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FOI Disclosure Log - August 2012

Requests responded to during August 2012

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI00933Addresses of all privately owned, council-owned and commercial empty properties of which the council has knowledge.23/08/201220/08/2012Information provided - Part refused Section 40
FOI00936In respect of properties that have had an (business rates) empty rate charge levied at any time since 1st April 2008. The property addresses and property reference number. The ratepayer name(s), if the ratepayer was/is a Limited Company. Start and end date of the empty period for which empty rates have been levied.24/08/201224/08/2012Information provided - Part refused Section 12

Service: Environment Services

FOI00926List of motor vehicles owned or leased to the council. Please include; Fleet number (if used), Make, Model and Body Type. Let me know how these vehicles are maintained? Ever in house or out sourced maintenance.20/08/201215/08/2012Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI00910How many applicants are on your list for social housing in The NFDC area and Lyndhurst only.14/08/201209/08/2012Information provided
FOI00920Information regarding HMO properties17/08/201209/08/2012Information provided
FOI00927Questions regarding enforcement activities in the private rented sector during the financial year 2011/12 and the current condition of private rented stock in your area.20/08/201217/08/2012Provided in part - Section 12 Time Limit

Service: Human Resources

FOI00866Copy of the Council's organisational structure & list of directorates.The below details for any council employee who is classified as either a manager, head or director within each of the directorates listed in the response to the above request and the service areas that fall within each directorate as of the 18th June 2012 :Name, Job title, Postal Address, Contact telephone number, Email address, Location of Work, Organisation (if different to New Forest District Council)17/07/201202/08/2012Information provided
FOI00917Information about the total amount of money paid to trade unions by New Forest, the amount of staff time spent on trade union duties and / or activities and the payment of subscriptions.15/08/201215/08/2012Information provided
FOI00923For the financial years 2010/2011 and 2011/2012, could you please inform me of:- The number of elected members who were/are members of your Authority's Pension Scheme. The amount deducted from those member's allowances as their contribution to the Scheme. The amount paid by your Authority as the 'employers' contribution on behalf of the elected member in the Scheme.20/08/201215/08/2012Information provided
FOI00924The complete list of all Employer's Names for CRB certificates processed by your organisation. For the purposes of clarity this is the entry known as Name of Employer on the CRB certificate.20/08/201202/08/2012Information provided
FOI00925The number of council officers employed to deal with issues concerning the environment or climate change in a) 2010 b) 2011 and c) 2012. The amount allocated in the council's budget for spending on the environment or climate change in the financial years a)2009/10 b) 2010/11 and c) 2011/12.30/08/201230/08/2012Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI00961Details of how the Council disposes of all it's IT equipment and removes data from PC's laptops and servers prior to disposal.17/09/201229/08/2012Information provided
FOI00977How much did the council spend on tablet computers (including iPads) in the last financial year?27/09/201231/08/2012Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI00903The number of occasions that Cllr Ms Evoy and Cllr Glass have supported planning applications in the Parish of Hythe & Dibden since their election to the NFDC.09/08/201209/08/2012Information provided
FOI00908Can you advise please if you have any information on the transfer of land in 1974 from the former Lymington Borough to the New Forest District Council? Do you have any parliamentary documents from when the land was transferred in 1979 from the New Forest District Council to Lymington and Penning Town Council following the Statutory Instrument when Government altered the Parish Boundaries?13/08/201202/08/2012Information provided
FOI00912Please supply copies of all exchanges between your Land Charges Department and IDEA (both pre, post and including February 2007). All internal exchanges and reports showing, inter alia, how Council policy (and any replies thereto) was formulated in relation to IDEA's correspondence.14/08/201210/08/2012Refused - Section 36, 41 & 43
FOI00915The outcome of the LGA review. If it is or has been determined that local authorities are not entitled to raise a charge for CON 29 data and the steps the Council will be taking to reimburse all organisations, including NLIS, the utilities and firms of solicitors in respect of the payments they have made to you for a charge you had no power to levy. Provide copies of all communications and recorded information where the issue of your Council's legal liability to raise any charge has arisen.15/08/201210/08/2012Refused - Section 36, 42 & 43
FOI00940The number of staff that have access to the Department for Work and Pensions' Customer Information System (CIS) in your organisation. The number of recorded incidents of this access being mis-used or abused, and details of the number of records involved in each incident. The number of employees that have been disciplined internally or sanctioned in connection with the CIS. for the past 3 years.29/08/201222/08/2012Information provided
FOI00951I note that you have computerised OS maps showing council owned land, I wonder if you could forward a section showing any council owned land in the Hightown area of Ringwood. Also I would like to know where the boundaries are of the so-called "green belt" around Ringwood.13/09/201222/08/2012Information provided in part - Clarification requested but request withdrawn.
FOI00959Minutes from ANY meetings regarding/containing details on Colonel Rookes Will from 1974 - 1979 when the New Forest District Council was in office over the former Lymington Borough Council.14/09/201231/08/2012Information not held

Service: Leisure Services

FOI00948How many sport facilities do you own or operate (either in whole or in partnership)? In the past 3 years, how many of the sport facilities you owned or operated (in whole or in partnership) have closed to the public? (Please include partial closures or mothballing, such as closing a facility within a larger leisure centre, for example. include the name and nature of any facilities that have closed.). In the past 3 years, how many of the sport facilities you own or operate have reduced their openi05/09/201213/08/2012Information provided
FOI00956For the period 2010, 2011, 2012 How many council run leisure centres have been closed, what were they called? How many council run swimming pools have been closed, what were they called? How many council run gyms have been close, what were they called? How many playing fields have been sold or used for other purposes, where were they? How many public toilets have been closed where were they?13/09/201216/08/2012Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI00888local authority have specific criteria for the assessment of noise from MUGAs under the new/old planning regime or for nuisance investigations? If so, what are they? Do you recommend that conditions relating to noise control be attached to any planning permission granted for MUGAs within your area? If so, are these specific to MUGAs? Please give examples if possible. How many MUGAs do you have in your area? Where possible, give planning application references and/or location details. Have you01/08/201202/08/2012Information provided
FOI00913Spending and engagement with the voluntary sector14/08/201214/08/2012Information provided
FOI00914Number of staff hired on short term contract in each of the past four financial years and the current financial year. Cost of agency staff and fees paid to recruitment agents firms. Names of firms used during each of the years and breakdown of total fees paid. Breakdown of cost of the ten highest paid agency staff including date hired, job title,total pay,monthly pay and agency fees associated with each worker. Names of companies paid in lieu of services provided by any of these agency workers.14/08/201214/08/2012Information provided - part refused section 12

Service: Not NFDC

FOI00958Various questions in relation to the Troubled Families programme14/09/201228/08/2012Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI00898View plan from Building Notice Application (ref: 98/1499) 40 Newbridge Way, Lymington, SO41 8BH.06/08/201223/07/2012Information provided
FOI00901Copy of all the Council policies on personal searchers accessing the Land Charges Register post September 2005? The date when the policies above were first applied to Council staff and NLIS?10/08/201210/08/2012Information provided
FOI00902Questions regarding the Council's electronic land charges register.09/08/201209/08/2012Information provided
FOI00919Information in relation to enforcement case EN/12/0053: site address 41 Sea Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PH.17/08/201210/08/2012Information provided
FOI00921Questionnaire regarding how effective e-planning systems has been.17/08/201217/08/2012Information provided
FOI00928Was/Is the Council a registered user of IDOX software? If Yes: Was/Is any member of the Council's Local Land Charge Department a participant in IDOX TLC and/or its successor? Please forward to me copies of the following: All correspondence in the 78 IDOX TLC forums and any successor forums. All correspondence in the IDOX TLC blog and any successor blogs. Minutes and agendas of all external User Group meetings on land charge issues attended by your land charges staff in the last 3 years.22/08/201210/08/2012Information provided/Not held
FOI00929Copy of all correspondence between NFDC and Milford-On-Sea Parish Council re: retrospective planning application 12/98811; for example copies of all emails, reports and any other written correspondence plus notes from any 'phone calls made. copy of all the case notes and other written reports provided to Milford-On-Sea Parish Council in preparation for the Milford-On-Sea Parish Council meeting held on 23rd July 2012.22/08/201213/08/2012Information provided
FOI00934All recorded information (including meeting minutes and reports and all internal and external correspondence) on the action your Council considered necessary to take in respect of the LGA's letter of 15 January 2010. The dates of all such decisions and deliberations plus details of the bodies or Officers within the Council who have considered what action needed be taken. All recorded information on any enquiries, clarifications sought or responses the Council made to the letter.24/08/201210/08/2012Refused - Section 36, 42 & 43
FOI00935Information relating to previous representations (Land north of School Lane) and any other representations, however made, on behalf of the landowner, including any exchanges relating to the recent decision by NFDC to reduce the land available on this site for playing fields.24/08/201223/08/2012Information not held
FOI00937The present status of the planning application/planning approval covering the development of the site by the Lymington River off and south of Bridge Road to the east of the Network railway line between Lymington and Brockenhurst, presently being carried out by Redrow. I would like to visit your offices to look at the planning file for this site or to inspect same on line.29/08/201209/08/2012Information provided
FOI00946Questions regarding Planning Committee05/09/201223/08/2012Information provided
FOI00952Email content as per planning application comments for 37 Daniells Walk, Lymington06/09/201216/08/2012Information provided - Part refused Section 40

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI00884Environmental Health Services information for 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/1210/08/201209/08/2012Information provided
FOI00896People dying with no next of kin being known at the time of death from 1/1/12 to the day of your response to this request. Dates of death. Approximate area of home address, the locality or postcode region. Date you sent information to the Treasury Solicitor.08/08/201208/08/2012Information provided
FOI00916Relating to Liberty's Raptor & Reptile Centre. All zoo inspection reports (and pre-inspection audits) for the period January 2010 to the current date. Copies of all stocklists for the same period. Where stocklists are not held for previous years, provide the latest from 2012. Copies of all correspondence between the zoo and the local authority for the same period. Please confirm whether the zoo holds a licence under the Pet Animals Act? If so, I request a copy.15/08/201214/08/2012Information provided
FOI00918List of public health funerals that have taken place in the last 6 months within the council. include Name of the Deceased (including maiden name), Date of Death, Last known residence for the deceased, Whether next of kin have been traced, Value of the Estate, Date on which referred/due to be referred to the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy, QLTR or Crown Solicitor.16/08/201216/08/2012Refuse - Section 22 & 31
FOI00931Name, postal address and email address of all public hire (Hackney Carriage) drivers. In addition could you please advise how many taxis are currently licensed in your authority and where possible the split between Public (Hackney) & Private Hire.22/08/201207/08/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI00938The number of park home sites within your authority and how many homes are licensed for each park. The number of residents living on those sites. Whether you have had cause to take a site owner to court, following complaints from park home residents and/or breaches of the site licence by the site owner and if successful, the outcome of any court appearance or the withdrawal of the licence until its clauses are satisfactorily adhered to by said site owner.29/08/201201/08/2012Information provided
FOI00941Number of public health funeral cases which have taken place in the council within the last 6 months. Name of the Deceased, Date and Place of Death, Date and Place of Birth, Last known residence of the deceased, Whether next of kin have been traced, Value of the Estate, Date on which referred/due to be referred to the Treasury Solicitor or Duchy or QLTR if applicable.29/08/201224/08/2012Information refused - Section 22 and 31
FOI00942Name of the deceased including any maiden name, Date of Birth of deceased, Date of Death of deceased, Last known Address of the deceased, When the estate was passed onto the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall, QLTR ( Scotland), Estimate of the estate if any. I would like details of all public health funerals whether they have, have not or will go to the above organisations since April 2012 to present day.30/08/201224/08/2012Information refused - Section 22 and 31
FOI00944The names of all Public Health Funerals carried out by your Authority between 1 March 2012 and the date of your response. Supply the following information in relation to each such estate:- Full name of the deceased, date and place of the funeral, approximate value of the estate, whether next-of-kin have been traced.31/08/201224/08/2012Information refused - Section 22 and 31
FOI00949In last weeks Lymington Times there was a front page article referring to environmental health complaints in respect of The Silver Hind restaurant in Station Road, Sway, what was the exact nature of the complaint?06/09/201217/08/2012Information provided
FOI00963Number of public health funerals which have been carried out by your local authority since April 2012. The deceased names, date of birth and death, last known address and when or if the estate will be passed onto the Treasury Solicitor, QLTR or the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster.19/09/201224/08/2012Information refused - Section 22 and 31
FOI0967LA-PPC and LA-IPPC processes under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012. All A2 installations and Part B permits in your area, including your ref for the permit, name & address of the permit holder, address for which the permit is granted, grid ref, date of issue, process undertaken, current status of permit. Any enforcement notices issued relating to breaches of the terms of the above permits since our last update on 10/08/2011.20/09/201231/08/2012Information provided
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