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FOI Disclosure Log - March 2012

Requests responded to during March 2012

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support Services

FOI00684Details of empty properties paying a current rateable value in the councils district above £50,000, full property address. primary liable party name, primary liable party contact address and phone number, properties reference number, current relief type, current rateable value. date vacant.19/03/201205/03/2012Information provided
FOI00687Details of the council's bill collection and banking contracts.21/03/201216/03/2012Information provided
FOI00691list of all live business rates accounts with a 2010 list Rateable Value greater than or equal to £25,000.20/03/201207/03/2012Information provided
FOI00699List of accounts numbers with property addresses and property reference numbers that you have charged our client against. List detailing all credits held on your business rates system for our client, as well as credits written away to suspense/control accounts, in archive systems and credit amounts written off during the last months, include any uncleared refunds.26/03/201221/03/2012Information provided
FOI00702Breakdown of all council services such as; the service provided, the frequency of those services.20/03/201201/03/2012Refused - Advised and assisted
FOI00703List of accounts with property addresses and property reference numbers that you have charged our client against for current and closed accounts include credits held on your system and credits written away to suspense/control accounts, in archive systems and credit amounts written off during the last 12 months, please also include an uncleared refunds.28/03/201209/03/2012Information not held
FOI00708Number of car parking spaces either managed by the council or managed under contract from the council that are available to the public. The number of off-road parking spaces managed/enforced by the authority or under contract from the authority. The number of on-road parking spaces managed/enforced by the authority or under contract from the authority.30/03/201208/03/2012Information held in part - provided
FOI00727Excel Spreadsheet with data for ALL business premises where NO RELIEF (for example small business relief, charitable relief, etc) of any type has been granted. Property Reference, Full Address (excluding Post Code), Post Code, Ratepayer (Primary Liable Party), Rateable Value for 2010-201513/04/201227/03/2012Information provided
FOI00733Business rate accounts in receipt of mandatory relief. Provide the ratepayer, rate account number, property reference number, address of property concerned, amount of relief applicable, date that mandatory relief started17/04/201227/03/2012Information provided
FOI00736A list of Non-Domestic rate accounts that are currently overpaid or in credit, to include: Ratepayer, Rate Account Number, Billing Authority Reference, Full Address of Property Concerned, Amount of Overpayment,Period that the Overpayment Relates to, Account Closure Date if Relevant.16/04/201227/03/2012Information provided

Service: Environment Services

FOI00740How many household wheelie bins have been replaced for each of last three years and at what cost per year? How much does residents have to pay to have a household bin replaced? How many commercial bins have been replaced for each of the last three years and what cost per year? How much does business have to pay to have a commercial bin replaced?20/04/201222/03/2012Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI0067110 questions regarding pay polices.08/03/201207/03/2012Information provided
FOI00679During the 2010-2011 financial year, how many individuals employed in permanent posts at your local authority were paid through companies rather than through PAYE?14/03/201209/03/2012Information provided
FOI00689The number of current employees paying into the Local Government Pension Scheme at the end of the financial years 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11. number of pensioners previously employees of NFDC drawing from the LG PS at the end of financial years 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11.The number of former employees entitled to deferred benefits on the LGPS at the end of financial years 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11.21/03/201215/03/2012Information provided
FOI00694For the period 1st January 2011 - 31st December 2011 (or for the last complete reporting year if easier). The number of compulsory and voluntary redundancies made by the local authority. Number of resignations, Number of newly appointed staff, Total number of sickness days. Number of disciplinary actions (instigated by staff and also by the authority)23/03/201222/03/2012Information provided
FOI00705Questions regarding coaching for Council staff.30/03/201221/03/2012Information provided
FOI00716Details of interim staff employed by your organisation.30/04/201221/03/2012Information provided
FOI00751The maximum number of weeks redundancy pay an employee can receive.26/04/201230/03/2012Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI00686Details of all complaints made against Councillor Geoff Beck20/03/201220/03/2012Information provided
FOI00701Senior Information Risk Owners or Officers (SIRO's - has this role been introduced into Local Government. If it has, then could you please tell me who the SIRO is for your organisation, their position within the organisation and their contact details?22/03/201202/03/2012Information provided
FOI00714Monies held on account or paid into court from the following: All Compulsory Purchase Orders which the council have conducted over the past 15 years. Account amounts, the properties involved and who is entitled to the money. Money held on account resulting from Enforced Sales from the past 15 years. Account amounts, the properties involved and who is entitled to the money.03/04/201212/03/2012Information provided
FOI00717How many a) gypsies and b) travellers have been evicted from authorised sites in each of the last three years.04/04/201208/03/2012Information provided
FOI007321. How many councillors does your council have at full strength? 2. How many vacancies are there currently on your council? 3. How many councillors are currently Married? 4. How many councillors are currently in a Civil Partnership?16/04/201229/03/2012Information provided
FOI00734Request regarding services for young people18/04/201221/03/2012Information not held

Service: Multiple Services

FOI00688What is your marketing budget for 2012? What percentage of this budget goes towards outsourcing? Which services do you outsource? (e.g. Paid Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing or Telemarketing). When should we approach you in order to be considered as a new provider? How should we approach you in order to be considered as a new provider?21/03/201220/03/2012Information held in part and provided
FOI00693Could you please provide me with details about any contracts the authority holds with Serco Group or any of their subsidiary companies.22/03/201205/03/2012Information provided
FOI00709Breakdown of the costs of the Council Leader's annual allowance in the financial year 2000/01 and from each financial year from 2009 - 2011. Total cost of Members' allowances for the same periods. Annual percentage of tax spent on Councillor/Member allowances in the same period. Number of Council Members enrolled onto the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) in the financial year 2000/01. Annual cost to the Council of employer contributions into the LGPS in the same period. etc02/04/201223/03/2012Information provided
FOI00715I am writing to request the following information regarding the provision of personal safety devices for both employees and those under the direct responsibility of your Local Authority.04/04/201230/03/2012Information provided
FOI00730Has the council bought any tickets for Olympic events? If so, please could you provide a full list of what events tickets have been purchased for, and how much was paid for each.16/04/201219/03/2012Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI00707Details of your LA's schools alongside their contact details (including their URN, postcode, telephone numbers and email addresses)02/04/201205/03/2012Information not held
FOI00726I require names, telephone numbers and email addresses if possible for: 1. Adult Services. 2.Children's Services. 3.Reablement Services (if this has been integrated into the social care service).13/04/201228/03/2012Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI00588Land lying to the east of 44 Whitsbury Road, Fordingbridge and ransom strip of land between Queen's Gardens in Fordingbridge. Does the Council own this land? Please outline any restrictions that apply re access to the land.12/03/201228/03/2012Information provided
FOI00685List of all developments for which planning permission was granted in the last 12 years and where there is a requirement for on site affordable housing. For clarity - this does not include developments with a requirement for a financial contribution toward affordable housing, only those where units were provided on site.19/03/201201/03/2012Information provided
FOI00706Planning applications received in the following categories (minor, major & other) for the years 09,10 and 11. In 2011 what percentage of major applications received were decided within 13 weeks? (If no exact figures available approx) In 2011, what percentage of applications categorised as 'others' and 'minors' were decided within 8 weeks? (If no exact figures available approx) The total number of objections received to applications in 2011 for each of the following categories: Minor, Major Other29/03/201222/03/2012Information provided
FOI00712Number of planning applications and details of those applications which have been granted since 1 January 2007, which resulted in the development of: land on the metropolitan green belt? any greenfield site? any brownfield site? How many applications are pending for each case?02/04/201227/03/2012Information provided
FOI00713Request sight of the documentation relevant to the pre-application advice offered to the applicant regarding planning application 12/98339.03/04/201222/03/2012Information provided
FOI00718Developers contributions made by Pennyfarthing Homes in respect of planning applications 06/88270 (June 06) and 06/87794 (April 06) to what extent these may have been used, allocated or unspent and where funds are currently held and the criteria they may be used. The unspent amount of developers contributions for New Milton. Where held & what implications exist once the CIL becomes effective. Confirm measures NFDC are taking to prevent unused contributions being returned to developers05/04/201219/03/2012Information provided
FOI00723Can you please tell me what is the laden and unladen weight of the New Forest tour Bus which is routed along Woodlands Road during the Summer.10/04/201212/03/2012Information not held
FOI00724To be referred to the relevant, accurate and complete planning approval for the development by Wessex Water on this site (40 Salisbury Street, Fordingbridge, Hampshire02/04/201219/03/2012Information provided
FOI00725Have any Neighbourhood Planning proposal applications been received or areas allocated under the Localism Act?11/04/201215/03/2012Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI00683The company that manages housing maintenance (including general maintenance, plumbing, electrical etc.) for homes rented out by the local authority. The value of the contract/s. The duration of the contract/s. If the authority has no housing stock or manages this internally, could you please also let me know.19/03/201219/03/2012Information provided
FOI00697Provide details of all security contracts you have in place, including the value of each contract, the name of the firm/individual providing the service. By 'security', I mean the protection of property and people, not IT security. Name and contact details of the key person who is responsible for these contracts.26/03/201219/03/2012Information provided
FOI00698Copy of the signed contract 104113 Lot No: 1 Hydrodynamic services. Confirm the total number of tenders received, and the grounds for rejecting each (only two are shown as being received, but this would not include non-compliant tenders).I note the lowest and highest tender value for Lot 1 is omitted in the notice, please supply.26/03/201230/03/2012Part refused - Section 40 and 43
FOI00704Request to view Building Control file29/03/201219/03/2012Information provided
FOI00719Copy of information held on the Land Charges register.03/04/201228/03/2012Request withdrawn

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI00669Persons who have died with no known next of kin and any public/welfare funerals since 1/10/11 to the present day. Deceased's date of death, date the matter was passed (or if you believe the case will be passed) to the Treasury Solicitor (or Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall), area of the Deceased's death expressed as a postcode area.07/03/201201/03/2012Information provided
FOI00674Details of the use of powers of entry by your authority under any of the relevant Acts or items of secondary legislation during the period 2008 - 2011, excluding Trading Standards investigations.09/03/201212/03/2012Information provided in part - Section 12
FOI00676Questionnaire/survey regarding the Council's use of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts.09/03/201208/03/2012Information provided
FOI00680How many public health funerals have been carried out by you local authority since November 2011 when no known next of kin can be found. Deceased names (including maiden names, Date of birth and death, Last known address and when, or if the estate will be passed onto the Treasury Solicitor, QLTR or the Duchy of Cornwall and Lancaster.15/03/201202/03/2012Part refused - Section 22 & 31
FOI00690Details of all noise abatement orders (or similar orders/restrictions) served regarding pianos in residential properties in the last 5 years.21/03/201207/03/2012Information provided
FOI00711Details of anyone who has died with no known next of kin from my last request of 16/11/2011 to the day of your reply. Date of death, Postcode area of their last known address at time of death. Date when referral was made of this estate to the Treasury Solicitor.02/04/201227/03/2012Information provided
FOI00720Questions regarding pet shop licensing06/04/201216/03/2012Information provided
FOI00731How many stray dogs entered pounds between 1st January 2010 and 31st December 2010? How many of these were reclaimed by their owners? How many were adopted from the pound? How many went to an animal rescue? How many were euthanized? What happened to any remaining dogs that did not fall into above categories?16/04/201227/03/2012Information provided
FOI00735Details of all premises with Zoo Licences18/04/201228/03/2012Information provided
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