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FOI Disclosure Log - November 2013

Requests responded to during November 2013

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Communities and Employment

FOI01549List of grants from an EU programme we administer including the names of the business grant recipients.18/12/201328/11/2013Part refused - Regulation 13 Appeal upheld - Regulation 13

Service: Customer & Financial Support

FOI01573Commercial properties who qualify for a reduction in their rates payable under the Small Business Rates Relief scheme who, as of 22nd October 2013, are not receiving Small Business Rates Relief where the properties rateable value is under £12,000. Limited Company Name or Trading As Name, Rate Payer Name/Contact, Company Address, Postcode, Hereditament Reference Number, 2010 Rateable Value, 2013/14 Rates Payable, Liability Start Date (Date of Occupation)19/11/201313/11/2013Part refused Section 40
FOI01582The ratepayers and the charges levied (including any reliefs, exemptions or write offs) in respect of the properties listed below for the financial years 01/04/2005 to 31/03/2008. REAR OFFICES 2, SCHOOL LANE, RINGWOOD, HANTS, BH24 1LG - 418650022: • FRONT OFFICES 2, SCHOOL LANE, RINGWOOD, HANTS, B24 1LG - 418650020 • SCAFFOLDING YARD, SALISBURY ROAD, OWER, ROMSEY, HANTS, SO51 6AN - 15629025025/11/201319/11/2013Information provided
FOI01583List of Ltd Companies and PLC's, their addresses and name of rate payers that have become liable for NDR from the 15th October - 31st October 2013 in your authority area. The dates that they became liable and the rateable values if possible.26/11/201320/11/2013Information provided
FOI01587Details of all commercial properties where a Completion Notice has been served within the past 3 years in order that the property may be entered into the Rating List. Date notice was issued, effective date for when the property will be entered into the rating list, address and ratepayer name. If you are able to provide electronic copies of all completion notices along with any correspondence relating to said notices that would be appreciated.27/11/201320/11/2013Information provided
FOI01600Complete list of commercial properties with rateable values up to £11,000 eligible for but not in receipt of small business rate relief. Send this information in digital form (spreadsheet, Word document etc)04/12/201328/11/2013Information provided - Part refused Section 40
FOI01609The name of all bailiff companies that the council has used for the recovery of council tax in the council tax years ending 2013, 2012, 2011. number of council tax cases that incurred a Header C fee as prescribed by schedule 5 of the Council Tax (Administration & Enforcement) Regulations 1992 (as amended), number of council tax cases that incurred a Header D fee The fee agreed with the council that each bailiff company may charge under Head C.06/12/201329/11/2013Information held in part and provided
FOI01617Does your council use vehicles equipped with CCTV to carry out parking enforcement ('mobile CCTV'), which is allowed under the Traffic Management Act 2004? When did the council introduce these vehicles? How many of these vehicles does the council currently use? What is the name of the firm which leases these vehicles to the council? What is the current annual cost of the lease?10/12/201319/11/2013Information provided
FOI01620Number of appeals to FtT against decisions taken on housing benefit in general and where removal of spare room subsidy was the main subject of appeal, since 1 April13, inc filed and withdrawn, not yet heard. number of FtT decisions to date regarding appeals where spare room subsidy was the main issue,the number of those that resulted in the FtT upholding, overturning or amending the Benefit Authority's decision.11/12/201315/11/2013Information provided
FOI01645Provide the ratepayer in respect of the property listed below for the period 01/04/2004 to 31/03/2005. THE OLD BRICKYARD, SALISBURY ROAD, OWER, ROMSEY, HANTS, SO40 2RW - 156290200: 2, SCHOOL LANE, RINGWOOD, HANTS, BH24 1LG - 418650020.18/12/201327/11/2013Information provided

Service: Environment Services

FOI01564Is your Street Cleansing service provided by a 'Private Contractor' or is it an 'In-house' operation? What current resources are dedicated to this service? number of Barrow Ground crewmen? number of Mechanical Pavement Sweepers? number of Mechanical Road sweepers? whom is responsible for the management of the service? what are their names? Cost to run the service in the years: 2010, 2011 and 2012?15/11/201311/11/2013Information provided
FOI01599Do you require the use of wheelie bins for all or part of the household waste that you are responsible for collecting?If the answer to the above is yes, please could you also answer the following questions. Do you supply the bins to householders free of charge (including any mandatory delivery charge), or do you require householders to pay for them (either from yourselves or from a third party supplier)?03/12/201311/11/2013Information provided
FOI01601Provider for the Kerbside Recycling Collection Service. The delivery address for the material processing facility in the event that dry recyclable material is being collected as a mixed commodity. Current annual contract value which is charged to the Council for Kerbside Recycling Collection Service .Current contract period for the Kerbside Recycling Collection service. Current end destinations for all dry recyclable commodities collected as part of kerbside dry recycling service.04/12/201311/11/2013Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI01568Please can I request a copy of the tenancy agreement you hold with 272 Ringwood Road.29/11/201319/11/2013Part refused - Section 40
FOI01578The total number of bathroom adaptations into accessible shower rooms for 2012/13. Total cost of these adaptations for 2012/13. Grand total cost of keeping elderly and disabled people in their own homes to include bathroom adaptations, kitchen adaptations, any other home adaptations, providing daily living products including any other expenditure for 2012/13. Budget for item 3 above for 2013/14. The total number of bath lifts provided in years 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/1322/11/201315/11/2013Information provided
FOI01593Questions regarding the eviction proceedings on the grounds of rent arrears during 2013 and 2012. How many notices seeking possession for rent issued? How many applications made to a court for a possession order? How many postponed orders for possessions were made? How many outright orders for possession were made? How many tenants were ultimately evicted for rent arrears?29/11/201328/11/2013Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI01606How many staff have been given (please give job roles)a) warnings b) been dismissed for improper use of Twitter and Facebook in 2012-13? How many staff have been given (please give job roles)a) warnings b) been dismissed for improper use of Twitter and Facebook in 2011-12? How many staff have been given (please give job roles) a) warnings b) been dismissed for improper use of Twitter and Facebook in 2010-11?06/12/201314/11/2013Information provided
FOI01625Do you have a policy outlining to staff what efforts they are expected to make to reach their place of work during bad weather, particularly snow? What is that policy? If staff are unable to get to work due to bad weather, how do you allocate their absence for that day? For example, is it listed as sickness, or do you make them take the day from their annual leave allocation?12/12/201327/11/2013Information provided
FOI01642How many illegal immigrants have worked in/for the council from January 2010 up until your most recent records in 2013? what nationalities these immigrants were and what their roles were. Which office and department were they based in Whether or not they were knowingly/deliberately employed. what action was taken?17/12/201325/11/2013Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI01559The number of PC's that are used by council staff and the number of laptops.11/11/201305/11/2013Information provided
FOI01584A list of the models of the physical servers, storage devices, tape libraries, network switches and routers under support contracts; as well as the cost and duration of said contracts, with start and end dates and service level associated with the equipment. The names of the suppliers of aforementioned support services? the name of the person/s in your organisation responsible for the maintenance support contracts.27/11/201328/11/2013Information provided
FOI01607Questions in order to understand exactly how your Council is monitoring its network.06/12/201313/11/2013Information provided
FOI01618Structure chart for your organisations IT / ICT / Information Systems Department. I would also be grateful if you are able to provide the names of managers and any direct lines and email addresses if applicable.11/12/201319/11/2013Information provided
FOI01623Information regarding your ERP IT System/Software12/12/201321/11/2013Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI01572Do you have a register for recording the whereabouts of conveyance documents. If so, we would like access to it08/11/201305/11/2013Information not held
FOI01581Rental agreement which NFDC had with the tenants of numbers 1 & 2 Woodville Cottages which are trust owned houses on the Woodside Park Estate, Lymington25/11/201314/11/2013Information not held
FOI01595The names and job titles of the councils senior management team, as well as a breakdown of the council departments each is responsible for.Also provide the total no of councillors and total no of employees and name of the Chief Executive.29/11/201320/11/2013Information provided - Sec 21
FOI01612Do you still have a Standards Committee? is the committee politically proportionate i.e. does it comply with Local Government Act 1989 Section 15(?)If your Standards Committee does not follow "politically proportionate rules," how did the Council decided to waive that requirement? Have there been any Standards Committee hearings/conduct since July 2012 if so what was the outcome?10/12/201320/11/2013Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01556Criminal Checks & Referencing. The volume of personal licences granted in 2012 & the volume of taxi licences granted in 2012. Who is responsible for saving money within the Council? Name & contact information of Financial Director. Name & contact information of the HR Director/Manager. Do the council set a percentage target to outsource services? If yes, is this currently being met? Are you under pressures to produce specific results or targets?07/11/201305/11/2013Information provided
FOI01557The total number of your council properties affected by the removal of "spare room subsidy" under the housing benefit reforms on the 1st of April 2013? Out of these properties the total that have fallen into arrears since the "spare room subsidy" was removed?Any other data relating to these two questions would also be useful to me.07/11/201306/11/2013Information provided
FOI01569Local Authority Spend and Engagement with Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations (VCS)18/11/201319/11/2013Information provided
FOI01576The number of Council staff employed and working from your 2 main bases - Appletree Court, Lyndhurst and the Town Hall in Lymington• The annual total operational costs of running Appletree Court and the Town Hall at Lymington• The approximate number of customers attending your 2 main bases each week with queries or seeking support that are unable to resolve their issues at the six available local Information Offices located in Fawley, Fordingbridge, New Milton, Hythe, Ringwood or Totton.22/11/201308/11/2013Information provided
FOI01585List of empty properties in the local area. Any information about the development26/11/201305/11/2013Refused - Section 31 and 40
FOI01597A copy of the council's current policy or policies in relation to dealing with rural anti social behaviour, particularly the council's policy on how it responds to and enforce penalties for issues such as fly-tipping, noise nuisance, graffiti and dog fouling (both fouling and nuisance). Performance data for the past three years, relating to the number of incidents of fly -tipping, noise nuisance, graffiti and dog fouling (both fouling and nuisance).03/12/201328/11/2013Information provided
FOI01604Any briefing documents or guidance for Councillors or council officials to use on the subject of fracking in the authority area. Any media 'lines to take' prepared by the authority's press office or communications teams on the subject of fracking in the authority area. Any correspondence between the authority and the local Member(s) of Parliament on the subject of fracking in the authority area.05/12/201327/11/2013Information provided
FOI01613Collate and send to me all of the correspondence between your local authority and the organisation - Look Ahead Care and Support.10/12/201327/11/2013Information not held

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01590Various questions regarding the operation of street lights in your local authority during 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 so far.28/11/201304/11/2013Information not held
FOI01592For the financial year 2012-13: Overall budget for youth and community services (for young people aged 13-19) Overall reduction in expenditure, to the nearest £'000, (compared to 2011-12) on youth and community services for young people aged 13-19 for: LA provided youth services21/11/201311/11/2013Information not held
FOI01614For the period 1st January 2011 - 1st November 2013, I would like details of every instance of a child (under 18 years old) being placed in a "looked after" situation (e.g. children's home or foster care) where obesity was a contributory factor in that decision, within your local authority.10/12/201315/11/2013Information not held
FOI01616Information about which Social Care IT system you currently use for Adults and/or Children's Services.10/12/201315/11/2013Information not held
FOI01621Number of bus routes operating in each of the following financial years: a) 2009/10 b) 2010/11 c) 2011/12 d) 2012/13 Of those, number of services operating per week on each of the routes in each of the following financial years: a) 2009/10 b) 2010/11 c) 2011/12 d) 2012/13. Amount of subsidy provided to bus operators in your area in each of the following financial years: a) 2009/10 b) 2010/11 c) 2011/12 d) 2012/1311/12/201315/11/2013Information not held
FOI01624Information regarding HPV Vaccines (LES Schemes) in the period of 2008 to 2013-1412/12/201315/11/2013Information not held
FOI01628Is any of the land within your area registered as common land or town or village green under the Commons Registration Action 1965 or the Commons Act 2006?13/12/201315/11/2013Information not held
FOI01644Please provide a copy of any Serious Case Reviews for the years 2009 - 2013 (inclusive) where either the child or the mother of the child has been killed.17/12/201320/11/2013Information not held
FOI01647I understand you have previously published a Freedom of Information request in August regarding school compensation claims. Please can you email me a copy of the details, excluding personal information from the person who made the request.19/12/201321/11/2013Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI015311 Forward Dr Lymington, SO41 8GA. Confirm that the property was subject to building regulation for loft conversion etc in ? (sometime from 1991-2001). If information available state square metre of the property. state if property is subject to further work involving building regulation since its sale in December 2001.22/10/201322/10/2013Refused - Regulation 13
FOI01608How many wind Council owned wind turbines do you have in your authority area? When were they installed? How much did it cost to buy and install these turbines (in total for all turbines)? How much energy did the turbines produce in the last financial year (in total) - please give most recent figures and state year.06/12/201325/11/2013Information provided
FOI01615The number of schemes the local authority has for new trunk roads or special roads specified in any order, draft order, scheme or proposals published for public consultation.10/12/201318/11/2013Information held in part and provided
FOI01630Does your authority maintain a list of 'Locally Listed Buildings'? If yes, please could you provide a copy?13/12/201315/11/2013Information not held - advised and assisted
FOI01633Marchwood Terrace Main Road Marchwood11/12/201319/11/2013Information provided
FOI01641How many applications under the prior approval/notification procedure your authority has received for changes of use of buildings from office to residential without the need for planning consent since 31st May 2013.17/12/201322/11/2013Information provided
FOI01658Details of the outstanding building control issues with the property ref:12/01274 (land adj to 1 Marchwood Terrace, Southampton, so40 4xd)26/12/201329/11/2013Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI01579Cost of the renovation works at Lymington Town Hall prior to the National Park moving in in November 201125/11/201307/11/2013Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI01570The New Forest Activity Centre. Files starting with your advice which was sought by me in January 2010 over the need for licensing at that time of the New Forest Activity Centre, which license given but reversed.18/11/201313/11/2013Information provided/Not held
FOI01575list a name of hospitals which fall within the council area/boundaries.What relationship does the council have with the hospitals when it comes to matters of public health funerals or welfare funerals? someone in the hospital dies, is it the responsibility of the council or hospital to provide a public health funeral?Is the council notified of a death where there is no known next of kin, which takes place in the hospital?What department from the hospital notifies you of the death?21/11/201311/11/2013Part refused - section 21 & 31
FOI01589How many stray or unwanted dogs have you passed to dogs homes after the mandatory holding period? include figures for any dog home, kennels or other facility that you have an arrangement or contract with. provide information for the last three financial years from 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.How much have you paid to dogs homes, kennels, or other facilities to take on responsibility for stray or unwanted dogs? How much do you pay the dogs home, kennel or facility for each dog they take?28/11/201328/11/2013Information provided
FOI01598How many of the families in the Troubled Families programme had a family member involved in the riots in 2011. From where has the council provided the match funding for the Troubled Families programme.What funding for what purposes has come for the Troubled Families programme from public, voluntary and statutory organisations.How many "turned around" families have subsequently been involved in crime and/or anti social behaviour.How many "turned around" families have a family member subsequently03/12/201308/11/2013Information not held
FOI01602Request pertaining to your Public Space CCTV Service.04/12/201326/11/2013Information provided
FOI01605Since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into force on 01/10/13 - How many scrap metal dealer site licences has your local authority issued? How many scrap metal dealer collector's licences has your local authority issued? How many scrap metal dealer licences (site and collector) has your local authority refused?05/12/201311/11/2013Information provided
FOI01611What is the name and address of the firm or company that the council uses to identify/trace the next of kin of a deceased? What is the name of the person at this company or firm who identifies/traces the next of kin of the deceased?09/12/201312/11/2013Information provided
FOI01619Do you provide information (i.e.. CCTV footage) in response to third party requests made by Insurance Companies or other organisations under sec 29 or sec 35 of the Data Protection Act? If you provide info, do you charge any fee for this service? If yes provide the following information. If there is a fee, is this a fixed fee per request or this depend on the volume of the data? If you charge a fee to cover admin cost only provide breakdown of cost.What is your legal basis to charge fee?11/12/201326/11/2013Information provided
FOI01660List of all premises (including addresses) that are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours a day for consumption off the premises (hotels can be excluded but please include any drink delivery services). Include (and identify with annotations) premises that may not be licensed to sell alcohol 24/7/365, but are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours during specific periods. Premises that are only licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours for just a few days a year can be excluded.31/12/201329/11/2013Information accessible by some other means - Section 21
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