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FOI Disclosure Log - June 2013

Requests responded to during June 2013

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Communities & Employment

FOI01331How much did New Forest District Council fund Forest Forge Theatre Company in the years 2010/11 and 2011/12? How much is NFDC funding Forest Forge Theatre Company for the year 2012/13? How much will NFDC fund Forest Forge Theatre Company in 2013/14 and 2014/15? What reasons were given for any changes in funding?21/06/201312/06/2013Information provided

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI01301How many Benefit Fraudsters have you identified in the last 5 years? Of those individuals how many were prosecuted? What is the total outstanding 'debt' to the council resulting from benefit fraud ?d) Of those prosecuted how much money have you recovered? How much of the 'debt' has the council written off?31/05/201305/06/2013Information provided
FOI01302Information for each commercial property in your area. Name of Ratepayer. Address of property. VOA Billing Authority Reference Number (BA reference). 2010 rating list value £. Type of Relief granted for 2012/13 ie None or Mandatory, Discretional, Empty property , SBRR). Occupancy date for current ratepayer. Local Authority Account Number.31/05/201318/06/2013Part refused - Section 40(d) and 31
FOI01316List of all business rates properties in your area with the following information:-Name of the ratepayer, Property Address, 2010 Rateable Value. List of all businesses with a rateable value under £12,000 and NOT receiving Small Business Rate Relief with the following information:-Name of the ratepayer, Property Address, 2005 Rateable Value @ 31st March 2010, 2010 Rateable Value, Start date on the account, Net rates payable for 2012/13 after all reliefs/adjustments have been applied.11/06/201318/06/2013Part refused - Section 40(2)
FOI01319Business Ratepayers who have a Credit Balance on their accounts. Name of the Ratepayer. Address of the property to which the credit relates The amount of the credit balance. Date when the credit was generated. The year(s) that the credit lates to. Any correspondence address that you hold. Whether or not the account is still "live". In other words, are they still the ratepayer at that address.17/06/201311/06/2013Part refused - Section 40
FOI01332List of all Non-Domestic rate accounts that are currently overpaid or in credit. This should include those relating to this year or any previous year on current or closed accounts. Ratepayer, Rate, Account Number, Billing Authority Reference, Full Address of Property Concerned, Amount of Overpayment, Period that the Overpayment rates to, Account Closure Date if Relevant.24/06/201311/06/2013Part refused - Section 40
FOI01333Coach Pollution in Lyndhurst Car Park - How many coach drivers have been fined for running their vehicles engines whilst parked in the above car park. Have any penalties been issued for vehicles facing the wrong way.24/06/201310/06/2013Information provided
FOI01337Information or an update of the information since the last request regarding Business Rates. A list of all business rates accounts with a 2010 list rateable value greater than or equal to £25,000.25/06/201318/06/2013Part refused - Section 40(2)
FOI01340The cost of the ICT associated with the council's management of on and off-street parking.27/06/201310/06/2013Information provided
FOI01348Parking services provided for each of the financial years from 2008 to 2012, regarding annual revenue from street parking charges, off street, parking permits and all parking penalty notices.01/07/201311/06/2013Information provided
FOI01360Spreadsheet of all business rates accounts where the Council has obtained a liability order and the rateable value is £5,000 or more. Account Reference Number, Property Reference Number, Full Property Address, Designation (C or D) Primary Liable party name, Primary Liable Party Contact Add, Liability Order Account Refno, Liability Order Date, L.O. Current Outstanding Amount, Current Rateable Value08/07/201318/06/2013Part refused - Section 40(2) and 31
FOI01363The total uncollected business rates for the year 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 in your authority. Of the total uncollected business rates for the year 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13, the amount that is to be or has been written off. The percentage of total expected or predicted business rates for the year 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13, that is to be or has been written off.09/07/2013-Information provided
FOI01364Business Rate accounts. Current overpayment/credit shown for any financial year if credit balance hasn't been carried forward. Accounts where a 'write on' has been used since 1st April 2000 to cancel an overpayment which has not since been reversed. Ratepayer name, Address of property concerned, Amount of overpayment/write on, period/financial year relating to overpayment/credit/write on10/07/201328/06/2013Part refused - Section 40

Service: Environment Services

FOI01327Information around discussions on any potential kerbside glass recycling services over past 12 months. Include information through: Reports to members. Information to chief officers. Any internal health and safety reports produced by your own team or consultant reports on the risks to health and safety associated with manual handling and noise associated with the proposes service. Any other consultant reports.20/06/201310/06/2013Information provided
FOI01356Copy of the contract between NFDC and the waste collection for our area with respect to the collection of recyclables. Specifically I would like to see what are the means of collection and how these are or are not different from the normal waste.04/07/201318/06/2013Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI01342Copies of all correspondence relating to this skip and any other skips supplied. In addition I would like copies of all correspondence relating to complaints about occupants of No 1 Brick Lane.27/06/201327/06/2013Part refused - Section 40
FOI01366Information on council properties managed by 'guardian agencies', whereby your empty buildings are protected from squatters and vandals by having people living in them.12/07/201319/06/2013Information provided
FOI01370How many instances has your council placed a family or individual into emergency accommodation, ie after they declare themselves homeless, in (a) a Travelodge hotel or (b) a Premier Inn hotel. supply the dates the family were housed at the hotel, which hotel and location, the cost involved in each case. supply details covering the most recent two year period available.16/07/201318/06/2013Information provided
FOI01377Regarding Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) received in 2011/12 and 2012/13, and for current year so far. Are you reviewing or intending to review your housing allocation policy in relation to any rules disqualifying or reducing the priority of tenants or former tenants who have outstanding rent arrears due to the new social sector size criteria rules & the benefit cap & LHA maximum rent rules? Do your housing benefit decision letters mention the availability of DHPs?22/07/201326/06/2013Information provided
FOI01378The total number of households in Marchwood currently on the housing register waiting lists.19/07/201325/06/2013Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI01297How many directly employed staff do you have on "zero hour" contracts? Do you have a policy on the use of "zero hour" contracts by contractors? How many people working for your contractors are on "zero hour" contracts?30/05/201331/05/2013Information provided
FOI01339To what extent is mobile and flexible working prevalent throughout the Local Authority? Where mobile and flexible working is implemented, are there supporting policies and guidelines for managers? Where mobile and flexible working is implemented, is there supporting training for managers?26/06/201319/06/2013Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI01329Details of all physical locations maintained where New Forest council provides internet access that is available to the general public.21/06/201320/06/2013Information provided
FOI01336I would like a copy of your information/data security policy; and details of any training/information given to staff on security and data-handling.24/06/201324/06/2013Information provided
FOI01341Questions regarding your IT network infrastructure.27/06/201327/06/2013Information provided
FOI01376Do you have a legal services team? If so: Do you use a Case Management system within your Legal Services team? If so, how many staff are licensed to use this? What is the name of the product? Who is the supplier? What is the start date of your contract? How long is your contract term? How much did you pay for the system? How much do you pay for the annual support?22/07/201327/06/2013Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI01314Council's total spend on legal counsel for each of the following financial years: 2012-13, 2011-12, 2010-11, break down each year's spend as categorised within your budget. Administrative, Child care/adoption and fostering, Adult social services and community care, Corporate Governance, Education Employment, Housing, Licensing, Litigation (civil), Litigation (criminal), Mental Health, Planning, Police Procurement, Property, Trusts and charities.11/06/201310/06/2013Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01321Copy of all information held by New Forest District Council building / drainage department or any other department concerning the drainage of flood water or any other water across the property known as Keepers Cottage, Main Road, Walhampton, Lymington, SO41 5RE or land adjacent to.18/06/201318/06/2013Refuse part - Regulation 13(1) and 12(5)(f)
FOI01344Information about empty property in Rockford28/06/201310/06/2013Information not held

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01338The amount of funding allocated by your council to adult social care, in particular reference to old age care in residential care homes. Figures for the amount allocated to fund care in the following years?- 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14- 2014/15 (if possible)26/06/201304/06/2013Information not held
FOI01382List of upcoming tenders for children's services, schools and families, leaving care. The title of the contract. Anticipated annual value. Planned tender advert date. Planned contract start date. The contact name and email dress for the lead officer of the commission.23/07/201327/06/2013Information not held
FOI01388For the current financial year, what is the threshold band at which older people become eligible for social care? For each year for the previous four years, what has been the threshold category at which older people became eligible for social care?25/07/201328/06/2013Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI01345All documentation held in connection with two enforcement investigations referenced by your department as EN/13/0115 & EN/13/0296.28/06/201326/06/2013Part refused - Regulation 13
FOI01351Copies of all email and paper correspondence (both internal amongst the planning department as well as correspondence between the planning department and the householder) relating to the potential breaches of planning and permitted development at Sunnyside, Hightown, Ringwood, BH24 3DY. Namely the siting of soar panels and placement of a shipping container.02/07/201326/06/2013Part refused - Regulation 13
FOI01362Details of any time restrictions placed on HGVs in the local authority's area which desire access to load and unload goods on roads maintained by the council. If restrictions are in place: When were they first put in place. What reason is given by the council for the continuation of the restrictions.09/07/201312/06/2013Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI01350272 Ringwood Road. Date the Roof was replaced. Date the guttering was replaced.02/07/201312/06/2013Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI01310For each premises with a Zoo Licence, a copy of the annual Zoo stocklist and a copy of the most recent Zoo Inspection Report for "formal" periodical or renewal inspections carried out by Government appointed zoo inspectors.11/06/201305/06/2013Information provided
FOI01313Does the Council or contracted funeral publicise notices of public health funerals so family or friends can attend the funeral? Where is this published? Provide a template of notice. Provide contact details of contracted funeral director who places these notices. for each funeral provide: first name & surname, Date of death & birth, Last known residence, next of kin been traced?, date referred to Treasury Solicitor etc, Name of other organisation details passed to.11/06/201311/06/2013Part refused - Section 31 and 22
FOI01320How many dog homes are you responsible for? include homes or facilities that you run, part-run, contract out, or have any other arrangements with. At each home, how many dogs were destroyed in financial year 2012-2013 (or most recent available 12 month period)? If held, tally of the different reasons for the dogs being destroyed. How long is it your policy to keep dogs for before destroying them?17/06/201312/06/2013Information provided
FOI01325Details of those who has died with no known next of kin from 1/1/2013 to the day of reply. list of Public Health Act Funerals carried out from the above date with details of cases that have been referred to Treasury Solicitor or are awaiting referral or cases where it is undecided if referral is to be made at this stage. Date of death. Postcode area of their last known home address. Date when referral made of estate.19/06/201303/06/2013Information provided
FOI0133410 Mill House, Bickerley Road, Ringwood. Confirmation that you are not considering taking action against the site under part 2a under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Confirm that any recent development of the site included ground investigations and/or remediation works undertaken to your satisfaction resulting in the discharge in any associated conditions. Confirm that any risks from ground gases associated omissions or ground instabilities were considered and mitigated to satisfaction24/06/201311/06/2013Information provided
FOI0133510 Bridge Road, Lymington - Search of your environmental database for past & current contaminative activities on the site or in the surrounding area that may have some impact on the proposed commercial use development.24/06/201311/06/2013Information provided
FOI01343Information regarding contaminated land at 3 Brookley Lodge, Grigg Lane, Brockenhurst.27/06/201314/06/2013Information provided
FOI01346December 2012 until the date of your reply? Have any NHS trusts or hospitals notified the council on info regarding a death, where there have been no known next of kin? If yes, provide name of the person and department, who is responsible for providing information to the council. Within the council who is responsible for dealing with these deaths or public health funerals where there have been no known next of kin? How many deaths have been referred to the council via the NHS trust or hospital01/07/201311/06/2013Part refused - Section 31 & 22
FOI01349Copy of the report regarding the 'monitoring exercise of external patron noise at a New Forest public house'01/07/201306/06/2013Information provided
FOI01352Listing of Registered Tattoo Studios - trading names of the studios and the number of artists working there not just their registration numbers and if convictions have been given to anybody working at these studios for the crimes of tattooing of minors or illegal tattooing.02/07/201321/06/2013Information provided
FOI01357Environmental Search for Dibden Purlieu site T/1000/RQ - H48255. Browsewood, Gorse Cottage, Tudoresque, Beaulieu Road, Dibden Purlieu, Southampton, SO45 4PW. We are enquiring whether NFDC has any environmental records of issues which might affect the proposed residential development.04/07/201314/06/2013Information provided
FOI01365DPS/Premises Licence Holder enquiry-Plough Inn, Sway Road, Tiptoe, LYMINGTON, Hampshire, SO41 6FQ. Who has been the DPS and PLH of the above premises from 2010.11/07/201317/06/2013Information provided
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