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FOI Disclosure Log - January 2014

Requests responded to during January 2014

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI01667Since the introduction of the power for local authorities to reduce the business rates of any local ratepayer (under Section 69 of the Localism Act 2011) a) how many times has the Council used this power (excl. Charities) and b) what was the monetary amount of this relief (excl. Charities)? On how many occasions has the Council a) awarded hardship relief to a ratepayer and b) what was the monetary amount of this relief?i06/01/201406/01/2014fully supplied.
FOI01698Use of bailiffs for the last three years, policies etc.24/01/201410/01/2014Information provided
FOI01704list of Ltd Companies and PLC's, their addresses and name of rate payers that have become liable and date the became responsible for NDR from the 16th Dec - 31st Dec 2013 throughout your council area28/01/201416/01/2014Information supplied
FOI01707FOI request on amount of credits the council has in respect of Council Tax and Business Rates for Sanctuary Housing Association, Sanctuary Supported Living, Sanctuary Care, Sanctuary Carr-Gomm.24/01/201410/01/2014Information supplied
FOI01708a list of all your approved local, regional and national building contractors. Specifying relevant discipline and contact details.27/01/201427/01/2014information supplied
FOI01716•Current overpayment/credit shown for any financial year if credit balance hasn't been carried forward. •Accounts where a 'write on' has been used since 1st April 2000 to cancel an overpayment which has not since been reversed. •Ratepayer name (Information is only requested where the ratepayer is a company and not an individual as I appreciate this is limited by the Data Protection Acts). •Address of property concerned. •Amount of overpayment/write on. •If possible, the period/financial ye30/01/201410/01/2014granted in full
FOI017241.Does your local authority intend to change its council tax support scheme for 2014/15? (yes/no/undecided) 2.If the scheme for 2014/15 is yet to be decided can a date be provided as to when this decision will take place? 3.If it has been decided to change the council tax support scheme for 2014/15 can you provide full details of how the new scheme will differ from the scheme for 2013/14?04/02/201431/01/2014information supplied
FOI017271. The number of households in your area affected by the under occupancy Housing Benefit penalty when it was introduced in April last year. 2. The number still affected by the under occupancy Housing Benefit penalty. 3. The number of households in your area affected by the under occupancy Housing Benefit penalty when it was introduced in April last year who have now come off Housing Benefit altogether.05/02/201423/01/2014information supplied
FOI01731Please provide the business rates payer (providing it's a Limited Company) for MARCHWOOD POWER STATION, OCEANIC WAY, MARCHWOOD INDUSTRIAL PARK, MARCHWOOD, SOUTHAMPTON: BA Reference 232920898 and any periods of empty rate charges for which the Billing Authority is charging.06/02/201414/01/2014fully disclosed
FOI01740All properties within your Billing Authority area with a credit held on the account The fields required are all non-personal; Primary Liable Party Name (Business Name), Full Property Address, Postcode Billing Authority Reference Number (Assessment Number), Current Rateable Value, Credit Amount, Date Credit Applies To10/02/201416/01/2014fully supplied
FOI01742The business names of the parties liable for the following Business Rates assessment between the dates shown. a. The name of the ratepayer liable for the dates shown. If there is more than one organisation please list all parties and dates of liability b. Confirm whether the property was classified as vacant or occupied for the same period.11/02/201423/01/2014information supplied
FOI01743How many tenants who are or have been subject to the social sector size criteria in the New Forest District Council area would fall to be exempt from the social sector size criteria because they have a pre-1996 tenancy and have been continuously in receipt of Housing benefit since 01.01.1996 as defined by DWP in HB Bulletin U1/2014.11/02/201423/01/2014Information supplied.
FOI01748regarding the spare room subsidy - the number of appeals 1) the council's bedroom tax decisions, 2) accepted by the council 3) logged against the council FtT and decided upon by the FtT13/02/201424/01/2014fully responded
FOI01772information on tenants affected under the consequential provisions regulations19/02/201424/01/2014information supplied
FOI01778crisis loan payments24/02/201427/01/2014info not held.
FOI01779Whether the specified businesses were held liable for the specified Business Rates assessments. 1. 99 High Street, Lymington, Hants, SO41 9AP (property number 612117006) a. Was Stork Gifts Ltd ever liable for business rates at this assessment? b. Was The Carphone Warehouse Ltd ever liable for business rates at this assessment?21/02/201429/01/2014information supplied
FOI017831) Annually since 2008 (broken down by year, financial or calendar whichever is easiest), please provide the total amount of debt owed to the council by residents that is written off. If this falls within compliance costs, please break figures down by what the debts were for. 2) Annually since 2008, the total figure for Business Rates debt owed to the council (broken down by year, financial or calendar whichever is easiest)24/02/201429/01/2014Information supplied
FOI01790- How many accounts do you hold for tenants renting accommodation (houses or flats) from you? - How many of your tenants were affected by the changes to housing benefit introduced in 1 April 2013, the under-occupancy charge/spare room subsidy/bedroom tax? - How many of those tenants are in arrears with their rent that were not in arrears on 1 April 2013?25/02/201428/01/2014information supplied

Service: Environment Services

FOI01675Regarding tickets for parking offences given out in the following years:2010, 2011, 2012, 201308/01/201403/01/2014fully supplied
FOI01689Is vehicle telematics/vehicle tracking used on the vehicle fleet and if so total number of vehicles tracked and the telematics supplier. Define costings for the above, exclusive of VAT as: Total cost of the units, Installation cost per vehicle type, Annual software licence/monitoring cost and period it runs from and to. Other costs associated with the use of vehicle telematic/vehicle tracking17/01/201431/12/2013information supplied
FOI01717various questions regarding the council's Dog welfare services03/02/201416/01/2014information supplied.
FOI01723how many abandoned cars have been removed by the local authority in your area from public places in 2013.04/02/201429/01/2014information supplied
FOI017841) How many school buses do the Council own in its fleet? Please do not include any school buses owned by another council. 2) In total, how many seats do these buses have (excluding drivers' seats)? 3) How many of these seats have seatbelts (excluding drivers' seats)?24/02/201427/01/2014information supplied.

Service: Housing

FOI01734Information on Right to Buy.07/02/201429/01/2014Information supplied.
FOI017351. The number of properties sold through the Right to Buy for each year since 2010 within your local authority. 2. The number of one bedroom properties sold since 2010. 3. The number of two bedroom properties sold since 2010.10/02/201421/01/2014information supplied

Service: Human Resources

FOI01693How and where you advertise and recruit part time canvassers and parking patrollers (during college breaks) for duties within the New Forest District Council area?17/01/201416/01/2014fully supplied
FOI01701Money been paid for the services of any celebrity or local personality to either turn on or appear at the turning on of the Christmas lights over the last 10 years. If possible, could the information be broken down as follows: The NAME of the celebrity/celebrities. The COST of hiring their services. The YEAR in which they appeared.28/01/201409/01/2014response sent. fully supplied.
FOI01702Separately for the financial years 2011-12 and 2012-13: 1. The number of NFDC councillors who are members of the Local Government Pension Scheme. 2. The names of those councillors. 3. The employer contributions in total made by NFDC to the LGPS for the above (in other words, the cost to the council of such councillors being members of the LGPS.)28/01/201428/01/2014partial response
FOI01705I wish to know how much your council has spent on hiring celebrities for local events over the last three years. Please state the amount, who the celebrity was and which event they were hired for, for example, summer fair. Please also state their role at the event, for example switching on the Christmas lights.27/01/201407/01/2014fully supplied.
FOI01710names of all public servants/ civil servants in your employ who hold shares in Core Assets foster care industry and any other foster care agencies nationwide? details of dates since 1996, when all shareholders purchased these shares, and if there is a conflict of interest? How many other Council employees are foster parents?28/01/201416/01/2014information supplied.
FOI01728number of staff employed by the council, number of compulsory and voluntary redundancies, number of resignations accepted, number of newly recruited staff, total number of sickness days by staff - in the year 2013.05/02/201430/01/2014information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI017131. Please provide figures for how many council staff have been issued with a) smart phones b) standard mobile phones c) tablet computers d) standard laptops in each of the past three financial years. 2. How many of these smart phones have been reported as lost or stolen in each of the past three years. 3. How many of these mobile phones have been reported as lost or stolen in each of the past three years. 4. How many of these tablet computers have been reported as lost or stolen in each of th30/01/201409/01/2014Information supplied
FOI01730who has responsibility and include the contact details for the Councils information technology leadership and a point of contact for future information technology or digital projects.06/02/201413/01/2014Fully supplied.

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI01690For requests submitted to your authority in a 12 month period from 2012 to 2013. Number of Freedom of Information requests received. The number of these that required further clarification. The number that were partly refused. The number that were fully refused. The number that were responded to within a period of 20 working days.27/01/201427/01/2014partial response.
FOI01697FOI requests statistics for the last five years23/01/201413/01/2014part disclosure - section 12 and section 21.
FOI01771Copies of the Interception of Communications Commissioner's inspection reports for 2011 and 2012 for your organisation.20/02/201424/01/2014fully disclosed.
FOI01777How many postal votes were cast in each local and national election in the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013? Please break the results down by year and election. How many postal votes were rejected and therefore not considered in the final results because of irregularities in the way they were completed suggesting possible fraud?20/02/201428/01/2014fully supplied.

Service: Leisure Services

FOI01670How many leisure and sports facilities are currently open in your local authority area? How leisure and sports facilities have been closed in your local authority area since May 2010? How much did your local authority spend on sport and leisure in each year since the year 2010/11? 0207 219 710206/01/201402/01/2014fully supplied

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01711Amount of salary increases and expenses since 2010 for the senior staff, expenses for special responsibilities. Attendance records for councillors. Any and all councillors disqualified for non-attendance30/01/201428/01/2014fully supplied
FOI01745Information on the Council's debt collection arrangements.13/02/201423/01/2014information supplied

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01712Could I have a list of all the schools within your region that have a SENCO? If I could have the name, telephone number & email address of the SENCO too, that'd be very helpful. Otherwise, a basic list of the schools where a SENCO is employed will suffice.30/01/201402/01/2014Info not held.
FOI01715For each of the past five years (2009 to 2013 inclusive), the number of children that have been taken into local authority care (looked after children) and placed on child protection register where over-feeding/high BMI/obesity (or similar) was cited as a factor in the decision to remove the child. If possible, please provide details of the sex of the child, age or broad age group, and weight of the child at the point of being taken in to care.30/01/201402/01/2014Info not held.
FOI01720I am trying to locate manhole covers and which way the drainage goes. would you hold plans of locations and if you do would be possible to view or send copies.03/02/201408/01/2014Info not held
FOI01721Information on Troubled Families programme03/02/201408/01/2014Info not held
FOI01729Information on Fostering Agencies used by the council, total spend, number of children place with each agency over the past 12 months.06/02/201409/01/2014Info not held
FOI01733number of crossing guards (commonly referred to as lollipop ladies / men) that the authority employs in each of the last four years.07/02/201413/01/2014Info not held.
FOI01737Can you please provide me with most up to date details of the effective catchment areas of all the primary and secondary schools in your local authority area?10/02/201413/01/2014Info not held
FOI01738How many children have been taken from their parents by social services in each of the last five years where over-feeding was sited as a reason?10/02/201413/01/2014info not held.
FOI01739Please could you provide details of any new high school buildings (high schools to include all secondary education facilities) constructed within the last 10 years, including but not limited to their dates of construction, the details of the architects/architectural firms involved in their designs (if known), the contact details for any of you own council's architects involved in their construction, and basic floor plans for each (with room names/purposes).10/02/201413/01/2014Info not held.
FOI01746Road repair history for Rosehill Drive, Bransgore, and in particular the section between Ringwood Road and Shirley Close.13/02/201416/01/2014info not held
FOI01750details of outstanding roadworks14/02/201421/01/2014info not held
FOI01756information about unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) in the past three years17/02/201421/01/2014info not held
FOI01763How many Merton compliant age assessments has the local authority carried out on asylum seeking children who have had their ages disputed? Please provide data for each of the past three years.18/02/201422/01/2014info not held.
FOI01765(a) the council authority, council officer and the name of that officer, who decides on what information on child neglect and abuse is collected & held by your council;19/02/201422/01/2014info not held.
FOI01766Please can you tell me how many schools in your area have an exemption from the legal requirement to hold a daily act of collective worship of a "wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character"? Of those who have, can you tell me how many are holding assemblies that are secular or that are based on Islam?19/02/201422/01/2014info not held.
FOI01770Please can you supply me with annual figures for the number of school buildings which the authority has recorded as in need of replacement for 2012-13, 2011-12, 2010-11 and 2009-10. Please can you supply me with annual figures for the number of school building projects commissioned by the authority for 2012-13, 2011-12, 2010-11 and 2009-10.20/02/201423/01/2014info not held.
FOI01774Please can you supply me with annual figures for the number of potholes which the authority has recorded for 2012-13, 2011-12, 2010-11 and 2009-10. Please can you supply me with annual figures for the total spent by the authority on resurfacing and repairing potholed roles for 2012-13, 2011-12, 2010-11 and 2009-10.20/02/201423/01/2014info not held.
FOI017811. How many children from EU countries have been taken into your care during the last five years? 2. How many of these children have been adopted without parental consent? 3. What is your annual budget for child protection? 4. How many children have you protected with this budget?24/02/201427/01/2014info not held.
FOI01785The number of claims made by members of the public against the local authority regarding alleged injuries sustained by tripping over, falling into (or by any other means) potholes in public areas.24/02/201427/01/2014info not held.
FOI017891. Figures for the last two full years, broken down by year, for the number of adoption breakdowns. That is where an adopted child has been returned to local authority care. 2. Figures for the number of adoptions for the same two years, broken down by year.25/02/201428/01/2014info not held.

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI01674Information held by NFDC planning department from 1998 - 2013 regarding the visits that resulted in the land being measured, photographed, sketched etc including the complaint letters and inter department memos and results of visits - a property in the borough.08/01/201408/01/2014partial response - regulation 13(1) and 12(5)(b)
FOI01680RE: EN/13/0554: Sea Road, Milford-on-Sea. Copies of the correspondence10/01/201409/01/2014information provided.
FOI01695Walking, cycling and road safety22/01/201402/01/2014Fully Responded.
FOI01699How many affordable housing units have been provided as a result of planning agreements related to residential-led developments that were signed, completed in last five years08/01/201408/01/2014fully supplied
FOI01722Whether you have been notified of the completion of a electrical installation and plumbing installation at a property in the Council area.04/02/201427/01/2014fully supplied.
FOI01732Documentation or drawings regarding original tile fixing specifications in a specific property held by Building Control Team. If not, then specifications for the roof fittings and/or annotations on drawings etc.06/02/201427/01/2014information supplied.

Service: Property Services

FOI01692Contact telephone/email details of all council suppliers, whom the council spends over £500 per calendar year.20/01/201414/01/2014Part disclosure
FOI01741(a) whether you are currently undertaking, or have any plans to undertake, energy efficiency or insulation work under the ECO scheme and, if so: (b) how many households were planned to received measures, (c) how many measures were planned to be installed, (d) when the work was due to start, (e) if the work is (i) going ahead as planned, (ii) has been revised and if so what revisions have been made to the original plan of work, (iii) has been put on hold and (iv) has been cancelled.10/02/201417/01/2014information supplied.
FOI017551) How many electric car charging points is the council responsible for (either directly or through a contractor)? 2) How much has the council spent on electric car charging in 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13? Please provide a yearly breakdown and include installation, operating, maintenance and any other related costs. Please also include the use of any grants, rather than offset them. 3) How many times was each charging point used in 2013, January to December inclusive?17/02/201424/01/2014fully disclosed

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI01591Re accident at Morrisons Store - What stage your inquiries have reached, what evidence you have obtained to date and whether any action or proceedings against Morrisons has been, or is proposed to be, taken by the Council03/01/201403/01/2014response sent.
FOI01655Since1st Jan 2010 has the council contacted the coroner when a death occurs within the council and no known next of kin are willing/able/present to provide a funeral? name of the coroner? Has the coroner contacted the council when a death occurs within the council and no known next of kin are able/present to provide a funeral?08/01/201408/01/2014Part refused. - section 22 and section 31.
FOI01671Re existing Marque members, for each business: Date of last inspection. Separate Risk Scores for hygiene, structure and management (10 being broadly compliant and less is better). Food hygiene rating where one exists.07/01/201407/01/2014fully disclosed.
FOI01678Electronically, copies of the site licences for the campsites, leased to and run by Camping in the Forest. For each site I would like the following (a) the site licence in existence at 1 January 2006. (b) all site licences issued since that date09/01/201402/01/2014response sent.
FOI01691Survey regarding Dog Welfare Issues20/01/201416/01/2014information supplied.
FOI01706What happens to ashes from cremations handled by the council at the request of NHS Trusts involving fetal remains, where there is fetal tissue present, from terminations, miscarriages, and stillbirths.21/01/201413/01/2014Information not held
FOI01714The names of all Public Health Funerals estates passed or in the process of being referred (pending referral) to the Treasury Solicitor (BV) Department, Duchy, QLTR, NUHU since July 2013 1. The full name of the deceased 2. The date of death 3. The date of birth and place of birth 4. Last known address 5. Approximate value of estate (if not exempt) 6. Date of referral 7. Department, staff member name and full address of who made the referral.30/01/201429/01/2014information supplied.
FOI017361. The name and address of all premises that have surrendered a license to sell alcohol since January 1st 2008. 2. The date each license was surrendered. 3. If possible, a brief description of the former premises (e.g. pub, bar, off-license).10/02/201414/01/2014information supplied
FOI017671)How many scrap metal dealer site licences has your local authority issued since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into force on October 1, 2013? 2)How many scrap metal dealer collector's licences has your local authority issued since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into force19/02/201422/01/2014information supplied
FOI017801 If an operator makes a check with the licensing office to check if a driver has renewed his badge at the time of licence expiry will you provide this information to the operator. 2 If an operator makes a check to see if a private hire vehicle licence has been renewed at the time of licence expiry will the licensing office confirm whether or not the licence has been renewed.21/02/201427/01/2014information supplied
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