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FOI Disclosure Log - October 2013

Requests responded to during October 2013

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI01509Number of parking tickets issued for vehicles parked outside of a bay for each of the following years 2008/9; 2009/10; 2010/2011; 2011/2012; 2012/13. Monetary value of this penalty charge.amount of money received by the council in each of these years for vehicles parked outside of a bay. Number of tickets issued for vehicles parked outside of a bay, broken down by vehicle make for each of the five years.09/10/201316/09/2013Information provided
FOI01513On-street parking for the year 1 April 2011 - 31 March 2012. Number of PCN's issued? of those what was the: Number paid? Percentage collected? Number cancelled or written off? Percentage cancelled or written off? Number unpaid? Percentage unpaid? Income for the year 1 April 11 - 31 March 12? Expenditure on PCN management. What was the surplus produced by on street parking for the year 1 April 11 - March 12?14/10/201310/10/2013Information provided
FOI01530Council Tax Support claimant data23/10/201317/10/2013Information provided
FOI01538(a) addresses of all commercial properties that currently have a historic credit on their account above £1,000. (b) the names and addresses of the owners of those properties referred to in (a) if they are a limited company. (c) The amount by which the account is in credit and the date, or rating year, that the credit arose.29/10/201317/10/2013Information provided
FOI01545Breakdown of credit balances accrued since your earliest records for the amounts owing to all "incorporated" companies within the authorities billing area, the name of each business, Value of overpayment which remains unclaimed, year(s) in which overpayment was made and hereditament address30/10/201321/10/2013Information provided
FOI01547List of Ltd Companies and PLC's, their addresses and name of rate payers that have become liable for NDR from the 1st September - 30th September 2013 throughout your authority area. I would also like to know the dates that they became liable.01/11/201317/10/2013Information provided
FOI01551Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP). DHP cases and payments between April 1st and September 30th 2013.01/11/201317/10/2013Information provided
FOI01552List of all credit balances over £500 owing to incorporated companies in respect of National Non Domestic Rates, both where the credit is owing on the current/closed balance, and in respect of past years where the credit has not been carried forward. Provide a similar list where any such overpayment/credit has been cancelled by a 'write on' and not subsequently reversed/refunded.04/11/201321/10/2013Information provided
FOI01560List of Ltd Companies and PLC's, their addresses and name of rate payers that have become liable for NDR from the 1st October - 15th October 2013 throughout your authority area please. I would also like to know the dates that they became liable.11/11/201321/10/2013Information provided
FOI01562With regard to council tax owed to the council at March 31, 2013, the number of cases and the amount of money outstanding being chased using the following means: Reminders\Final Notices, Arrangements, Liability order, Attachment of earnings, Attachment of benefits, Bailiffs, Court Action, Charging Order, Insolvency, Any other means. Provide information broken down by ward. If not possible,provide number of cases & amount of money outstanding for each ward as of March 31, 2013.13/11/201321/10/2013Information provided

Service: Environment Services

FOI01517Fleet management - The organisation's vehicle, leasing and maintenance contracts. Contract Type. Supplier of the contract. If there is more than one supplier split information out including annual spend, contract description and contract dates. Small description of the contract. Expiry date of each. Contract review date. Contact details of who is responsible for each contract at NFDC.17/10/201310/10/2013Information provided
FOI01536Recycling and waste support and maintenance contracts. Contract Type. Supplier of the recycling or waste contract. Annual average spends for each of the suppliers. For those organisations with new contracts specify estimated spend? Brief description of what the contract entails. Contract duration? Start date? Expiry date? When does the organisation intend to review these contract(s). Who is responsible for reviewing this contract full name, job title, contact number & email address.28/10/201302/10/2013Information not held

Service: Human Resources

FOI01526number of days lost for your organisation due to sickness absence over last 2 years? number of employees (headcount broken down in to organisational structure covering the same period requested in question 1). the FTE (full time equivalent) broken in to organisational structure also the same period requested in question 1. During the last financial year April 2012 to March 2013 what percentage of your organisations "return to work meetings" are held and documented on:(A) day employee returns(B)21/10/201321/10/2013Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI01507Contract information with regards to the organisation's telephone maintenance contract (VOIP or PBX).08/10/201302/10/2013Information provided
FOI01515The total budgeted ICT expenditure (capital and revenue) for your organisation for 2013-14 and 2014-15. A breakdown of the actual/budgeted or estimate for 2013/14 and 2014/15 according to categories for your organisation. What percentage of the total figures provided relate to ICT spend for the central/corporate ICT team only (e.g. excluding spend by departments such as housing, social care).14/10/201323/10/2013Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI01525Provide me with the way Councillors on the Planning committee voted on this Planning decision. (Planning application:- Site: 20 Brecon close Dibden Purlieu Hythe SO45 5QXr. ef: 12/10868. Planning Committee: 11 Sept 2013 )18/10/201309/10/2013Information not held
FOI01554Does your council still hold prayers at the start of meetings?If the answer is no, when was the practice ended?If the answer is no, for what reason was the practice ended?If the answer is yes, has the wording of the prayers been changed? If so, please give the old and new versions, and state when the change was made.If the answer is yes, when are the prayers said ie before the meeting begins or after it has been called to order?state if your council has received any complaints about prayers in t06/11/201311/10/2013Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01292How much did you spend in the last year on alcohol as a local authority? Please quantify how many bottles of wine you currently hold in your reserves or investment portfolio.-24/10/2013No clarification received
FOI01521number on housing register in overcrowded conditions as of1/4/13 as defined as one or more bedrooms below bedroom standards - & current figure. number in severely overcrowded conditions as of 1/4/13 as defined as two or more bedrooms below bedroom standards - & current figure. number of your properties vacated since 1/4/13 by those affected by under occupancy penalty. number of cases affected by the under occupancy charge as at 01 April 13 and that are no longer in receipt of Housing Benefit.17/10/201304/10/2013Part refused - Section 12
FOI01550What type of advertising and sponsorship schemes you have running in the council's region, ie sites where you generate revenue by allowing companies to sponsor them or other Council departments to advertise events, etc? In particular Roundabouts, Boundary ('Welcome to') signs, Poster sites, Car parks, Bus shelters, Council buildings, Vehicles01/11/201329/10/2013Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01532How may miles of road are you responsible for? How may miles of public rights of way (footpaths) are you responsible for. How much have/will you spend in 2011/12, 2012/13 and this year (per annum) on in-house or external contractors in carrying out maintenance of your highway network, including roads, footpaths and structures? Over the same years how much did you spend improving your highway network for projects such as promoting cycling, bus accessibility, safety remediation schemes, junction i23/10/201304/10/2013Information not held
FOI01537A full breakdown of the number of fraudulent school applications detected over the last three years.28/10/201304/10/2013Information not held
FOI01540Your implementation and delivery of NHS Health Checks, with specific reference to: Patient engagement, Diagnostic testing methods, Quality and consistency29/10/201304/10/2013Information not held
FOI01563Estimated backlog (£m?) of road maintenance within your authority. Could you also tell me, how this figure is made up? Does it include things such as major reconstruction, surface dressing, general reconstruction, drain & gully repairs, road markings etc.14/11/201317/10/2013Information not held
FOI01565How many work experience placements did each school in your borough offer to 14-16 year olds in i) 2011-12 ii) 2012-13. What was the total cost of providing school based work experience in i) 2011-12 ii) 2012-13. How much did i) central government ii) local government iii) each school in your borough pay towards providing school based work experience in a) 2011-12 b) 2012-1315/11/201322/10/2013Information not held
FOI01571How many gritting vehicles and drivers does your authority have for 2013? How many did you have in 2012.How many snowploughs and drivers does your authority have for 2013? How many did you have in 2012.How much salt/grit (tonnes etc) does your authority have for 2013? How much did you have in 2012.How many miles of road are you responsible for to date?19/11/201322/10/2013Information not held
FOI01574The number of recorded complaints your Trading Standards team received about letting agents charging prospective clients deposits/holding fees, but not letting them move in, and then refusing to pay their money back. How many of these cases led to any action being taken, and what that action was?21/11/201324/10/2013Information not held
FOI01577What email address can street defects be reported to?And, if you have a reporting system in place, what email address should be used if this is not available?Also, what are the telephone contact details for dangerous street defects that require urgent attention?22/11/201328/10/2013Information not held
FOI01588Information about substance misuse services that are commissioned by Public Health in your Local Authority.28/11/201331/10/2013Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI01535Listing of planning consents (unimplemented) falling into the "major" category (both domestic and non domestic) within the CLG definitions below within PUSH/IoW. The list should also include any projects with energy included within their description.24/10/201311/10/2013Information provided
FOI01542How much unspent Section 106 money does the council currently hold?. How much of this money is allocated and how much unallocated? Please provide actual figures and not percentages. In each of the last five financial years how much Section 106 money has been returned to developers/companies because it has not been spent? In each of the last five financial years how much Section 106 money has the council received and spent?29/10/201302/10/2013Information provided
FOI01544Copy of a hand drawn drainage diagram in NFDC Building Control inspection notes file. I believe the NFDC scheme number is 97064630/10/201315/10/2013Information provided
FOI01548In respect of each domestic gas boiler installation reported to the Council's Building Control Department for the period from 1st January 2010 to date: Address where the boiler was installed, Notification date of boiler installation01/11/201316/10/2013Part refused - Section 40 & 14(2)
FOI01553Joyden, Woodside Lane, Lymington SO41 8FL. Provide any details you have about recent enquiries or potential applications for planning consent and/or Listed Building Consent in respect of the above property, from either the current owner or anyone also considering purchasing the property.05/11/201311/10/2013Information provided
FOI01555Testwood Lane Car Park, Totton Shopping Precinct. Copy of the necessary planning application that was submitted for the signage and the ANPR cameras at the location. Copy of a) original planning conditions and restrictions for the car park b) planning conditions and c) current planning conditions and restrictions for the car park.06/11/201329/10/2013Information provided
FOI01567Copy of the letter that planning enforcement sent to the owners of 41 Sea Road, MOS15/11/201324/10/2013Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI01539For each construction contract over £300k that have been completed in the last five years: contract's description•Contractor•Contract form•sub form•How price is agreed•Whether BIM or ECI has been used or not•Framework Name if Applicable•type of work• Gross Internal area of the works if applicable•Contract price for construction•Final price for construction•Contract/construction start date•initial construction completion date and actual construction completion date29/10/201315/10/2013Refused - Section 12
FOI01541List of all land plots and properties (whether derelict/unoccupied or inhabited) owned by the council which are currently for sale or are due to be put up for sale within the next 18 months. In relation to the above, for each land plot and property, I request the full address (including post code), the method in which they are for sale/to be sold (i.e. auction, estate agent etc), the name of the auctioneer/agent, the guide price and the date on which any auction or marketing is to take place29/10/201303/10/2013Information provided
FOI01543Details, preferably in the form of a plan, to show the disposal runs of the sewage / waste water pipes in the rear of the garden at 7 Cedar Gardens in order to show their position and access route to connect to the main sewer.29/10/201311/10/2013Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI01528How many statutory nuisance complaints has the council received in total between 1st Jan 2013 and 22nd Sept 2013?. How many 'noise abatement' orders have been made between 1st Jan 2013 and 22nd Sept 2013?. How many 'noise abatement' orders have been broken between 1st Jan 2013 and 22nd Sept 2013?. In how many instances between1st Jan 2013 and 22nd Sept 2013 has the council been granted an order to remove equipment from residential premises as a result of complaints regarding noise disturbance?22/10/201322/10/2013Information provided
FOI01534Various questions regarding welfare funerals and details of the funerals that the Council has dealt with since the beginning of the year 2013.25/10/201315/10/2013Part refused - Sec 31 & 22
FOI01558Information you may hold relating to public / welfare funerals and persons who have died with no known next of kin since 1/6/13 to the day of your reply. Include dates of death, postcode areas (for example NW11) of death. date(s) when the information was passed (or information that is about to be or likely to be passed) to the Treasury Solicitor or the Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall.11/11/201317/10/2013Information provided
FOI01561Public health funerals performed in the last 8 weeks which have been or are in the process of being referred to either the Treasury Solicitor or Duchy Solicitor. Full name of deceased. Date of death. Date of birth. Last known address. Approximate value of estate13/11/201317/10/2013Information provided
FOI01566How many primary/junior schools (up to and including 11 years old) applied for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) between 01 April 2012 and 31 March 2013 to sell/serve alcohol to adults at events where children will be present? Of those how many schools were granted TEN licences and how many were rejected? Between 01 April 2012 and 31 March 2013, how many Temporary Event Notices (TENs) have been requested by primary/junior schools (pupils up to and including 11 years old) wanting to sell/serve alc15/11/201323/10/2013Information provided
FOI01580The names, full addresses and postcodes of licensed betting premises (i.e. betting shops) in your borough at present (or the nearest available date) and also as of September 1st 2012, September 1st 2011, September 1st 2010, September 1st 2009, September 1st 2008 (or the nearest available date).25/11/201329/10/2013Information provided
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