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What are non material and minor material amendments?

Anything but the most insignificant change needs to be dealt with by submission of a new planning application. Very small changes can be dealt with via an alternative type of application using the form accessed from our 1APP pages.
(Applications to remove conditions relating to the Code for Sustainable Homes can be dealt with as a non-material amendment).

We cannot accept amendments as non material if:

  • The application site area differs from the original application
  • The application description differs from the original application
  • There were any relevant objections to the original proposal which would be compromised by the proposed minor amendment
  • If an amendment increases the size of any part of the development
  • If the amendment locates any part of the development closer to a neighbour
  • If the amendment changes windows or doors in any elevation facing a neighbour which increases overlooking in any way
  • The development moves more than 1 metre in any direction
  • Would result in a greater visual intrusion, loss of light or feeling of enclosure to neighbours
  • The proposal would result in changes to the external details that would materially alter the appearance of the building

Non material amendments will not be subject of publicity, including notification of neighbours. The web site will be updated if amendments are accepted and copies of the relevant drawings will be displayed.

What are Minor Material Amendments?

A minor material amendment is seen as "one whose scale and nature results in a development which is not substantially different from one which has been approved".

Formal applications will be required using the relevant 1APP form.  Normal consultations will be undertaken and the standard time limits will apply. The application will be considered on the basis that an in principle decision has previously been made but all new policies and advice and any changed material considerations will be taken on board. Any permission will be a self contained permission so the full range of conditions will be applied and, where relevant, revised Legal Agreements will have to be in place. It is not possible to seek to extend the time limit of an application using this mechanism.

Pre application discussions as to whether the changes are suitable for consideration using this route are encouraged.

Updated: 21 Dec 2015
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