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FOI Disclosure Log - April 2014

Requests responded to during April 2014

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI01912(a) addresses of empty Commercial Properties that are within your area (b) if possible, the owner(s) of those properties referred to in (a) (c) if possible, the type of use (e.g. office, shop, storage facility etc) of those properties referred to in (a) (d) if possible, approximate date (month & year) from which the properties referred to in (a) became empty (e) if possible, the rateable value of those properties referred to in (a)15/04/201401/04/2014Information supplied in full
FOI01925I would like to request an up to date full list of Ltd companies or PLCs that have become liable for the business rates between the 1st Mar 2014 and the 24th March 2014, whether they be a new business or just moved into new offices if possible please. I require the business name/name of ratepayer, address, the date they became responsible, the RV and type of property (whether it be office, public house, shop, garage etc etc)23/04/201401/04/2014Information supplied in full
FOI01931Information re NDR rates which are overpaid or in credit28/04/201401/04/2014Information provided in full
FOI01934Council tax charges and collection.29/04/201423/04/2014information supplied
FOI01940(a) Addresses of all commercial properties that currently have a historic credit on their account above £1,000. (b) The names and addresses of the ratepayer of the property referred to in (a) if they are a limited company. (c) The amount by which the account is in credit (d) The rating year that the credit arose29/04/201423/04/2014information supplied
FOI01946Council tax reductions of exemptions due to flooding30/04/201423/04/2014information supplied
FOI01952Please provide the ratepayer's name(s) in respect of the properties for 1ST FLR 17, MARKET PLACE, RINGWOOD, HANTS, BH24 1AN.07/05/201423/04/2014information supplied
FOI01953New NNDR accounts from 1 January 2014 to present07/05/201425/04/2014information supplied
FOI01954•Current overpayment/credit shown for any financial year if credit balance hasn't been carried forward. •Accounts where a 'write on' has been used since 1st April 2000 to cancel an overpayment which has not since been reversed.08/05/201423/04/2014information supplied
FOI01955•Refund cheques that remain unpresented 3 months after date of issue. •Refund cheques that are out of date.08/05/201428/04/2014information supplied
FOI01957Overpayment (credit) on non-domestic rates accounts08/05/201423/04/2014information supplied
FOI01963Business which became liable for business rates between 25/3/14 to 8/4/1409/05/201425/04/2014information supplied
FOI01967an up-to-date excel list of all properties where the liable party is a registered charity and is not in receipt of mandatory relief.14/05/201415/04/2014info not held.
FOI01980In its Autumn Statement in December 2013 the Treasury announced the introduction of discount of up to £1,000 against business rates bills for retail premises. How many retail properties in the Local Authority have received the business rates retail relief for 2014-15 announced in the Autumn Statement 2013?What proportion is this of the total number of proprieties in the Local Authority that are eligible for the relief?What is the average amount of relief which each property has received?19/05/201423/04/2014information supplied
FOI01981information on discretionary rate relief.19/05/201423/04/2014information supplied
FOI019891.The addresses and a brief description (eg, shop, office, etc)and rateable value of all commercial premises within the Council area. 2. The names and addresses of the organisation or companies who own the premises referred to in (1).21/05/201424/04/2014information supplied
FOI01991Under the freedom of information act 2000, I kindly request a copy of Businesses within your district that are not currently benefiting from the Small Business Rates Relief under the governments incentive, that maybe eligible for the scheme.21/05/201425/04/2014partial response- section 12 and section 40

Service: Environment Services

FOI018931 a) How much money the council received in "over-vend" from parking meters in the 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13 financial years. b) Please break these figures down by year, so that it is possible to see how much income was received in each financial year.07/04/201403/04/2014Refused. Information not held.
FOI01914How many customers on an average year are signed up to the garden waste scheme. How much is charged to join/renew an annual registration for the garden waste collection? How many customers are on a direct debit scheme for the garden waste collection? What system (if any) do you use to keep all the direct debit customers details on?14/04/201414/04/2014information supplied
FOI01950Information re grounds maintenance and landscaping06/05/201428/04/2014information supplied
FOI01969how many fixed penalties have been issued by the council for recycling related offences each calendar year in 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009 and the total cost of each. Please detail the offences for which they were issued.15/05/201416/04/2014Information supplied
FOI01970how much it cost to implement the scheme (Rumbridge Street Car Park) and how much revenue has been brought in since the charges were first introduced.15/05/201416/04/2014Information supplied

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI018911. How much money was spent in hotels, and other types of accommodation, including food and beverage charges, in 2013, including as a training venue. 2. How much money was spent in restaurants in 2013.07/04/201427/03/2014Information supplied in full

Service: Housing

FOI01886A questionnaire on the experiences of single homeless households who seek assistance from the local authority.03/04/201412/03/2014information supplied
FOI01901Prior to the implementation of the new social size criteria/under occupancy penalty in April 2013:1)How many people were under occupying their social property by 1 room for both a) working age and b) non-working age?2)How many people were under occupying their social property by 2 rooms for both a) working age and b) non-working age?3)How many people were under occupying their social property by more than 3 rooms or more for both a) working age and b) non-working age?10/04/201407/04/2014Information not held
FOI019031)How many people of Working Age have transferred from claims of Housing Benefit to Local Housing Allowance since April 2013? 2)How many people have started a new tenancy within the socially rented sector for a smaller property since April 2013? 3)For all new tenancies since April 2013, could you please specify the number of new tenancies that have been started because of people downsizing to avoid the under occupancy penalty/new social size criteria?10/04/201407/04/2014Information supplied in part. Some information not held. Some excluded by s.12 (would exceed costs limit).
FOI019101) How many inspections there were by carried out by this council of houses in multiple occupation 2) How many investigations there were into suspected breaches of the rules regarding houses of multiple occupation 3) How many prosecutions there were for owning a house in multiple occupation that is unlicensed. 4) How many prosecutions there were for permitting more than an agreed number of people or households to live in a property.11/04/201426/03/2014Majority of information requested was supplied. Some information not held.
FOI01947Information regarding Council's purchase of homes06/05/201422/04/2014Information supplied
FOI01948Information re discretionary housing payment06/05/201408/04/2014Information supplied in part (some information not held)

Service: Human Resources

FOI019081)How many people are currently employed by New Forest District Council in communications, marketing, press officer and public relations roles, including retained staff from outside agencies. 2)How many people were employed by the council in communications, marketing, press officer and public relations roles, including retained staff from outside agencies, in each of the last four years? 3)How many people are employed by the council in total?14/04/201414/04/2014information supplied
FOI01923Regarding the five New Forest Health and Leisure centres: 1 - What procedures/policies are in place to ensure that all lifeguards have adequate breaks during their shifts? Including time away from 'guarding' the swimming pool but still working and actual rest breaks. 2 - Are these policies implemented/enforced uniformly across all five centres?23/04/201428/03/2014Information supplied in full
FOI01935Information regarding Zurich Municipal insurance29/04/201401/04/2014Information supplied in full
FOI01937Employee use of social media30/04/201409/04/2014Supplied in full

Service: ICT Services

FOI01883Could you please provide me with the total number of laptops owned by your organisation that were registered to and/or in the possession of staff members (whether directly employed by your organisation or otherwise) on the following two dates: a) 1 May 2010 (or nearest available date - please specify), and b) 1 May 2013 (or nearest available date - please specify).01/04/201401/04/2014Information provided in full
FOI01896How many mobile phones does the council use? How many laptops does the council use? Do you use a recycling company to recycle these devices under the WEEE directive? What recycling company do you use? If you do not use a recycling company, why not? What is the most important part of recycling these devices? When is your upgrade due?08/04/201403/04/2014Information supplied in full
FOI01926ICT Strategy, ICT Departmental Business Plan, ICT Structure, ICT Capital budgets and programmes.24/04/201424/04/2014information supplied.

Service: Leisure Services

FOI01913Information regarding charges to fitness instructors or boot camps for using the open parks and green spaces within your boroughs: Do you currently have a scheme which charges fitness instructors to use your parks for business?Is your local authority considering charging fitness instructors to use your parks?Under what legislation, regulation, authority do you charge?14/04/201417/04/2014information not held

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01905environmental assessment for Fawley Power Station.04/04/201407/04/2014All information held by NFDC was supplied. Some information not held by NFDC - referred to Environment Agency.
FOI01916How much was spent by the council on securing vacant housing/commercial properties in the past financial year?Which companies were used to secure the vacant properties/sites?Which, if any, medium to large scale regeneration projects having been budgeted for within the next financial year?16/04/201408/04/2014Supplied in full
FOI01942Information regarding human and fiscal impact of recent flooding02/05/201416/04/2014Information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01939Information re short breaks29/04/201401/04/2014Information not held by NFDC.
FOI01944Information re specialist gym and classroom equipment for obese children02/05/2014-Not held
FOI01949Information re elder people's care01/05/201407/04/2014Information not held by NFDC
FOI01961Information re speed cameras09/05/201409/04/2014Information not held as NFDC not responsible for speed cameras
FOI01962Street lighting12/05/201409/04/2014Information not held by NFDC.
FOI01965Whether the local authority had definitely secured sufficient places for every disadvantaged two year old who became eligible for free nursery education in September 2013 (please answer with a 'Yes' or 'No').15/05/201414/04/2014Info not held.
FOI01976This is to ask for the procedures that are in place 1. to ensure that COURT ORDERS for CONTACT with children in care are being complied with;2. to allow parents to enforce orders for contact when they are not being adhered to;3. to ensure that embassies and consulates are being informed when non-UK children are taken into care;4. to arrange for Consular visits of non-UK children in care.19/05/201417/04/2014info not held.
FOI02005For school meals provision in New Forest council schools. - Is there a main contract? And if so which caterer provides the main contract? Are they, or have they been a part of the council? And what is the term of the contract?Which cashless system they use in each school (also depicting those that don't use a cashless system at all)?What % of fresh produce is used in the meals? What frozen produce do they use?29/05/201430/04/2014info not held.

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI01892In the last two years, what percentage of planning applications for major developments have Southern Water objected to on the grounds of there being no capacity for foul sewage or foul sewer infrastructure?07/04/201426/03/2014Information provided in full
FOI01906a copy of the structural engineers details and SAP calculations for a property.04/04/201414/03/2014Supplied in full
FOI01924Could you please forward the photos you have on file relating to the build at Marchwood.23/04/201410/04/2014information supplied
FOI01994provide all correspondence, notes and especially emails on subject ENQ/14/20459/HDF and Nelson House. Please provide the notes and drawings.23/05/201424/04/2014advised and assisted

Service: Property Services

FOI01890Details of the freehold ownership of St George's Hall Calshot and surrounding grounds, details of any leases on the Hall, The names of any management board or committee affecting the hall, and vacancies on such bodies in each year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 (current); the number, names and frequency of bookings of the Hall, in each year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 (to date)07/04/201407/04/2014Supplied in part. Some information not held.
FOI01918To assist me in the investigation of the flooding that has occurred in the Bartley area can I please have the large amount of data, including levels, dimensions of culverts and flow survey information that was collected. Please also can you supply the results of all the modelling solutions that were considered and your final recommendations. I would also like to know how much this particular investigation cost the council to undertake.10/04/201403/04/2014All information requested was provided, save for some files which were destroyed after 12 years in accordance with the Council's
FOI01928[Please note that the information requested relates to your construction procurement activities over the past 12 months.] 1. What monitoring and reporting do you have in place to check whether your main contractors are paying their sub-contractors within 30 days? 2. If your response to Q1 is in the negative what other steps does your organisation take to ensure fair payment is applied along construction supply chains? 3. Please provide information showing the average time28/04/201402/04/2014Information supplied in full
FOI01933Under the Freedom of Information Act we now respectfully ask that you provide us with a copy of the NFDC Building Control report regarding the building process, under planning application reference number 10/95576, later amended under planning application reference number 11/98137 for our records.28/04/201428/04/2014information supplied
FOI01938Data re value for money on facilities, estates and property.30/04/201429/04/2014information supplied
FOI019731.How many applications did your council made to the Secretary of State for the disposal of allotment sites in each of the following years: (a) 2010, (b) 2011, (c) 2012, (d) 2013 and (e) 2014 to date? 2.How many applications has your council had accepted by the Secretary of State for the disposal of allotment sites in each of the following years: (a) 2010, (b) 2011, (c) 2012 (d) 2013 and (e) 2014 to date? 3.How many allotment a) sites and b) plots do you have in total currently?16/05/201417/04/2014Info not held

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI01884Food hygiene rating reports for the following: Coffee Shack, 9 The Parade, Ashley Road, New Milton Elizabeth's Bakery, 2-3 Deep Slade House, Ringwood Ghandi Indian Cuisine, 52 Commercial Road, Totton The Crown Manor House Hotel, 9 High Street, Lyndhurst02/04/201402/04/2014Information supplied in part. Exemptions s.30(1) and s.40(2). Response sent by email.
FOI01895The number of Public Health Funerals have been arranged by the council in the financial years 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/2013 and the most up-to-date data you have for 2013/14. Please break this down by year, so that it is possible to see how many were arranged in each financial year. 2. How much money the council spent on these Public Health funerals. Please break these figures down by financial year for 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/2013 and the most up-to-date data you have for 2013/1408/04/201407/04/2014Supplied in full
FOI01919Can you confirm who Environmental Health contacted when they raised concerns about the property? Please confirm why Environmental Health intervened and sanctions were imposed on the tenants?16/04/201403/04/2014information supplied
FOI019221) Does the council have any dealings with genealogical company, probate specialist or genealogy firms? 2) What are the names of those companies? 3) For what purpose are those companies used? 4) Which department is in contact with that genealogical companies, probate specialists or genealogy firms? 5) Who and/or which department makes the executive decision to contact the genealogical companies, probate specialists or genealogy firms?23/04/201423/04/2014partial disclosure - section 31 and section 22
FOI01927Under the FOI Act 2000 we write to request the following information. A list of all public health funerals performed in the last 6 weeks which have been or are in the process of being referred to either the Treasury Solicitor or Duchy Solicitor. We request 1) Full name of deceased 2) Date of death 3) Date of birth 4) Last known address 5) Approximate value of estate25/04/201423/04/2014partial disclosure - section 31 and section 22
FOI01936A list of animal boarding services currently licensed by the Council29/04/201407/04/2014Supplied in full
FOI01941How many Licensed Betting Offices were licensed in the borough in each year from 2007 to 2013.02/05/201407/04/2014Supplied in full.
FOI01945List of venues in which licensing restrictions prevent the use of glassware in their premises, be it all the time or for specific dates or events.30/04/201409/04/2014Request denied - exemptions 21 (information available elsewhere) and 12 (cost limit)
FOI01951Licensed premises under Pet Animals Act 195107/05/201410/04/2014information supplied
FOI01959Current list of private hire operators08/05/201409/04/2014Information supplied in full
FOI01966How many animals of each of the following are currently in your local authority area:Tigers,Lions,Leopards,Lynx,Panther,And any other non-domestic cat breeds etc.15/05/201415/04/2014Information supplied
FOI01974confirmation if Robert Towle held the premise license at; The Sway Manor Hotel, Station Road, Sway, LYMINGTON, Hampshire, SO41 6BA from 05 November 2013 to 4 February 201416/05/201422/04/2014Refused - Section 40
FOI01992any Intestate Estate you may currently be dealing with, and also any Intestate Estate that you intend referring to the Treasury Department.21/05/201423/04/2014partial response - section 22 and section 31
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