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FOI Disclosure Log - November 2012

Requests responded to during November 2012

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Communities & Employment

FOI01041Has the council been in contact with any theatre company and or production company and or similar about the production of a Pantomime in premises within the council's area. If so please supply copies of all correspondence and communications between the council and the aforementioned theatre company and or production company and or similar. All internal communications which are held by the council and which in any way relate to plans for a Pantomime this Christmas.20/11/201208/11/2012Information not held

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI01045For the financial years 2010-11 and 2011-12, Information regarding the number and value of cash, cheque and voucher transactions received from residents and also paid to residents.23/11/201222/11/2012Information provided in part
FOI01060Amount raised in non-domestic Business Rates in the financial years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12. figures should be inclusive of the information requested in questions 2 & 3. 2. Amount raised in non-domestic Business Rates levied on empty properties. Amount raised in non-domestic Business Rates levied on empty properties owned, leased or rented by private sector organisations/individuals. Private sector organisations/individuals should exclude any public sector or charity organisations.06/12/201223/11/2012Part refused - Section 12
FOI01072Your most up to date list of unclaimed business rates credits. Alternatively, please could you advise where I can find this on your website.18/12/201221/11/2012Information provided
FOI01075Schedule (on a spreadsheet document compatible with Microsoft Excel) of all National Non-Domestic Rate accounts in your billing authority area that show a credit (in excess of £500) for any period from 1 April 1990 to date. Supply the name of the ratepayer, the billing authority reference number and/or property reference number, the address of the hereditament, the amount of the credit balance and the rate year(s) to which it applies. Please confirm the date the schedule was generated.18/12/201221/11/2012Information provided

Service: Environment Services

FOI01043Do you operate an in-house waste service or do you have a private contractor in operation? If so, what is the name(s) of the private contractor(s)? period of the contract? when does it terminate? Which waste collection service(s) do you (or the contractor) currently provide? Are you planning to make any changes to the service? If so, what changes have been decided?22/11/201209/11/2012Information provided
FOI01064Information relating to Grounds Maintenance and Arboriculture Contracts within your district.11/12/201226/11/2012Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI01014Information regarding temporary accommodation for families with dependent children, pregnant women and individuals, under prevention and relief of homelessness powers.02/11/201201/11/2012Part refused Section 40 and Section 12
FOI01051Figures for each of the financial years 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12 and up until 31 October in 2012/13 regarding housing for16 and 17 year olds.27/11/201221/11/2012Information held in part and provided
FOI01063list the job-titles of all your employees who work directly with private sector owners to bring private sector empty property back into use for housing and for each job-title listed, please give the "Full-time-equivalent" resource dedicated to empty homes work (See Note below). "Private sector" does not include housing association properties. Of the FTE resource identified above how much is on time-limited contracts (i.e. not permanent positions, agency staff etc)?. How much New Homes Bonus, if10/12/201220/11/2012Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI01054What the gross pay rate would be for an assistant instructor gym tots at prep. Time 1, competency rating 13 and then competency rating 15. Populate pay spreadsheet with this information and provide a print out at each competency rating.30/11/201221/11/2012Information provided
FOI01055All written information available on the competency pay framework for health and leisure centre instructors including all procedures on how competencies get from the PDA form to the pay spreadsheet and to whom this information had been made available. Also all information on training in relation to this pay system30/11/201220/11/2012Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI01032GIS/Map software licenses held which allow the distribution and/or use of GI/Map data over an intranet or internet to staff and/or the public. The cost of each licence and the renewal date of the contract involved or the contract length.16/11/201209/11/2012Information provided
FOI01048HR and Payroll solution/service. Name of current provider. Date contract signed and length. Date contacts are due to be renewed. Current annual maintenance charges. Original contract value.26/11/201228/11/2012Information provided

Service: Leisure Services

FOI01066The pool temperature for Totton Recreation Centre pool from September 1st to November 8th. The daily temperature, preferably at around 12:30pm17/12/201214/11/2012Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01029Communications - Fixed and mobile15/11/201205/11/2012Information provided
FOI01052Number of external organisations (private investigators) commissioned to undertake surveillance under the provisions of RIPA. Number of external organisations (private investigators) commissioned to undertake surveillance. Names of contractors commissioned to undertake surveillance. Total amount paid to contractors. For what reason(s) these non-public bodies or private investigator were commissioned to carry out surveillance. For financial years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.29/11/201206/11/2012Information provided
FOI01076During 2009, 2010 and 2011 how many parking fines, Bus lane fines and speeding fines issued. What was the total revenue collected in each year? Supply a breakdown of the costs associated with issuing such notices. What was the profit spent on? Where funds are paid into your accounts, what is the trading name on the account? How much of this fund is paid to the victims? How is it decided which roads should have parking restriction and by whom, and on whose authority?20/12/201223/11/2012Information held in part and provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01061Breakdown of your local authorities spending on SEN Tribunals for each year from 2005 (or from the most recent year in which figures are available) to present.07/12/201213/11/2012Information not held
FOI01073Information for the 2009-2010, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 financial years (1 April - 31 March) in relation to children and families social care and staff.18/12/201220/11/2012Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI00989Any and all documents or working papers whether draft or final versions both physical and electronic and all other such information both physical and electronic held or produced by New Forest District Council relating to the Ringwood Local Distinctiveness Supplementary Planning Document.12/10/201212/10/2012Refused - Regulation 12(4)(d)
FOI01044Your authorities adopted tree policy as it relates to trees on land under your control (note: We do not require information on tree polices as they relate to TPO's, supplementary panning guidance etc.) Hard copy and a electronic copy. In the event you do not have a policy please confirm this.22/11/201206/11/2012Information not held
FOI01050Details of TPO applications where subsidence has been cited as the reason for application to include road name and/or first digits of postcode. Subsidence claims involving your authority whereby LA owned trees are implicated in the damage to include road name and/or first four digits of postcode. Advise the value of payment made or whether a claim was successfully defended.28/11/201226/11/2012Information provided
FOI01053Changes to the boundaries of Green Belt land in the council area that have taken place since January 2012. The area of land that has both been added and lost in the change? Any plans or proposals to change the boundaries of Green Belt land in your area that are currently in place, again with the area of land that will be affected. If the council is planning to hold a review of the boundaries in the near future?30/11/201206/11/2012Information provided
FOI01057Please provide ALL approved new build residential planning application numbers (1 or more) post the adoption of the Core Strategy on 26th October 2009. Please provide the legal agreements for all of the requested cases.04/12/201219/11/2012Information provided
FOI01071Please use your last financial year or previous 12 months when responding. How many roundabouts do you have within your geographical area? How many of these roundabouts are sold? Do you pay rates on the roundabouts? Would you be interested in generating revenue for them? If so, who would I need to contact?18/12/201223/11/2012Information held in part and provided

Service: Property Services

FOI01074Details of the Departments responsible for; Display Energy Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates and Air Conditioning Inspections, providing contact details of name, address, telephone numbers and e-mail of person(s) responsible for each certification. confirm that you currently comply to each of these requirements, supply a List of Buildings covered by this legislation with their Renewal Date and confirm if this certification is carried out "In-House" or externally contracted.18/12/201223/11/2012Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI01016A copy of the most recent inspection that was carried out at Libertys Raptor and Reptile Centre (which I believe took place in September 2012) 2) A copy of all zoo licenses issued since January 2005 plus any attached conditions.05/11/201202/11/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI01017New Forest Wildlife Park: Copies of all reports relating to zoo inspections (including Informal and Special Inspections) carried out under the Zoo Licensing Act since January 2010. A copy of the zoo's current stock list. Copies of any correspondence between the zoo and the council, relating to zoo licensing and animal welfare, since January 2010.05/11/201202/11/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI01028Information you may hold relating to public/welfare funerals and persons who have died with no known next of kin since 1/7/12 to the day of your reply. Include dates of death, postcode areas (for example NW11) of death, date(s) when information was passed (or is about to be or likely to be passed) to the Treasury Solicitor or the Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall.13/11/201213/11/2012Information not held
FOI01030How Local Authorities currently operate their CCTV Control Centres and the service provisions they provide within their CCTV Control Centres. Re: CCTV, Lifeline/Telecare/Personal Alarms, Telehealth, Lone Worker Solutions, Out of hours call handling, Intruder Alarm Monitoring.15/11/201231/10/2012Information provided
FOI01037The number of funerals funded by the local authority within the past year. Average cost of these. Copy of any guidance/instructions to determine format of the funeral. For example,whether a tombstone is provided, and any other details. Name of deceased, date of death, whether the next of kin have been identified/traced, estimated estate value (did the deceased own his/her home, live in council property, housing association or nursing home) Have details been passed to any other public authority.20/11/201220/11/2012Part refused - Section 31
FOI01047Food hygiene inspection report and food rating for The George Inn, 14 Bridge Street, Fordingbridge.23/11/201223/11/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI01049number of pet shops licensed in 2010-2011, 2011-2012 to sell animals as part of their business. number of licensed premises where a business of breeding dogs for sale is carried out. Of those premises How many current license holders have licenses for up to 10 breeding bitches? 11 to 25? 26 to 50? 51 to 80? over 80? How many inspections were carried out on an annual basis of licensed dog breeding establishments during the years 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012.27/11/201220/11/2012Information provided
FOI01065How much funding did your local authority provide to the LINk in 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13? How much funding will your local authority provide to the local Healthwatch in 2013/14 and 2014/15? Will your local Healthwatch be fully functioning by April 2013? Will the social enterprise (body corporate) for your local Healthwatch be:a. Public sector?b. Private sector?c. Voluntary sector/not for profit? Will any of the statutory activities of your local Healthwatch be subcontracted? If12/12/201221/11/2012Information not held
FOI01070Noise issues, operational issues and notices served at Pond Head Farm, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst10/12/201220/11/2012Information provided
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