5) How many social workers are on temporary contracts?6) How many children are presently on the council's at risk register?27/06/2014-Information not held.

Service:  Planning & Transportation

FOI019721) proof that a Barn was not being used solely for Agricultural use 2) confirmation if any person has ever been prosecuted for illegal use of the barn02/05/201401/05/2014information supplied.
FOI01988a copy of the documents held by building control team relating to a property.21/05/201420/05/2014information supplied
FOI01997How many planning applications to New Forest District Council have gone to appeal?How many of these planning applications have been approved by the Secretary of State?How many of these appeals have incurred costs to New Forest District Council?How much those costs were?27/05/201428/05/2014information supplied
FOI02001copies of any files / correspondence / certificates / plans that relate to a property.27/05/201407/05/2014Information supplied
FOI02006- the Council contribution to DAR/CANGO funding (as applicable) in 2009/10 and 2013/14? - ditto for DAR vehicle replacement? - whether the above sums were matched by HCC? - how many DAR minibuses were operated by the service in those years. - the name of the organisation operating the service in 2008/9, and the name of the current operator.29/05/201408/05/2014information supplied
FOI02012how many roundabouts are located within your council boundaries.03/06/201407/05/2014information supplied
FOI02043In the last ten years, how many residential properties were requested to be demolished and when? (Whether via enforcement notice, enforcement order or any other council intervention). Of those, how many were actually demolished? And the timescale between the councils initial intervention and demolition.13/06/201420/05/2014information supplied
FOI02045information on s106 agreements involving supermarkets16/06/201423/05/2014Information supplied
FOI02048About planning applications made by the main supermarkets Sainsburys, Morrisons, Waitrose, Tesco, Co-Op, Iceland, Lidl, M&S and Aldi, and/or developers working for them to get planning permission for their supermarket stores.17/06/201423/05/2014information supplied

Service:  Property Services

FOI019851. How much did your local authority spend in total in relation to goods and services procured from companies and third parties? 2. Do you record the national origin of companies or third parties who have been awarded contracts under your procurement arrangements? 3. Do you have a policy to prioritise procurement from UK based companies?21/05/201409/05/2014information supplied
FOI020161)Please advise what company / organization is responsible for the vehicle parts procurement and stores management 2)Please provide contact details for the above organization including email address.02/06/201409/05/2014information supplied

Service:  Public Health & Community Safety

FOI019791. From February 2014 to any pending please provide details of any deceased persons you have dealt with who have no known next of kin (or you cannot find next of kin). 2. Date of Death and Date of Birth. 3. Last known address. 4. The date passed onto TSOL or The Duchy Solicitor (plus any pending). 5. The Value of estate if known (approximately).19/05/201419/05/2014partial disclosure - section 22 and section 31
FOI02007number of taxis and PHVs working in your local authority and which firms they work for. For now and at the end of 2012.29/05/201413/05/2014information supplied
FOI02009Latest detailed Food Hygiene Inspection report on the Coach House Day Nursery.27/05/201407/05/2014full disclosure
FOI02010Annual Stray Dog Survey30/05/201429/05/2014information supplied.
FOI02013A list of all dry cleaners holding a permit which fall within the boundaries of your local authority area.02/06/201407/05/2014Information supplied
FOI02024All Public Health Act Funerals with no next of kin last 3 months04/06/201408/05/2014part disclosure - Section 22 and Section 31
FOI02026All intestate estates which are being passed to the Treasury Solicitors Department Bona Vacantia Division. In your response please include the following: • Their last known address • When they died • Value of the estate • Name of the person who has died • Who referred the case to the council05/06/201408/05/2014partial response - section 31 and section 22
FOI02036Information on water abstraction near a Shell Petrol Station11/06/201419/05/2014information supplied
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