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FOI Disclosure Log - April 2013

Requests responded to during April 2013

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Communities & Employment

FOI01272Breakdown of credit balances accrued since your earliest records, for the amounts owing to all "incorporated" companies within the authorities billing area, including the name of each business in respect of which Non-Domestic Rate credit balances remain payable; The value of overpayment in each case which remains unclaimed; The year(s) in which overpayment was made and hereditament address.07/05/201322/04/2013Information provided
FOI01276Request regarding care charges and eligibility. Complete questionnaire covering the period 2009/10 - 2013/14.15/05/201318/04/2013Information held in part & provided

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI01223The overall cost of printing by the Council for the financial years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 broken down by year. The cost of printing for each of these years broken down by Council departments. The cost of printing for each of these years by the council's internal printing service if one exists. The cost of printing for each of these years by any external supplier. The cost of postage for each of these years.02/04/201326/03/2013Information provided
FOI01236Arrears and write offs for 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, regarding Council tax, NNDR, Housing rent, Housing benefit overpayments, Sundry debt/miscellaneous income, Parking fines.10/04/201303/04/2013Information provided
FOI01242All credits held on business rates system to include: credits written away to suspense/control accounts. Amounts written off .Credits which are due to non individuals. exclude all non genuine credits as a result of internal accounting practices or system changes. Name of ratepayer, Amount (Value), Date credit arose, Property Address Including Postcode, Billing Address Including Postcode, Account Number, Account status (open/closed/archive), Property Reference Number, Reason for Credit16/04/201327/03/2013Information provided
FOI01244Details of all properties on which HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd pays business rates in your local authority, including square footage of the property if held. Period January 2008 to present.15/04/201327/03/2013Information not held
FOI01259Total number of people who applied for housing benefits whose nationality is from an EU country (excluding the UK) in the last year for which figures are available? Total number of claimants of housing benefits whose nationality is from an EU country (excluding the UK) in the last year for which figures are available?29/04/201304/04/2013Information not held
FOI01260Addresses and rateable values of all commercial properties that have any historic credit on their account above £1,000. Names and addresses of the owners of those properties if they are a limited company.30/04/201322/04/2013Information provided
FOI01263Excel spreadsheet form, the charges for all tax bands and average rent charged in as many financial years as you can provide. The financial years in which council elections were held (excluding by-elections and other anomalies). Political group in overall control of the council at its annual meeting in each of the years.30/04/201319/04/2013Information provided
FOI01270All properties with a ratable value in excess of £2600 currently vacant (subject to empty rate exemption in place or being noted as empty on the rate account). Full postal address or hereditament, Rate payer name, Billing address for rate payer, Rateable value, Rating description, Date when the full empty exemption was first applied for the current vacant period to the rate account.03/05/201322/04/2013Information provided - Part refused Section 40

Service: Environment Services

FOI01218Provision and status of data collection and urban green space valuation.27/03/201305/04/2013Information provided
FOI01230Has your Council implemented the charges for abandoned supermarket trolleys under the EVPA1990 and Clean Neighbourhood Act 2005. If yes, what is your agreed charge for the collection of an abandoned trolley? What is your trolley storage cost per day?08/04/201311/03/2013Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI01185A copy of the Tenancy agreement relating to 98 Salisbury Road, Totton. Dates and details of all complaints regarding the tenants of 98 Salisbury Road made by the previous owners of 96 Salisbury Road08/03/201308/03/2013Refused - Section 40(2) and 40(5)
FOI01222Council housing tenants and Registered social landlord tenants - Forecast bedroom tax arrears.02/04/201327/03/2013Information provided
FOI01271How many automatic wash/dry toilets your authority provided via Disabled Facility Grants in 2012/13?. How many automatic wash/dry toilets your authority provided for your own housing stock in 2012/13?07/05/201312/04/2013Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI01232Number of Non Disclosure agreements issued following a redundancy payout in the past three years broken down by year - 2010, 2011, 2012. Redundancy pay out amount? Number of breaches of Non Disclosure agreements recorded? Action taken against former employee for breaching a non-disclosure agreement?08/04/201326/03/2013Information provided
FOI01233Since 2003 how much has been paid out by the council in settlement of equal pay claims or potential equal pay claims? To how many women and how many men have such payments been made? Has the council budgeted for future payments for potential equal pay claims and if so for how much?09/04/201304/04/2013Information provided
FOI01235Information on compromise agreements dating back to 2007/08 and up to the 2012/13 financial year so far (until today's date of March 11).10/04/201326/03/2013Information provided
FOI01241copies of the following Council HR policies/ procedures 1. Redundancy; and 2. redeployment.16/04/201326/03/2013Information provided
FOI01243How many employees and former employees have signed compromise agreements in the financial year 2012/13 (so far), and the previous five financial years? And what is the total cost of these agreements in each year?16/04/201326/03/2013Information provided
FOI01251How long has the Competency Pay Spreadsheet been in use?Has the Holiday Pay Adjustment always been 1.1250?Has the Holiday Pay Adjustment always been applied to Basic Pay?Is it true that the Holiday Pay Adjustment is supposed to be levied on Gross Pay which includes an employees enhancements such as Competency levels?22/04/201322/04/2013Information provided
FOI01254For past 5 financial years, number of employees who have been made redundant and returned to work in new position . Amount paid as redundancy, and time elapsed between redundancy and reappointment.24/04/201324/04/2013Information provided
FOI01279How much compensation money has been paid to traffic wardens as a result of accidents at work in the past five financial years (1 April 2008 - 31 March 2013) also break this down per accident, giving details of a) the accident b) injuries sustained c) compensation paid out d) the year.17/05/201322/04/2013Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI00974The total amount of staff who have access to a computer broken down into all departments ie Highways, Environment etc.--Clarification requested - None received
FOI01257An up to date figure for the number of page views that the Council website has had in the last year (rolling calendar or financial - whichever is easiest) A breakdown of the pages viewed and how many times during the year (website traffic report).29/04/201326/04/2013Information provided
FOI01277Has the council made any use of Voice Risk Analysis software - either directly or via Capita - at any point since the start of financial year 2011/12? Is the council at present considering using VRA software in future, if so, for what purpose? What purpose(s) has the council used VRA for? What was/is the timespan of the council's use of VRA software? Is there any plan or intention to use the software again in the future, if so for what purpose(s)? What is the total value that Capita has been (or16/05/201323/04/2013Information provided
FOI01280Questions relating to your current ICT infrastructure and future ICT upgrade plans.17/05/201330/04/2013Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI01214Copies of all advices and enclosures the Council has received from the LGA since 2005 where they have not been disclosed to the public or have previously been refused access under the FOI/EIR on the basis that legal professional privilege arose. Al records to show how you have considered that legal professional privilege pertains to correspondence between the Council and the LGA.All records to show the process whereby you have decided to respond to FOI/ EIR requests after seeking advice/ ttempla22/03/201322/03/2013Refused - Partly not held and exemptions 36, 41 and 42
FOI01227All Compulsory Purchase Orders which the council have conducted over the past 15 years. Account amounts, the properties involved and who is entitled to the money. details relating to money held on account resulting from Enforced Sales from the past 15 years. Account amounts, the properties involved and who is entitled to the money.04/04/201303/04/2013Information provided
FOI01249Copy of all communications between the Hampshire police force/constabulary and any member of NFDC, including Mr Groom the Development Control Manager in Planning and Transportation, regarding a fraud complaint in 2011 and 2012.19/04/201303/04/2013Information not held
FOI01262Section 106 agreement - Land on the south side of Ravens Way, Milford on Sea, Lymington. Please advise of the status of the land and whether it can be used by the public.30/04/201312/04/2013Information provided
FOI01265According to your disclosure logs the following information has been requested and submitted but not published on your website. Please could you email me the data provided on these requests. Ref: 1077, 1078, 1084, 1095, 1105, 0992, 0988.09/04/201304/04/2013Information provided
FOI01267The total estimated cost of responding to Freedom of Information requests in each financial year since the act's introduction. The total number of requests received in each financial year since the act's introduction - including where possible the total requests answered in full, the total answered partially and the total refused. The current number of FTE posts for which the primary function is to oversee, respond to or co-ordinate obligations under the FoI Act.02/05/201325/04/2013Information held in part & provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01247Number of people employed across the organisation? Who supplies printer/copier/scanners? Make and model and how many of each? How many multifunctional devices, printers, copiers, scanners? When contract due to end? What print management software's & scanning software's do you use? What PDF software's do you use? How much spend on PDF software's? What is the overall cost of the managed print service contract?17/04/201317/04/2013Information provided
FOI01266Does your council have a Working Party exploring RADICAL OPTIONS for responding to the continuing funding reductions? If yes, provide email address for person chairing Working Party. If your Council is exploring any of the RADICAL OPTIONS, please give a very brief outline description of each initiative and state how much savings &/or income you hope to achieve through each initiative in 2013/1408/05/201323/04/2013Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01237Spreadsheet showing properties included in the Schedule of Monuments compiled under Section 1 of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act (1979)04/04/201302/04/2013Information not held
FOI01252Number of 'troubled families' your local authority is to work with over the three years;. How many have been identified to work with under the programme; Of these, how many families fit all three of the Government's criteria of youth crime or anti-social behaviour, truanting, and an adult on out-of-work benefits?. What 'local criteria' are you using to identify families beyond the Government's stipulated criteria?19/04/201302/04/2013Passed to HCC for response
FOI01268Number of 'eligible' children, 'relevant' children and those currently 'looked after' by the Authority who have discretionary leave to remain in the uk? The number of 'former relevant children' and 'persons qualifying for advice and assistance' who have discretionary leave to remain in the uk? Number of children who have made requests for assistance to fund university tuition fees for courses commencing Sept 2012 or later.07/05/201315/04/2013Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI01239Land at Long Meadow Barton. Original documents referred to in the long meadow play provision 2011. page six, item five, the status of Long Meadow.11/04/201302/04/2013Information not held
FOI01256Information regarding boilers installed at domestic addresses (addresses, make, number, and date)29/04/201326/04/2013Information part refused - Section 40

Service: Property Services

FOI01258Contracts/agreements relating to supply of gas and electricity, plus information regarding specific contracts.29/04/201312/04/2013Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI01085Names and amounts of the alcohol premises annual licence fees paid by other businesses in my locality.27/12/201204/12/2012Part refused - Section 21
FOI01189View all files relating to Drake's Yard, Pollards Moor Road, Copythorne.26/03/201326/03/2013Part refused - Regulation 13(1) & 12(5)(b)
FOI01210Environmental Health Enquiry - David Lloyd, 242 Christchurch Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3AS. Are there any known current or former nuisance issues, prosecutions or enforcement associated with the site or adjoining properties, e.g. noise, odour or dust issues/complaints? If yes, what was the nature of the issue and what was the outcome?21/03/201315/03/2013Information provided
FOI01234Within the council, who is in charge for sending information regarding public health funerals to the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy of Cornwall, Duchy of Lancaster, QLTR, Crown Solicitor and/or National Ultimus Haeres? please include some/all of this information - First and surname of the person, Job title, Department he/she works in, Email address, Telephone contact.09/04/201309/04/2013Information provided
FOI01246How many scrap metal dealers are registered? How many have an S3(1) exemption? Have applications for Scrap Metal Dealers Licenses and/or S3(1)'s increased over the last 6 months?12/04/201319/03/2013Information provided
FOI01250Details of anyone who has died with no known next of kin from 1/10/2012 to the day of reply. Date of death. Postcode area of their last known home address at time of death. Date referral made to the Treasury Solicitor or Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall, or confirmation that the case is awaiting referral or undecided if referral is to be made.19/04/201319/04/2013Information provided
FOI01261How many funerals have been held by the council since 1st October? Cost for each. Date of death and/or date of birth of the deceased, Date funeral provided, Name of the deceased, Last known address (if known), Next of kin been traced?, Have details been referred to the QLTR, Treasury Solicitor, Councils reason for providing funeral?30/04/201329/04/2013Refused part - Section 22 and 31
FOI01264The estate of Mr Hall was advertised on the Treasury Solicitors website at the end of January 2013, after being referred by New Forest District Council. Mr Hall according to the website died in Lymington. Is it possible for you to give us his middle name, and any other information that you have that would enable us to start the search to find members of his family that may be entitled to receive his estate.25/04/201318/04/2013Information provided in part
FOI01275Notes/report on your investigations regarding dog attack. Confirm the responsible party's address and whether there have been any other reports of aggression by the responsible party's dog.09/05/201326/04/2013Information provided - Part refused Section 40
FOI01278Wine Shack, 3 Butlers Lane, Ringwood, BH24 1UB. Who was responsible for the above mentioned property during the period between 18/10/2011 and 05/12/2012. Confirm the name and contact information of the premises license holder and the personal license holder.16/05/201324/04/2013Information provided in part - Section 40
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