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Mitigation Strategy for European Sites

The Council adopted the Mitigation Strategy for European Sites (Recreational Pressure from Residential Development) Supplementary Planning Document on 4 June 2014. This SPD has been produced to provide additional guidance on the implementation of Policy DM3 of the Local Plan Part 2: Sites and Development Management document, adopted on 14 April 2014. Policy DM3 sets out requirements for the mitigation of the recreational impacts arising from new residential development on European nature conservation sites.

The Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Local Plan concluded that significant effects on both the New Forest and Solent/Southampton Water European sites, associated with cumulative recreational impacts from new residential development, cannot be ruled out. However, the HRA also concluded that, with adequate mitigation, those impacts could be sufficiently managed and offset so as to avoid an adverse effect on site integrity. Therefore within the Plan area all additional residential development must be accompanied by appropriate mitigation measures.

The SPD sets out in some detail the measures and projects which will be implemented to mitigate recreational impacts of new residential development. It includes proposals for new areas of natural green space, improvements to recreational walking routes, and management of visitors to sensitive sites.

The draft SPD was published for public consultation from 4 October to 15 November 2013. Comments received were taken into account in preparing the adopted SPD. A summary of consultation responses can be viewed in the Statement of Consultation.

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A guide to the relationship between Habitat Mitigation and the Community Infrastructure Levy can be found here:

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