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Advertisement consent

Application for advertisement consent

Specific Information Requirements

Form and Certificates
The relevant 1APP form and Certificates are available from the National Planning Portal


  • Location Plan "A plan that identifies the land to which the application relates" at an identified metric scale showing sufficient roads or buildings on land adjoining the site to ensure the exact location of the site is clear. The site should be edged clearly in red and a blue line should be drawn around other land owned by an applicant adjoining or near the application site.
  • Site (Block) Plan At an identified metric scale showing north, the development in relation to site boundaries and existing buildings with written dimensions including those to boundaries. (the full footprint of adjacent properties would greatly assist in determining the relationship to the existing buildings)
  • Elevations Existing and proposed (scaled) clearly showing the proposed adverts in relation to what is presently there for any elevations being altered. The lettering and any images, materials and colours to be used must be shown as must the extent of projection and full details of any illuminations

The appropriate fee details of which are available on the National Planning Portal



Document Type

Circumstances when document should be submitted

Lighting assessment

Advertisements where illumination is proposed.

Level of illumination only is required (in candelas)

General Information

Two copies of plans, forms, certificates and supporting statements are required to support any paper based submission to be numbered so they can be referred to on the decision notice.

All Plans must be to an identified metric scale (normally 1:50 or 1:100) must state the original paper size, show a north point and/or identify which direction elevations face and be named in a logical manner. When proposing new development they must include a scale bar and key dimensions.

As part of our registration process both our Administrative Team and our Development Control Team Leaders inspect applications received in detail. Requests for plans will be proportionate to the nature and scale of the proposal and information will only be required that adds to an understanding of the proposal. This being the case it would assist if an applicant/agent advises as to why they feel their submission is adequate and reflects the matter to hand.

Further guidance on 1APP is available on the National Planning Portal

Updated: 16 Oct 2017
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