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FOI Disclosure Log - August 2013

Requests responded to during August 2013

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI01402Any Ltd co or PLC that will be moving into the authority area from the 1st June 2013 until the end of July 2013. I would require the business name, address, name of rate payer, and also the effective move in dates if possible please.05/08/201302/08/2013Information provided
FOI01432For each of the financial years 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 regarding benefit fraud and New Forest District Council: How much the Council spent on counter-fraud activities. How many full-time equivalent staff work on counter-fraud activities. What is the estimated cost of fraud against benefits administered by the Council. How much benefit fraud the Council recovered.16/08/201316/08/2013Information provided
FOI01439Business Rate Accounts: Ratepayer name, Billing Authority property reference, Rate Account Number, Full Address of the property concerned, The Billing Address, Type of relief if applicable, Start date of the relief, The monetary amount of the relief or the percentage amount applied, Whether the property is occupied or empty, The liability start date, The current rateable value22/08/201301/08/2013Part refused - Sec 40 and 31
FOI01446Business rates accounts where the rateable is currently set between £0 - £1. Account Holder Name, Property Address, Current Rateable Value, Billing Authority Ref No (also known as property reference), Billing address (if different to the property address), Contact email and/or telephone number. We do not require any personal information or sole traders.28/08/201301/08/2013Information provided
FOI01449Various questions regarding Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP).30/08/201301/08/2013Information provided
FOI01453Breakdown of credit balances accrued since your earliest records,for the amounts owing to all "incorporated" companies within the authorities billing area, inc:- Name of each business in respect of which Non-Domestic Rate credit balances remain payable; Value of overpayment in each case which remains unclaimed; Year(s) in which overpayment was made Hereditament address; Account number03/09/201330/08/2013Part refused - Sec 31
FOI01458Value of rent arrears in New Forest at end of each month since Jan 2013 a) in total, b) for households subjected to housing benefit under occupancy charge introduced in April 2013 (referred to as "spare room subsidy" or "bedroom tax). Number of households in rent arrears a) in total, b) which are subject to the housing benefit under-occupancy charge.04/09/201315/08/2013Part refused - Section 12
FOI01459List of Ltd Companies and PLC's, their addresses and name of rate payer that have become liable for NDR throughout July and what you have to date for August for 2013 in your authority area.04/09/201330/08/2013Information provided
FOI01461Schedule of all National Non-Domestic Rate accounts in your billing authority area that still have a credit balance shown on them from any time from 1 April 1990 to date. We do not expect you to supply details for sole traders or private individuals, partnerships or limited liability partnerships.06/09/201330/08/2013Information provided
FOI01464Total amount of discretionary housing payment that has been given to your authority for this financial year and how much of it has already been allocated? How many applications for discretionary housing payment have you received in respect of properties subject to the housing benefit under-occupancy charge introduced in April 2013 and how many of these applications have been successful?09/09/201314/08/2013Information provided
FOI01467What policies has your authority put in place in response to the benefit cap? What activity is your authority undertaking to identify, households affected by the benefit cap? How many children & children in need* will be affected by the benefit cap? How many families with children does your authority anticipate having to move house: within the authority outside of the authority as a consequence of the benefit cap?09/09/201314/08/2013Information provided
FOI01477How much did you allocated to your DHP budget on 1.4.2013?. How much do you have left now?. how many applications have you had since 1.4.2013?. how many have you approved? how many have you rejected?16/09/201319/08/2013Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI01437The total number of residential properties used for the housing of ex-offenders leased by your organisation which are located within another local authority's boundaries. I would like this information broken down by the number of properties in each individual local authority.20/08/201301/08/2013Information provided
FOI01443How many 16 and 17 year olds approached you as homeless or seeking advice about homelessness? How many 16 and 17 year olds made homelessness applications to the Housing Department? How many 16 and 17 year olds were accepted as homeless and accommodated by the Housing Department? How many 16 and 17 year olds who approached your housing department, as homeless, were referred to Children's Services? How many 16 and 17 year olds were accommodated in B&Bs at any time by you.27/08/201323/08/2013Information provided - Section 12
FOI01455How many one bedroom general needs properties do you have available to Let (voids) this week? How many tenants are deemed to be under-occupying, and needing one bed accommodation? How many people are already on the waiting list for one bedroom properties?04/09/201307/08/2013Information provided
FOI01462Details of tenancy regarding adaptations made to the property.06/09/201315/08/2013Information provided
FOI01472January 2013 to August 2013 inclusive: a) number of council tenants who fell into rent arrears b) total amount by which these tenants are in arrears. total number of council tenants who fell into rent arrears and how much money was owed in financial years a) 2010/11 b) 2011/12 and c) 2012/13? How much has your council spent on rent collection agencies in financial years a) 2010/11 b) 2011/12 and 2012/13? How many council tenants have applied for assistance with rent12/09/201320/08/2013Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI01426I would like to know further details of any payroll giving scheme in operation at your council13/08/201307/08/2013Information provided
FOI01442Amount of money paid to trade unions by your organisation, amount of staff time spent on trade union duties and/or activities and payment of subscriptions27/08/201323/08/2013Information provided
FOI01447The total number of staff currently employed on zero hours contracts directly by your organisation. The total number of staff currently employed on zero hours contracts by your contractors to work on services you pay them to provide. Your organisation's policy on employing staff on zero hours contracts either directly or through contractors with whom you procure services.29/08/201329/08/2013Information provided
FOI01448The number of cases filed against the local authority under the Health and Safety at Work act (1974) in each of the individual years 2005 - 2013 inclusive. The number of these cases (again in each individual year) which were settled by out of court settlements. The total amount paid out in such cases (again in each individual year) For each case settled out of court; the nature of the prosecutor's claim under the Health and Safety at Work Act.29/08/201322/08/2013Information provided
FOI01451How many individuals New Forest District Council employs on zero hours contracts at present and in each of the last five years; How many individuals New Forest District Council employs on zero hours contracts as a percentage of the Council's total staff at present and in each of the last five years; The average number of hours worked by individuals on zero hours contracts at present and in each of the last five years; What roles those on zero hours contracts are employed in.02/09/201329/08/2013Information provided
FOI01456In the last three financial years 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/2013. Number of zero-hours contracts, staff made redundant? staff made redundant and then reinstated in different or same role? staff hired? How much in total has making staff redundant cost? How many complaints received about unfair dismissal? How many claims of unequal pay?04/09/201329/08/2013Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI01431The name of your current HR/Payroll software solution and provider. (If this is outsourced provide the name of the outsourcing provider.) The date that the contract was signed with your HR/Payroll provider. The length of the current contract term for both HR and Payroll. The value of the current contract. The date that the HR and Payroll contracts are due to be renewed.How many employees are there in your organisation?16/08/201312/08/2013Information provided
FOI01469Are you involved in any procurement that is currently being placed through the G-Cloud procurement platform? What is the main advantage of G-Cloud from your point of view? What is the main disadvantage of G-Cloud from your point of view? To what extent do you agree with this statement: 'Data sovereignty, e.g. where my data is stored, is a major concern for me' If you currently use a cloud services provider, how familiar are you with the security systems currently in place to protect your data?10/09/201314/08/2013Information provided
FOI01475Have you or are you involved in any procurement that is currently being placed through the G-Cloud procurement platform? What contracts or jobs would you use the G-Cloud for? What contracts or jobs would you not use the G-Cloud for? Is your data stored in the UK, outside the UK, mixture, don't know? If you currently use a cloud services provider, how familiar are you with the security systems currently in place to protect your data?16/09/201320/08/2013Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI01411In respect of Elected Member development and training seminars, courses or events provided by external commercial suppliers to your authority. For each of the financial years 2010/2011; 2011/2012 and 2012/2013: Number of such courses, seminars or events hosted or provided to the authority, Identity of the commercial provider of each such course, seminar or event, Title or description of each such seminar, course or event, Cost paid07/08/201305/08/2013Information provided
FOI01491Maps showing land owned by New Forest Council03/09/201328/08/2013Part refused - Section 22

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01403Pdf/ word copies of the following manuals: 1.ISO 9001 QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUEL, 2.ISO 14001 Environment 3.BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, 4.ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security, 5.ISO 22301 Business Continuity, 6.BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationship,7.ISO 50001 Energy Management06/08/201323/07/2013Refused - Section 21
FOI01415Complaints or representations made about the pavement and verge located outside of number 58 Dale Road, Hythe, SO45 5DQ in the last 5 years and all responses issued to said complaints or representations by HCC, NFDC or any outsourced company acting for, or on behalf of, HCC and NFDC in respect of the Highway provision here. Any relevant planning information that defines the presence of the drainage system here - clearly showing who is responsible for it.09/08/201306/08/2013Part refused - Section 40

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01460Adult safeguarding05/09/201312/08/2013Information not held
FOI01463Spend on pavement maintenance/compensation claims relating to personal injury as a result of poorly maintained pavements/complaints received regarding poorly maintained pavements09/09/201309/08/2013Information not held
FOI01473Total number of pupil-on-staff violence/ attacks which have been recorded in schools in: (a) the academic year 2012-2013, (b) the academic year 2011-2012. please include the type of school in which the violence took place - e.g. infant, primary, secondary. If available, also give a brief description of the violence which occurred - e.g. punching/ kicking etc.13/09/201316/08/2013Information not held
FOI01479Information in relation to Grove Road, Lymington, and in particular the section directly outside the green metal gates surrounding Travis Perkins of all categories of carriageway potholes.18/09/201321/08/2013Information not held
FOI01485How many street lights do you have in your local authority area? How many street lights have been permanently turned off (or removed) since May 2010? How many are currently turned off for any period during the evening or night time? What was the corresponding figure in May 2010? How many street lights currently operate with reduced brightness? What was the corresponding figure in May 2010?24/09/201327/08/2013Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI01436How much Section 106 money has NFDC accumulated from developer contributions, which remains unspent as of 30th June 2013? provide a breakdown list detailing the amount set aside for each infrastructure project. Has NFDC had to return any section 106 contributions to developers over the last 5 years, because the spending deadline has expired?If so, provide a breakdown list detailing how much & for which project.19/08/201306/08/2013Information provided
FOI01441In the last 5 years, broken down by year, how many applications for retrospective planning permission for work carried out on residential properties were turned down? How many cases of illegal building work carried out on residential properties have been uncovered by the council? Number of fines issued to those prosecuted for illegal building work carried out.23/08/201320/08/2013Information provided
FOI01444Developers' contribution fund. How much of the fund is currently allocated to New Milton? Has the NFDC been wrong in holding on to the funds for such a long time? What are the criteria for the spending of the funds? Do specific developers have to be consulted regarding the spending/allocation of funds? Who has the final decision on how the funds are spent/allocated? What, if any are the time constraints on using funds?28/08/201306/08/2013Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI01438Procurement practices in relation to local supply and the advertisement contracts. All responses should relate to the period 01/04/2012 to 31/03/2013.20/08/201314/08/2013Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI01409Short survey regarding the Animal Welfare Act 2006 in relation to abandoned and neglected horses.07/08/201307/08/2013Information provided
FOI01414Names of all Public Health Funerals/ bona vacantia estates passed or in the process of being referred ie pending referral to The Treasury Solicitor ( BV ) Department or Duchy of Lancaster within the last 4 weeks. Full name of the deceased, The date of death, Last known address, Approx value of estate (if not exempt).09/08/201312/08/2013Information provided
FOI01416information on people dying with no next of kin being known at the time of death from 1/3/13 to the day of your response. Dates of death. Approximate area of home address death - locality or postcode region. Date sent information to the Treasury Solicitor or confirmation this action was not applicable. If you have yet to send the information on, as per 3 above, or a decision has not yet been made whether or not to do so, please also advise of this.12/08/201312/08/2013Part refused - Section 31
FOI01421Copies of the 2010 and 2011 auditor's reports regarding the air pollution levels in Lyndhurst. Are 2012 figures in breach of the Government limit?13/08/201305/08/2013Information provided
FOI01423Copy of your full HSE Inspection Report and accompanying notes for an employee accident investigation that was carried out on 9 November 2012 at our insured premise; Forest Park Hotel, Rhinefield Road, Brockenhurst, SO42 7ZG.14/08/201312/08/2013Part refused - Section 40
FOI01425Various questions regarding individuals who are deceased where the family members or relatives are not traceable.13/08/201312/08/2013Part refused - Section 21 22 and 31
FOI01427How many staff are employed in pest control by the council or through contractors? What is the average time between a pest being reported and a member of the pest control team visiting the site of the complaint? What is the average time between a pest being reported and the case being closed? How much was spent on pest control in the last full financial year and 2009/10? How many reports of pests did you receive in the last full financial year and 2009/10?13/08/201313/08/2013Information provided
FOI01445Contaminated land search on 18 Clarence Road Lyndhurst.28/08/201306/08/2013Information provided
FOI01452Various information regarding Welfare Funerals dealt with by the Council03/09/201312/08/2013Part refused - Section 21 22 and 31
FOI01454Copy of the Environmental Health report done at the Queens Head, Burley, BH24 4AB in 2011.29/08/201327/08/2013Information provided - part refused section 40
FOI01465List of all the licensed riding establishments in your region.10/09/201312/08/2013Information provided
FOI01468List of all premises issued with a Pet Shop License by the local authority? List of all premises issued with a Dog Breeding License by the local authority?09/09/201312/08/2013Information provided
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