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FOI Disclosure Log - February 2014

Requests responded to during February 2014

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI01719JRF Bedroom Limit Research Project - questions on spare room subsidy03/02/201403/02/2014advised and assisted
FOI01749All information requested relates to Business Rates - A list of all live business rates accounts with a 2010 list Rateable Value greater than or equal to £25,000.14/02/201403/02/2014partial disclosure
FOI01754a list of Businesses, addresses, name of rate payer and date they became responsible for NNDR (any Ltd Companies and PLC's) between the 1st Jan-15th Jan 2014 within your council area17/02/201403/02/2014information supplied
FOI017641. How many people are paying a) increased council tax or b) council tax for the first time since April this year as a result of the change from a national council tax benefit scheme to a localised council tax support scheme? 2. Of those people paying increased council tax or council tax for the first time, how many people in total were in arrears as of 21/1/14?19/02/201405/02/2014Part disclosure - section 12
FOI01768The business rates payer (providing it's a Limited Company) for INTEGRA SOUTH WEST ENERGY RECOVERY FACILITY, OCEANIC WAY, MARCHWOOD INDUSTRIAL PARK, MARCHWOOD, SOUTHAMPTON, BA Reference: 232920895 and any periods of empty rate charges for which the Billing Authority is charging.20/02/201419/02/2014information supplied
FOI01792relating to council tax collection in your area for the first two quarters of both 2012/13 and 2013/14: The number of households in arrears with their council tax payments; and who are also in receipt of council tax support (sometimes referred to as council tax reduction, formally known as council tax benefit); The council tax collection rate; The number of times bailiffs have been referred to households in your area on account of non-payment of council tax.25/02/201429/01/2014information supplied
FOI01794(a) addresses of all commercial properties that are currently receiving small business rates relief (b) The property reference for the addresses (c) The date that relief began on the property d) The current rateable value of the property26/02/201418/02/2014information supplied
FOI01800Are serving soldiers residing in your area exempt from council tax payments when they are in theatre (away fighting)? If so: (a) for how long are they exempt (b) how many serving soldiers have benefited from this exemption in the last year (c) when did you begin this exemption scheme?28/02/201403/02/2014information supplied
FOI01802A list within the dates the 16th January 2014 to 31st January 31th 2014, of any PLC or LTD (Limited) company that have become responsible for the business rates during that period.28/02/201403/02/2014information supplied
FOI018031.The addresses and rateable value of vacant commercial warehouses with a current rateable value of up to £1,000,000 within the New Forest District Council area including class of use and permitted changes. 2.The names and addresses of the organizations or companies responsible for paying business rates at those premises.03/03/201417/02/2014Granted in part
FOI01806how many people in your area would be liable to pay the spare room subsidy, but are exempt because they are of pension age. If it is possible to break down those numbers into how many people would be eligible to pay for one / two / three / four / more than four bedrooms but are exempt on grounds of age. If it is possible to say how much would be raised per year by your council in revenue if the spare room subsidy were charged to pensioners, could you provide me with that figure please?05/03/201406/02/2014information supplied
FOI018161) Whether the council is considering making any changes to its 2013/14 CTS scheme for 2014/15 If the answer to question 1 is 'no', the council may ignore the remaining questions. Otherwise, please continue. 2) What is the proposed maximum percentage of a claimant's council tax bill that will be covered by CTS under the proposed 2014/15 scheme? Please detail whether the maximum percentage is tied to a council tax band (e.g. 80% of a Band D council tax bill)07/03/201417/02/2014information supplied
FOI01830the total amount of council tax collected from all the properties in Sutton road, Cheam way, and Ewell way13/03/201417/02/2014partial response - section 12
FOI01834A list of businesses whether Ltd or PLC that have become liable for business rates within your council area between the dates of the 1st Feb 2014 to the 15th Feb 2014.14/03/201418/02/2014information supplied
FOI01840Number of occasions from January 1, 2013, till January 31st, 2014 that reminder letters were sent to your authority's councillors for non-payment of council tax. Please specify the amount of money owed for each occasion a letter was sent? Also specify the political party of the councillor involved where there are enough members of one party to avoid identification?17/03/201418/02/2014information supplied
FOI01844number of appeals against bedroom tax since April 201318/03/201421/02/2014Information supplied

Service: Environment Services

FOI01782What is your policy on dealing with dead pets which are found by your workers 2) If your policy is to freeze the pets, could you please provide the following information:a) Please list all animals which you have frozen since March 2012, including the type and quantity of each animal. b) For how long do you store animals before destroying them?c) The number of animals that were frozen in the past two years and which were retrieved by their owners24/02/201421/02/2014Information supplied
FOI01795How many fixed penalty notices (parking tickets) have been issued in accordance with parking contravention code 48 (stopping in restricted area outside a school) in 2013 How many fixed penalty notices (parking tickets) have been issued in accordance with parking contravention code 99 (stopping on a pedestrian crossing and/or crossing area marked by zig-zags) in 2013.26/02/201431/01/2014information supplied.
FOI01833since the start of 2012 please provide the number of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued by/in your local authority - monthly breakdown.12/03/201419/02/2014information supplied.

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI01759Please provide the name of all companies that have been required to provide a performance bond in favour of the Council for the period 2012-2013.18/02/201412/02/2014information supplied
FOI01862How much has been paid to your Local Authority from the Department for Communities and Local Government in respect to the New Homes Bonus? How much of this money has been used to build new homes? How many homes have been build using this money?24/03/201428/02/2014Information supplied

Service: Housing

FOI01807Information on Housing Revenue Account for the last three years04/03/201410/02/2014information supplied
FOI01847whether the council owns any housing stock that is not geographically within the council's boundaries (i.e. not part of the borough or area that the council serves/in an area that falls under a different council)19/03/201425/02/2014information supplied
FOI018551.The amount raised through right to buy sales. 2.The amount of this a) retained by the council as the local authority share (25% of the receipts had the discounts not increased) and b) returned to the treasury 3.The amount of this (if any) retained to provide one for one replacements 4.The amount from question 3 that has so far been committed to specific projects, and the number of homes this is expected to deliver24/03/201426/02/2014Information supplied

Service: Human Resources

FOI017531)In chronological order since 1980 and up until and including the current post holder, who have been/are the Chief Executives, or other titled chief officers (be they previously referred to as Town Clerks etc...) of your council and; 2)the length of time those individuals were/have been in post17/02/201410/02/2014information supplied
FOI01761name, phone number & email address for the following (or similar) roles: Head of community services Head of housing management Head of housing services Head of employability services18/02/201406/02/2014information supplied
FOI01775How many people employed by the Council have received penalty points on their driving licence for offences committed while driving council vehicles in each of the last three years? For each of the last three years, how many of these were driving school transport vehicles? How many people employed by the Council took driving awareness courses because of offences committed while driving council vehicles in each of the last three years?20/02/201418/02/2014Information supplied
FOI01804availability of defibrillators/AED equipment in the council buildings03/03/201404/02/2014Information supplied
FOI01838contract information relating to insurance services which include the following: 1. Motor 2. Property 3. Accident and Liability17/03/201427/02/2014information supplied

Service: ICT Services

FOI01726The software and/or hardware the council currently uses for filtering/Blocking/Monitoring access to the Internet for Council staff and Education users.05/02/201414/01/2014information supplied
FOI01744Project Methodology for IT projects - 1) Prince 2 Project Methodology 2) An Agile Project Methodology 3) Another If 3) Another, could you please specify.13/02/201424/02/2014information supplied
FOI01751About the council's contract with Fixed Telephony, Broadband and WAN Contract17/02/201413/02/2014information supplied
FOI01758The number of people currently employed across the organisation?Who supplies your multifunctional devices across organisation?What make of MFD across the organisation?How many multifunctional devices are there across the organization? When is the contract for this hardware due to end?What print management software's do you use across the organisation?What scanning software's do you use across the organisation?18/02/201412/02/2014Information supplied
FOI01786If the Council use either Civica or Northgate software within your organisation and if so which software?24/02/201404/02/2014information supplied
FOI018121. Has the authority achieved PSN CoCo compliance? If so, a. what date did you receive your PSN Certificate? b. does the authority have a live PSN connection yet? 2. If the authority hasn't achieved PSN CoCo compliance yet - what is the reason? a. authority has tried but failed to meet the requirements? b. authority's current GCF CoCo has not yet expired? c. authority doesn't require PSN .10/03/201420/02/2014Information supplied

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI01799How much did the council spend on external legal services for the years 2012/2013 and 2011/2012 and any figures you have for 2013/14? How much the council spent running its in-house legal department for the years 2012/2013 and 2011/2012 and any figures you have for 2013/14? How many solicitors the council employed as part of its in-house legal department for the years 2012/2013 and 2011/12 and any figures you have for 2013/14?28/02/201424/02/2014information supplied
FOI01828a) A hyperlink to your Council's list of datasets; b) Answer "yes" or "no" as to whether there is a dataset regarding Business rates and ratepayers in particular; c) If the answer to b) is "No", please explain why Business Rates are not included for publication;07/03/201417/02/2014information supplied
FOI01854Please provide me with the dates of all council or committee meetings where this matter was discussed and decisions issued re Cllr. Becks designation to the Hampshire "crime panel." Please also provide a copy of all minutes and relevant agendas relating to the same, and a list of the individuals forming any related committee or sitting on any meeting where this was considered or deliberated on.24/03/201425/02/2014Information supplied

Service: Leisure Services

FOI01823council's spent on archives, arts development, museums, etc10/03/201425/02/2014Information supplied

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01817Information for each of the designated corporate services functions - Payroll, HR, Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Revenue and Benefits.07/03/201426/02/2014Information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01797Information in relation to Bashley Common Road, New Milton:28/02/201403/02/2014information not held.
FOI01801Would you please tell me how much your council spent in pounds sterling on subsidising local bus services in FY 2010/11, FY 2011/12, FY 2012/13 and FY 2013/14 and how much your council is budgeting to spend in FY 2014/15.28/02/201403/02/2014info not held.
FOI01809Winter Maintenance service - road and gritting05/03/201405/02/2014info not held.
FOI01811Micro-Chipping of Children in Care10/03/201410/02/2014Information not held
FOI01813Micro-Chipping of Children in Care10/03/201410/02/2014info not held
FOI01815details of expenditure on social care by your authority, (by using the term 'social care', I am specifically referring to means-tested social care, delivered in an individual's own home, or in a care home setting).10/03/201410/02/2014info not held.
FOI01822Is any of the land within your area registered as common land or town or village green under the Commons Registration Action 1965 or the Commons Act 2006?05/03/201410/02/2014information not held
FOI018361) The name, job titles, section / department, telephone and email addresses of the Officers responsible for making accommodation and support placements for young people 16-19 who are either in Looked After Care or Leaving Care. 2) The name, telephone and email address of the Children's Commissioning Manager. 3) The name, job titles, section / department, telephone and email addresses of the Finance or Payments Officers who are responsible for making payments for such services to providers17/03/201417/02/2014info not held
FOI01849Compensation cost for damage to vehicles caused by potholes during 1)2010/11 2)2011/12 3)2012/13 and 4)2013/14 financial years.20/03/201420/02/2014information not held
FOI018511) The Contract Start Date, Contract Duration, Contract Value and the name of the CurrentContracted Provider for your current Smoking Cessation Programme. 2) The Contract Start Date, Contract Duration, Contract Value and the name of the CurrentContracted Provider for your current Health Trainer Programme. 3) The Contract Start Date, Contract Duration, Contract Value and the name of the CurrentContracted Provider for your current Weight Management Programme.24/03/201424/02/2014information not held.
FOI01858Details of the amount spent on school improvement services for each of the last three years. If this information is too costly to retrieve then please send me details of spending on school improvement services for the last financial year only.21/03/201424/02/2014Info not held.
FOI01871Since May 2010 1)how many libraries that were operated by the local authority have now closed 2)how many libraries that were operated by the local authority have now been transferred to a community, private, third party or voluntary group 3) how many libraries that were operated by the local authority have reduced the number of hours which they operate26/03/201426/02/2014info not held.

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI01757A copy of the notes and all other documentation of the pre-planning advisory meeting held between the Owner of #41 Sea Road, Milford on Sea SO410PH and NFDC in relation to planning application DC14 / 10009. (Application for removal or variation of a condition.)18/02/201414/02/2014information supplied
FOI01760A rough estimate of the number of LLC searches you are getting on a monthly or yearly basis.18/02/201411/02/2014information supplied
FOI017761. When trees in are pruned or felled by or as part of work done or ordered by the council, do council employees do this or are external contractors used? 2. If you have council workers undertaking this work, what process, policy or procedure do you have in place to dispose of timber? 3. If you do have a process, policy or procedure in place to dispose of timber, how is this audited to prevent timber from being disposed of outside of the process, policy or procedure?20/02/201403/02/2014information supplied
FOI01788How many breaches have been identified and how many enforcement actions or prosecutions made, by this council, due to non-compliance with Approved Document P (Part P) of the Building Regulations in the last three years?24/02/201428/01/2014information supplied
FOI01805Building regulations letters re: alteration and extension relating to a property.26/02/201407/02/2014information supplied
FOI01819construction drawing/plans of a property26/02/201410/02/2014information supplied

Service: Property Services

FOI01769Please provide full details of the land recently sold by the New Forest District Council as described here: disclosure
FOI01796how many buildings the council owns that are presently disused/empty? Please repeat the question for 2013, 2012 and 2011. How many of these buildings does the council pay security firms to protect? Please name them and the cost the council has paid for in security for each of the properties in 2013, 2012 and 2011? Do any of the above named buildings have planning applications pending or passed in respect of them?27/02/201431/01/2014information supplied
FOI018101) How much did your organisation spend on printer toner and inkjet cartridges in 2012/13? (if 2012/13 is not yet available please provide for 2011/12) 2) What provider(s) did your organisation use for the supply of printer toner and inkjet cartridges in 2012/13? (if 2012/13 is not yet available please provide for 2011/12)3)What is the duration of your existing contracts that covers the supply of printer toner and inkjet cartridges and when do they end?10/03/201410/02/2014information supplied
FOI01842How much did your council, and its constituent departments, spend on purchasing paper and paper products - (such as pads, copier/fax/printer paper, post-it notes etc) in the financial years 2011/2012, 2012/2013 and in the first six months of the current financial year 2013/2014 How much did the council, and constituent departments, spend on purchasing or renting/leasing fax and photocopier machines in the two full and half years outlined above.18/03/201427/02/2014information supplied

Service: Pub. Hlth & Comm. Safety

FOI01725Details of all statutory noise abatement notices issued in last 5 years. Please give outline details of restrictions placed and reasons for restrictions. Number of noise complaints made in last 5 years and subsequent outcomes - eg no action, action, resolved, restrictions placed, criminal proceedings undertaken, civil appeals made etc05/02/201405/02/2014information supplied
FOI01747information about an accident at the local Morrisons store.06/02/201406/02/2014partial disclosure
FOI017521. How much has your local authority spent, in each of the last 7 calendar years, on Police Community Support Officers in your area. 2. Since 2010, has your local authority reduced funding for Police Community Support Officers.17/02/201417/02/2014information supplied
FOI017731.Full list of current dog breeding establishments in your jurisdiction, including residential, commercial and pet shop licensees, including full names, addresses and telephone numbers. Total number of breeding bitches and stud dogs on site. Last date of inspection and copy of subsequent report. Copy of each license and what specific breed/s this corresponds to. Any complaints to date with any of the licensees; copy of your complaint log including the outcome of each investigation.19/02/201405/02/2014information supplied
FOI01787a questionnaire about pet shop licensing.24/02/201424/02/2014information supplied.
FOI01791Public Health Act Funerals within the last 8 weeks 1) Full name of deceased 2) Date of death 3) Date of birth 4) Last known address 5) Approximate value of estate25/02/201425/02/2014Information supplied
FOI01808In 2012/13 and 2011/12, how many burials of fetal remains from were handled by council cemeteries at the request of NHS Trusts. Provide a breakdown showing how many burials were individual burials, and how many were group burials. For those buried in group or communal burial plots/sites, provide the location of these plots/sites, the numbers of remains buried in each plot during the year and the total number of remains currently in each plot.04/03/201425/02/2014Information supplied
FOI01814Since 1 April 2013, has the health and wellbeing board had any discussions with a local pharmaceutical committee regarding the provision of public health services by community pharmacies in your area? Provide full details.10/03/201412/02/2014info not held
FOI01821In relation to fuel poverty in park homes, I am aware that certain schemes to insulate park homes have been used in the past by some councils.06/03/201419/02/2014info not held.
FOI018531. List of all establishments which have been granted a licence to keep a breeding establishment for dogs including the name and address which is stated on the certificate including the dates the licence is valid for. 2. List of all licences which have been granted to keep a pet shop including the name and address which is stated on the certificate including the dates the licence is valid for.24/03/201425/02/2014information supplied
FOI01857name, address and postcode of Public & Private Hire Taxi Plate Holders.21/03/201425/02/2014Information supplied
FOI01869number of second-hand tyre dealers trading standards have visited in your area in the past five years (split by the years 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14) The number of second-hand tyre dealers under investigation for selling illegal tyres in the past five years (split by the years 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14); The number of offenders that Councils have tried to prosecute for selling unsafe part-worn tyres in the past five years (split by the years 2009/10, 2010/11,26/03/201426/02/2014info not held.
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