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FOI Disclosure Log - December 2012

Requests responded to during December 2012

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI01067Does the council pursue council tax arrears (i.e. enforcement action against non-payment, over and above initial warning letters) via in-house staff, or is it out sourced to an external provider/contractor (e.g. debt collection agency)? Cost to the council, each financial year since 2010/11 for pursuit and collection of council tax arrears.17/12/201213/12/2012Information provided
FOI01077All Non-Domestic rate accounts that are currently overpaid or in credit. This should include those relating to this year or any previous year on current or closed accounts. Include the following, preferably on an emailed Excel spreadsheet: Ratepayer, Rate Account Number, Billing Authority Reference, Full Address of Property Concerned, Amount of Overpayment, Period that the Overpayment Relates to, Account Closure Date if Relevant.24/12/201230/11/2012Information provided
FOI01078Details of the credits held on your records for ratepayers in respect of payment of Business Rates. The Ratepayer name, address, credit amount and the financial year the credit sits in. This would only be for Limited Companies (corporate) and Government Bodies and not for individuals (sole traders, partnerships).21/12/201230/11/2012Information provided
FOI01084List of live business rates accounts with a 2010 list Rateable Value greater than or equal to £25,000. Property Reference Number, Rateable Value, Business Name of party liable, Hereditament address, Address(of account holder) to which correspondence in respect of property is sent contact no & email address, Liability start date or date of first account, In addition to occupied business rated properties,where a property is subject to empty rates date became empty, Description of property type.31/12/201230/11/2012Information provided
FOI01095The address, postcode and rateable values of all non exempt commercial properties with a rateable value of £10,000 or less not currently receiving small business rate relief.11/01/201320/12/2012Information provided
FOI01105Company name, addresses and rateable values of commercial properties that are occupied within your billing authority. The names of the liable party of those properties that are vacant within your billing authority. The relevant billing authority reference number as referred to in all the above.18/01/201328/12/2012Information provided

Service: Environment Services

FOI01058Street cleanliness during 2008 to 2012.05/12/201203/12/2012Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI01062The total number of employees, along with the number of employees (headcount) by ethnicity, gender, disability, age, religious affiliation and sexual orientation in 2012 as per the census categories. The total number of employees, along with the number of employees (headcount) by ethnicity, gender, disability, age, religious affiliation and sexual orientation at the beginning of 2010 as per the census categories.07/12/201205/12/2012Information provided
FOI01079In the financial year (1) 2009/10 (2) 2010/2011 (3) 2011/2012 how much was spent by your organisation on providing foreign language translation services for (a) written communications (b) verbal communications (c) in total? [If you are unable to breakdown the costs into verbal and written, I would still require the total cost]21/12/201206/12/2012Information provided
FOI01089How many of all the Leisure Services instructors are on the "potential competency system" (system where you are paid less than the competency level on your PDA form)? If this data is not currently known just compare the pay spreadsheet with the latest PDA form, where there is a differential this instructor will be on the potential competency scheme.03/01/201321/12/2012Information provided
FOI01090What is the set criteria used on the "Potential competency system" (the system where you are paid less than the competency level on your PDA form) that Centre Managers or Programme Managers refer to when consciously deciding to award a competence rating but not action it on the pay spreadsheet?03/01/201321/12/2012Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI01088IT systems technology being used for: Customer Services (CRM), Public Protection (Environmental), Highways Management (Inspection, Maintenance), Highways Asset Management Plan (HAMP) Street Works On-Street parking GIS Telephony. Name of current supplier. Cost of implementation. On-going costs (Support & licensing). Number of FTE's support systems. When IT contract is due to finish. If any are delivered as part of partnership or shared working give other parties involved & monetary contribution.28/12/201228/12/2012Information provided
FOI01091Whether your organisation (i) currently uses or (ii) has ever used Voice Risk Analysis (VRA) technology, including through a contract with a third party? What date did your organisation start using VRA technology, what date did it cease using VRA technology? What was the cost of using VRA technology? full costs broken down by financial year, including set up, training, operational and licence costs.03/01/201304/12/2012Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI01093Name and e-mail address of persons with specific roles at the Council.04/01/201304/12/2012Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01106The first name, surname and email address for any person holding the post of manager, head of department, assistant director or director within your Resources Division By "Resources" I also include Risk Management, Procurement and Corporate Programmes. The first name, surname and email address for any person holding the post of manager, head of department, assistant director or director within your Legal Services Division. By "Legal Services" I also include Corporate Complaint and Democratic15/01/201331/12/2012Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01092Since 1.1.12 how many times has the council taken action to take children away from foster parents because of concerns for the children's welfare? In each case provide a brief description as to what those concerns were. How many times has the council taken action to take children away from adoptive parents because of concerns for the children's welfare? In each case provide a brief description as to what those concerns were.04/01/201304/12/2012Information not held
FOI01119List of ALL authorised foster care companies who can place children into foster care/care. The amount paid to such companies for the placement of each child. How many children were placed into care during the last 6 years. How much was paid to said companies. Details of all and any relationships between foster care companies and council officials - ie relatives, friends, business associates.24/01/201331/12/2012Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI01056Related to Planning Application for Netley View Estate, Butts Ash, Hythe and the requirements for a boundary fence. similar to prevent encroachment into Hamilton Road (Private Road) and the gardens of the properties. Hamilton Road was in situ before the Estate was built.03/12/201206/12/2012Information provided
FOI01083Copy of completion certificate for rear shared chimney support retrospective completion certificate for steel beam on landing supported on the party wall for Meadow Oak View, Windsor Road, Winsor, Southampton, SO40 2HP.28/12/201227/12/2012Information provided
FOI01086Every council acts as a Hazardous Substances Authority (HSA) to handle applications by businesses that have the requirement to store hazardous substances. For each hazardous substances consent your council has issued: 1. Planning reference 2. Applicant 3. Address to which the consent relates 4. Details of each hazardous substance included in the consent31/12/201219/12/2012Request withdrawn Section 21
FOI01098How many housing developments has your planning department approved, against the flood-related advice of the Environment Agency, in each of the following years: 2002-3, 2003-4, 2004-5, 2005-6, 2007-8, 2008-9, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, and so far in 2012-13? Name of the developments, location and name of the developer in all these cases? Of the above developments, in each year, how many of the homes were designated for affordable housing or social housing?09/01/201319/12/2012Refused - Section 12

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI01059Details of anyone who has died with no known next of kin from 1/6/2012 to the day of reply. Include details of cases that either have been referred to the Treasury Solicitor or are awaiting referral or cases where it is undecided if referral is to be made. Date of death. Postcode area of their last known home address at time of death. Date when referral was made to the Treasury Solicitor, or confirmation that the case is awaiting referral or undecided if referral is to be made as yet.06/12/201206/12/2012Information provided
FOI01068The names of all Public Health Funerals/ bona vacantia estates passed or in the process of being referred ie pending referral to The Treasury Solicitor ( BV ) Department or Duchy of Lancaster within the last 6 weeks. This is a request for fresh information. The full name of the deceased. The date of death. Last known address. Approximate value of estate.17/12/201212/12/2012Refused - Section 14(2)
FOI01069Notices, noise issues and public nuisance relating to the following four premises: Ashley Hotel, New Milton, Borough Arms, Lymington, The Gunn Inn, Salmon Leap, Totton.17/12/201217/12/2012Information provided
FOI01081people dying with no next of kin being known at the time of death from 1/9/12 to the day of your response to this request. If someone died before 1/9/12 but the case has only come to your attention since, please also include details, as follows: Dates of death. Approximate area of home address death - the locality or postcode region. The date sent information to the Treasury Solicitor, or confirmation that this action was not applicable. If you have yet to send the information on, or a decision28/12/201228/12/2012Information provided
FOI01082Environmental health related notices. Local search result which highlights the following as being an outstanding notice: Ref. 06/04/05. Location: Redmayne Engineering Limited, Station Approach, Brockenhurst. Category: EPAPART3. Notice to execute works of drainage dated 28 April 2004. Please provide further information in relation to this notice, including if possible a copy of the notice and confirmation of what work is outstanding.28/12/201203/12/2012Information provided
FOI01087How many public health funerals have been carried out by your local authority since September 2012. The deceased names (including maiden names), date of birth and death, last known address and when or if the estate will be passed onto the Treasury Solicitor, QLTR or the Duchy of Cornwall and Lancaster.02/01/201321/12/2012Refused - Section 14(2), 22 & 31
FOI01102Information regarding recent inspections or outstanding matters at "Graze" 9 Gosport Street, Lymington.17/01/201321/12/2012Refused part - Section 40
FOI01107Regarding public health funerals which have taken place from July 2012 to the date of your reply. Provide Date of death of the deceased, Name of the deceased Place of death/last known address, Place of birth, Have the next of kin have been traced?, Estate value, Contact details of whom the details have been passed on to?, If applicable, the date on which the details will be referred to the Treasury Solicitor, QLTR or Duchy.15/01/201331/12/2012Refused Section 22 and 31
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