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Application for hedgerow removal notice

Specific Information Requirements

Form and Certificates
A completed form as set out in Schedule 4 to the Hedgerow Regulations 1997

A plan which clearly shows the location and length of the hedgerow(s) to be removed (if possible, please provide a plan to a scale of 1:2500. A different scale can be used so long as it clearly shows the location and length of the hedgerow or hedgerows that you wish to remove).

Evidence of the date of planting



Document TypeCircumstances when document should be submitted


All applications where the (householder) bio-diversity checklist has been correctly completed and answered yes in any of the categories.

All applications within or adjacent to a local or national nature reserve (SINC) or SSSI and where there is a reasonable likelihood of a protected species.

General Information
Two copies of plans, forms, certificates and supporting statements are required to support any paper based submission to be numbered so they can be referred to on the decision notice.

Updated: 3 Oct 2017
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