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FOI Disclosure Log - May 2012

Requests responded to during May 2012

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Communities & Employment

FOI00771Information relating to the original issue of the Brand New Forest card, including: Leaflets and brochures, Terms and Conditions.21/05/201203/05/2012Information provided
FOI00790How many blue £3 BrandNewForest cards have been sold? How many of these have been registered? Of the people registering cards, how many have local postcodes (within or bordering the New Forest?). How many complaints or adverse comments have been received about replacing a £3 for life with a £5 annum card?06/06/201230/05/2012Information provided

Service: Customer and Financial Support

FOI00783Properties within your Billing Authority area with a credit held on the account whereby; credit totals over £2,000, & dated before 2012. Primary Liable Party Name, Full Property Address, Postcode, Billing Authority Ref No, Current Rateable Value, Credit Amount, Date Credit Applies.30/05/201221/05/2012Information provided
FOI00791List of live business rates accounts with a 2010 list RV greater than/equal to 25,000. Property Ref No, Current RV, Business Name of the party liable, Hereditament address, Business address, tel number & email address, Liability start date, Where property is subject to empty rates date it became empty, Description of property type, Do not require any personal information or sole traders.07/06/201225/05/2012Information provided
FOI00800Information regarding parking permits and residential parking permits in your area during 2008, 2011, and this year (2012), and the number of parking enforcement officers your council employ.14/06/201224/05/2012Information provided
FOI00801Addresses of all "long term empty" Commercial properties that are within New Forest District Council area; and the names of the owners of those properties referred to.13/06/201225/05/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI00809Properties benefiting from mandatory charitable relief in respect of payment of Business Rates. The Ratepayer name, address, and the period from which the relief has been granted.18/06/201225/05/2012Information provided
FOI00814National Non-Domestic Rate accounts that show a credit (in excess of £500) for any period from 1 April 1990 to date. We do not expect you to supply details for sole traders or private individuals, partnerships or limited liability partnerships.20/06/201225/05/2012Information provided
FOI00818Number of court summons you've issued to homes on a monthly basis. provide a monthly breakdown for past 36 months.20/06/201222/05/2012Information provided
FOI00826Addresses and rateable values of all properties that have any historic credit on their account. The names and addresses of the owners of those properties referred to.22/06/201225/05/2012Information provided

Service: Environment Services

FOI00758Land which the Council is responsible for regarding streetscene duties within the Lymington and Pennington area, preferably provided by map with the areas shaded.08/05/201203/05/2012Information provided
FOI00765Statistics for on-the-spot fines issued by your council in the financial year April 2011- March 2012 for the following environmental offences: Litter, Graffiti Fly Posting, Dogs Fouling, Dog Control, Distribution of Literature, Waste receptacles. Provide income received from these fixed penalty notices by offence.15/05/201216/05/2012Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI00775Full list of all properties (both local authority and housing associations) sold since 2000 under the Right to Buy Scheme and preserved Rights to Buy Schemes ("the schemes").24/05/201201/05/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI00803Information regarding affordable housing units within the local authority area, social housing units and new-build units approved for each of the following years - 2008/9, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12. total number of people currently on the local authority's social housing waiting list.15/06/201230/05/2012Part refused - Sec 22
FOI00824Largest house defined by the number of bedrooms that you provide to a household within your authority, through whatever funding means (Council owned/ managed or privately rented)? the number of bedrooms, first section of the postcode and first digit of the second section of the postcode, monthly cost to the authority of providing the home to the household? If council owned state costs on renovation, repair, redecoration in the last 5 financial years?20/06/201224/05/2012Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI00770Please send me copies of these policies/ procedures: capability; sickness/ absence management; and disciplinary.18/05/201214/05/2012Information provided
FOI00782For each of the last five years, total head count of staff at the beginning of the calendar year (or fiscal year if you cannot provide this) the total number of posts that were vacant at that date. split by the National Joint Council for Local Government Service salary scale categories28/05/201224/05/2012Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI00774Information regarding the number of Subject Access Requests you have and are currently processing.22/05/201218/05/2012Information provided
FOI00797The chief executive's current basic salary. Other benefits received, for example, pension contributions, car, health care package etc. The leader's full allowance. Any other benefits the leader receives.11/06/201222/05/2012Part refused - Section 22
FOI00798Details of whether your Local Authority has sold any electoral roll data. Name of the purchaser (or a suitably anonymous identification which indicates whether the purchaser was an individual or organisation). Total revenue from the selling, period covered is 1st May 2007 - 1st May 2012. Break down your response by sales concerning the full register and sales of the edited register.13/06/201216/05/2012Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI00778Questions regarding sickness absence rates in Local Government in-house waste and street cleansing operations.28/05/201223/05/2012Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI00785Contact details for Placements Officer for young people in residential care, Commissioning Officer/Team, Social workers who deal with placements, Procurement officer/team, Youth Offending Team Placements Officer.30/05/201202/05/2012Information not held
FOI00796Amount spent by your council on maintaining roads in 2010 and 2011. Number of claims for compensation lodged by drivers as a result of damage to their car due to the poor state of the roads. Total cost paid out to drivers in compensation due to the poor state of the roads.12/06/201215/05/2012Information not held
FOI00799The names of the Care Homes which have claimed VAT only amounts from your Local Authority under the Kingscrest High Court decision and the names of the Care Homes which have provided residential care to your Local Authority between 1993 and 2002.14/06/201217/05/2012Information not held
FOI00810How many individuals in your council have been assessed for adult social care in each of the last five financial years. How many have been categorised in each band (low, moderate, substantial, critical, in each year. What support has been offered to individuals placed in each category in each year.19/06/201222/05/2012Information not held
FOI00816The re-referral rates and number of re-referrals within Children's Social Care for each of the last three years broken down into domestic abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse and family breakdown.19/06/201222/05/2012Information not held
FOI00825Money spent in the 2011/2012 financial year on highway maintenance. How much money you are planning to spend on highway maintenance in the current (2012/2013) year.22/06/201225/05/2012Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI00759Copy of planning approval relevant to the development by Wessex Water on my property09/05/201204/05/2012Refused - repeat request
FOI00764Copies of plans showing measurements for footings and sewage connections regarding planning application 97635. Copy of report regarding site visit by Council officer on 8th March 2012.14/05/201201/05/2012Information provided
FOI00768Date of and report from site visit to #41 Sea Road to check and confirm the plans for it's extension and drains. Dates and reports of all visits made by Planning Control during the construction of the extension and associated sewerage / drains of #41 Sea Road, as per UK building regulations.18/05/201201/05/2012Information provided
FOI00773Various questions regarding Section 106 agreements for the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.22/05/201202/05/2012Information provided
FOI00789Since 2000,list all Section 106 agreements signed (inc Bilateral, Unilateral, Deed of Variation, Deeds of Modification, Supplemental Deeds) inc planning reference, address proposed development. Breakdown of each agreement explaining values secured and for what services/infrastructure items. If financial contributions / planning obligations have been provided outside the means of a legally binding agreement provide details values and how secured.06/06/201216/05/2012Information provided
FOI00792Copy of a signed certificate which was submitted with planning application 97635, confirming ownership of the land. Copy of a report regarding a site visit in which it was determined that the extension would fit on the property owners land29/05/201223/05/2012Information provided
FOI00793Value of commuted sums* (accepted from developers in lieu of on-site affordable housing provision outlined in section 106 agreements) agreed by the council and developers in: 2011-12, 2010-11, 2009-10, 2008-09. How many affordable homes which should have been provided through section 106 agreements were not built onsite (ie as part of the development relating to the section 106) due to commuted sums arrangements in the local authority area in the same period.11/06/201218/05/2012Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI00832Standard payment terms your council employs in dealings with its suppliers, contractors and any other party supplying a service or product at a cost to your council. most recent available figures showing, within a 12-month period: % of bills settled in 10 days or less; % of bills settled in 30 days or less; % of bills took more than 30 days to settle. mean average of the amount of time, in days, you took to settle bills, within the same 12 month period.26/06/201230/05/2012Information provided

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI00762Information about any person who has died with no living blood relatives being known when they died, from 1/8/11 to the date of your response. The date(s) they passed away. The postcode region or local area of their home address they died. The date(s) on which information was referred to the Treasury Solicitor. Please also advise if you have yet to refer the information above, or a decision is still pending.14/05/201210/05/2012Information provided
FOI00772Stray dog survey22/05/201210/05/2012Information provided
FOI00780During the periods 01/01/00 to 0/01/01, 01/01/ 05 to 01/01/06, 01/01/10 to 01/01/11. How many Pet Shop Licences were issued?. How many of these allowed the sale of amphibians?24/05/201211/05/2012Information provided
FOI00786Information held relating to persons who have died with no known next of kin since my last request of 1/10/11 to the day of your reply. Include dates of death, postcode areas of death, date(s) when the information was passed (or information that is about to be or likely to be passed) to the Treasury Solicitor.31/05/201221/05/2012Information provided
FOI00788Copies of report/notes from our visits regarding incident where dog was injured30/05/201209/05/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI00821Name, Last known address, Date of birth,Date of death and estimated size of estate for any persons who have died since February 2012 in your local authority area and whose details you have passed or will be passing onto either the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy ofLancaster/Cornwall or local Procurator Fiscal office in Scotland.21/06/201228/05/2012Refused - Section 22 and 31
FOI00839List of licensed dog breeding establishments registered within your authority.29/06/201230/05/2012Information provided
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