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FOI Disclosure Log - October 2012

Requests responded to during October 2012

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI00992(a) Addresses and rateable values of Commercial properties that are within your Council with rateable values between £0 to £18,000; and (b) whether those properties referred to in (a) are claiming Small Business Rate Relief.15/10/201205/10/2012Information provided
FOI00994Information relating to council tax benefit (CTB) and local council tax support (LCTS).19/10/201216/10/2012Information provided
FOI01001Addresses of "long term empty" and "uninhabitable empty properties. The number of Bedrooms for each the above Properties and the names of the owners of those properties referred to above.22/10/201217/10/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI01022List of your privately owned empty homes.14/11/201217/10/2012Refused - Section 40
FOI01023I am writing to request copies of all reports (including, but not limited to, monthly, quarterly and annual internal audit progress reports, or similar) produced by your internal audit team detailing investigation into allegations of internal fraud, corruption and/or theft, for the years 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12.07/11/201217/10/2012Information provided
FOI01027Names of liable parties and the dates they were liable between 1st April 2001 and present for New Milton Health Centre, Spencer Road, New Milton.13/11/201217/10/2012Information provided

Service: Environment Services

FOI00986How much you pay monthly (or annually) for leased, hired or loaned vehicles.08/10/201209/10/2012Information provided
FOI01026The number of cemeteries and burial grounds found in the UK that facilitate the burial of Muslim citizens i.e. they have a) an allocated area for Muslim burials within a public cemetery or burial ground, or b) separate cemeteries reserved specially for Muslims. How many such cemeteries/ burial grounds fall under the jurisdiction09/11/201231/10/2012Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI01033If you've already run a STAR survey, and if so, when? If you're considering running a STAR survey, when? Do you outsource any or all the associated work? Do you/would you run the survey as a Group or as individual members? What methodologies do you/would you use? Census or sampling? Achieved or anticipated response rates?15/11/201223/10/2012Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI01019In relation to the industrial action took place in November 2011, please specify the number of members that each of the following unions notified you that they were balloting: (a) Unison; (b) Unite; (c) GMB06/11/201231/10/2012Information provided
FOI01020Please specify the total number of staff that you employ.06/11/201224/10/2012Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI01003What tools/software products are used to report on and analyse the data contained in the Council's databases?If there is a separate/different tool used for each back office system please indicate what is used for each system which is subject to analysis/reporting. If there is a corporate tool that gives a unified view of data from all systems indicate what this is.26/10/201224/10/2012Information provided
FOI01005Survey regarding secure ICT systems01/11/201230/10/2012Information provided
FOI01012Mobile Phone contract(s): Existing Supplier(s). Total contract value. Number of Users. Call off Contract/Framework Agreement. Start Date. Expiry Date. Review Date. The person within the organisation responsible for this particular contract. Can you send me the full contact details Contact Name, Job Title, Contact Number and direct email address.02/11/201208/10/2012Information provided
FOI01046Is your organisation currently in the process of replacing upgrading or refurbishing its telecommunications systems or equipment? Does your organisation have any plans to replace, upgrade or refurbish its telecommunications systems or equipment in the next four years? Does your organisation possess any redundant, unused, or obsolete telecommunication systems or equipment of any description that it would consider selling to a private company? Is your organisation likely to produce any redundant23/11/201230/10/2012Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI00987Copies of letters and correspondence between the NFDC and Hampshire Constabulary relating to crime number 44100522911 recorded against the New Forest District Council by the police in December 2010,05/10/201205/10/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI01006Details of senior officers' (ie. chief officers) declarations of interests held by the council.31/10/201231/10/2012Information provided
FOI01011Re Rookes Charity at Woodside, Lymington. History regarding the deeds to the property and the registrations of the property.24/11/201227/09/2012Information provided
FOI01013Councillors allowances and expenses for 2011/12. Amount paid in allowances and expenses to all councillors, breakdown giving the total paid in allowances (of all types) to all councillors, total paid out in expenses (of all types) to all councillors. total paid to each individual councillor in allowances and expenses. Total of both allowances and expenses paid to the councillor.02/11/201225/10/2012Information provided
FOI01021Inspect council file regarding the purchase of 4 Ashley Road, New Milton.07/11/201224/10/2012Information provided in part
FOI01025Information on non-self-drive cars owned or leased by your council (ie cars owned or leased for the purpose of driving/chauffeuring elected members and/or council staff).07/11/201216/10/2012Information provided
FOI01035Between 1st April 2009 and 22nd October 2012, please list each piece of "green" or recreational space which was sold by the authority. include name and/or location of the space, including postcode. The size of the space in metres2. The primary use of the space, pre-sale. The organisation the land was sold to. The sale price. The date of the sale. The reason for the sale. The intended use for the proceeds from the sale, if any2) list each piece of "green" or recreational space which the authority19/11/201231/10/2012Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI01004What type of advertising and sponsorship schemes you have running in the councils' region? Car park tickets, Roundabouts Sponsorship, Leisure centres, Bus shelter sites, Publishing, Web sites? How much revenue is generated by area? Any other areas the council receive revenue through advertising and sponsorship? If out sourced to which companies do you out source? When do these contracts expire and what process will you go through to allow other companies to pitch for them ?14/11/201222/10/2012Information provided
FOI01007Details of all allegations made to the council of fraud, theft and corruption by councillors, council officials and council staff/employees/contractors (ie. anyone internal to the council).05/11/201229/10/2012Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI01008Regarding access to sexual health services.01/11/201204/10/2012Information not held
FOI01010The cost of supplying broadband to each school within the remit of the county council. Please state the school name with address, postcode, cost of Internet circuit and where the circuit goes to. E.g. from school x to county hall network centre.01/11/201205/10/2012Information not held
FOI01031What are the names of the contact centres used by the local authority for supervised contact sessions per annum for the last five years? How much have the local authority spent on supervised contact sessions in total for parents and their children over the last five years per annum?16/11/201219/10/2012Information not held
FOI01038Incidents of inappropriate behaviour between a teacher and an under-age pupil of a sexual or non-sexual nature in any of your schools in the three year. Provide details and say what action was taken.20/11/201226/10/2012Information not held
FOI01039Attempts by parent/s to mislead the authorities/schools about where they live (ie by giving an address of a property that is not their primary home) in order to gain a place for their child at a school for which they would not otherwise be eligible. Provide all details and say what action was taken.20/11/201226/10/2012Information not held
FOI01040How many schools in your area have an exemption from the legal requirement to hold a daily act of collective worship of a "wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character"? Of those who have, how many are holding assemblies that are secular or that are based on Islam?20/11/201226/10/2012Information not held
FOI01042What support does your local authority offer to grandparents providing informal childcare for their grandchildren? Please provide key contact and addresses of services. Please give information on any outreach or specially designed material for informal child caring grandparents. Please give information on the number of queries you have from informal child caring grandparents seeking support or information.22/11/201226/10/2012Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI00939View all enforcement files relating to Forest Lodge Farm, Forest Lodge Farm Home Farm and Forest Lodge West Fawley Road, Hythe, SO45 3NJ24/10/201209/10/2012Provided in part - Regulation 13 (EIR) and Section 40(2) and 41 (FOI)
FOI01036A list of all residential planning applications in the District since December 2011 which have been, or will be, the subject of a s106 Contribution for secondary education?19/11/201224/10/2012Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI00995All exchanges that have taken place between NFDC and the owner of land identified as "north of School Lane" (Consultation Document MOS1). Copies of any representations, however made, on behalf of the landowner, including any exchanges relating to the recent decision by NFDC to reduce the land available on this site for playing fields.25/09/201205/10/2012Part refused - Section 41 and 43

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI00993People dying with no next of kin being known at the time of death from 1/3/12 to the day of response. If someone died before 1/3/12 but the case has only come to your attention since, also include details: Dates of death. Approximate area of address - locality or postcode region. Date you sent to Treasury Solicitor (or Duchy of Lancaster or Duchy of Cornwall) or confirmation action was not applicable. If yet to send information on, or a decision not yet been made, please advise of this17/10/201217/10/2012Information not held
FOI00996Request regarding pest control services during 2011/201222/10/201208/10/2012Information provided
FOI00997How many public health funerals have been carried out by you local authority since May 2012. I would like to know the deceased names (including maiden names), date of birth and death, last known address and when or if the estate will be passed onto the Treasury Solicitor, QLTR (for Scotland) or the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster.19/10/201211/10/2012Refused - Section 22 and 31
FOI01002Details below for all Hackney Carriage and Private Hire (taxis) currently licensed to operate within your district. The license number, car registration number, taxi company for which the driver/vehicle operates under (i.e. what trading name is displayed), and the maximum number of passengers.23/10/201210/10/2012Information provided
FOI01009A list of all the approved firms, both hackney carriage and private hire that are within your licensing authority. Do you keep a list of the vehicles that are licensed by each firm? Do you keep a record of the drivers that are licensed? I am guessing that you cannot tell me the list of vehicles and or drivers?01/11/201210/10/2012Information provided
FOI01015How many fixed CCTV cameras have been operational in each of the last five years.02/11/201226/10/2012Information provided
FOI01018Names of all Public Health Funerals/ bona vacantia estates passed or in the process of being referred ie pending referral to The Treasury Solicitor ( BV ) Department or Duchy of Lancaster within the last 4 weeks. This is a request for fresh information. full name of the deceased. date of death. last known address. approximate value of estate.05/11/201210/10/2012Section 14(2)
FOI01024The current figures for the number of licensed riding establishments and the number of horses within them.06/11/201211/10/2012Information provided
FOI01034How many Private Hire Taxi Vehicle licenses and how many Public Hire/Hackney Carriage Vehicle licenses are currently held in your area. If you can break this down into further areas within your council then this would be greatly appreciated.19/11/201222/10/2012Information provided
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