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FOI Disclosure Log - February 2012

Requests responded to during February 2012

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.


ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer and Financial Support Services

FOI00627Details of attempted refunds of accounts in credit that have been returned or not presented for payment ie unrepresented cheque. Details of "bounce back" refunds attempted to have been refunded by BACS. Details of any credit amounts moved to "suspense" account for any reason.08/02/201201/02/2012Part refused/not held - Section 12 (Time Limit)
FOI00643The local authority's gross budget for the years 2006-2011. If you have details of this for 2012, I would appreciate that too. The local authority's net budget for the years 2006-2011.20/02/201203/02/2012Information provided
FOI00660List of all empty properties in your authority so far as you are legally permitted to disclose. Where possible, please include ownership and owner contact details.05/03/201209/02/2012Information provided - Part refused Section 40
FOI00666Addresses and rateable values of all properties that have any historic credit on their account. The names and addresses of the owners of those properties referred to above.02/03/201223/02/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI00667Commercial premises which are currently vacant and where the rateable value of the property exceeds £25,000; full address including postcode, name of the account holder where it is not an individual (if it is, please leave blank), rateable value of the property, date on which the premises first became vacant, type of property (if such information is easily included).06/03/201216/02/2012Information provided
FOI00675The amount paid by your authority by way of business rates in relation to your authority's own vacant property/accommodation for 2007/8, 2008/9, 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12. If a forecast figure for empty property rates payments in 2012/13 exists, I would like that as well.09/03/201229/02/2012Refused - Exceeded cost limit (section 12)
FOI00682List of all the empty commercial properties within the Council area, detailing the Address. description (Office, Shop, Warehouse etc) of said properties. Name/s of the owner/s, organisation/s or company/ies, leaseholder. Length of time the properties have been empty19/03/201223/02/2012Part refused - Section 40

Service: Environment Services

FOI00637Contract details regarding the following: Grounds Maintenance, Waste Services, Street Cleansing. Also provide details of any Housing Associations, Partnerships or Trusts that the Council work with.14/02/201207/02/2012Information provided
FOI00656Who carries out household waste collection for residual (black bag) waste and recyclable waste in your authority? (This may be the council or a third party waste contractor). If contract provide details. State the main waste facilities to which the waste is taken. State if collections are weekly or alternate weekly?01/03/201216/02/2012Information provided
FOI00668Is there a shortage of burial space in your area? If so, what provisions are currently in place to deal with it? How many years do you think it will be before you run out of burial space? Is there a shortage of burial space set aside for other faiths? If so, what's being done about it?05/03/201208/02/2012Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI00644How man requests were made to Council-run historic public-access buildings (e.g. museums) in 2009, 2010 and 2011, requesting to bring ghost investigators into the building? What proportion of social housing tenants are on the transfer list? During 2009, 2010 & 2011 how many social housing enquiries mentioned any of the following words; ghost, ghosts, haunted, spirit, haunting or poltergeist?21/02/201209/02/2012Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI00628For each of the last five years, headcount of Council staff, in post at the beginning of the relevant year, who have moved out of the council by the end of the year? Headcount of Council staff re above Split by the National Joint Council for Local Government Service salary scale categories:15/02/201210/02/2012Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI00640Details of Server and Vitalisation Support/Maintenance contract(s)15/02/201213/02/2012Information provided
FOI00641What is the cost and number of calls made from staff at your organisation to the speaking clock (BT number 123) and Directory inquiries (any number beginning with 118) in the financial years 2009/10 and 2010/11.16/02/201209/02/2012Information provided in part
FOI00647A list of the models of the physical servers, storage devices, tape libraries, network switches and routers under support contracts; as well as the cost and duration of said contracts, with start and end dates and service level associated with the equipment. names of the suppliers of aforementioned support services?22/02/201213/02/2012Information provided
FOI00677The use of E-Discovery software by the Council.12/03/201216/02/2012Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI00648During each of the last three financial years (08/09), (09/10), (10/11)how much has your Council spent on legal fees to remove travellers from illegal sites? and how much has your Council spent removing waste and cleaning up and safe-guarding sites after the departure of travellers from illegal site for the same period?23/02/201201/02/2012Information provided
FOI00649During the 2011 calendar year how many cases was there EITHER an application for directed surveillance or the acquisition of communications data (phone number subscriber details) made? Please give a brief summary. How many of these cases was a staff member of your authority the subject?23/02/201201/02/2012Information provided
FOI00662Please send me the names and email addressed of the following senior directors: Chief Executive, Director of Corporate Services, Director of Environment or equivalent, Director of Economic or Business Development.05/03/201209/02/2012Information provided
FOI00663Head of procurement or equivalent, Director of communications or equivalent, Head of communications or equivalent, Head of governance or equivalent.05/03/201209/02/2012Information provided
FOI00664Names and email addresses of the following: Director of Finance, Director of IT, Head of IT, IT Programme Manager, Helpdesk Manager, Information/Performance/Data Manager.05/03/201209/02/2012Information provided

Service: Leisure Services

FOI00681Request for information relating to swimming participation in your local area. the full dataset collected on children's swimming participation in your local area in each of the last 5 years;the percentage of children who attained the Department of Education target (June 2010) that children should be able to swim at least 25m unaided at Key Stage 2; the number of pools in your local area that have closed in each of the last 5 years.16/03/201220/02/2012Information provided in part - advised and assisted

Service: Multiple Services

FOI00646Council charges for the last three full financial years, for which your council has responsibility.22/02/201222/02/2012Information provided
FOI00652The name and email address of the Head or Director of Business Transformation/Business Change for the Council28/02/201201/02/2012Information not held
FOI00653Location of all disabled bays which are in your town/city, both on the street and in your council run car parks. Please provide the address and postcode of the space and car park.14/02/201208/02/2012Information provided
FOI00672Are any elected members of employees of the Council taking part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on 3rd June? If yes please provide details. Has any group and or individual and or neighbourhood approached the council about the possibility of staging street party or similar celebration for the The Diamond Jubilee. Provide copies of any advisory material the council plans to distribute to these individuals and groups et......08/03/201229/02/2012Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI00655How many people on the young offending programme were convicted of criminal offences in 2011 & 2010. How many people were in the young offending programme in 2011 & 2010? What were the offences committed whilst on the programme, how many people convicted of each offence? Breakdown of what each offence was, how many people committed it and on what date29/02/201203/02/2012Information not held
FOI00657Names and email addresses of the following: Director of Childrens Social Care, Assistant Director of Childrens Social Care, Heads of Service within Childrens Social Care, Programme Managers within Childrens Social Care.02/03/201203/02/2012Information not held
FOI00658Names and email addresses of: Director of Adult Social Care, Assistant Directors of Adult Social Care, Heads of Service within Adult Social Care, Adult Social Care Programme Managers02/03/201203/02/2012Information not held
FOI00695Cases where children and parents have sued a local education authority because of an incident on school grounds, and the reasons in detail for this. E.g fell on a protruding piece of metal or slipped on glass etc.I would like to know which cases were successful and how much the injured party won in compensation.23/03/201224/02/2012Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI00645How many planning applications were received by NFDC in financial year 2010/11? How many planning applications were approved in financial year 2010/11? Out of the total planning applications made for building in financial year 2010/11, how many were on designated Greenbelt land? How many were approved?21/02/201221/02/2012Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI00650Person(s) responsible for the following areas: Architecture/design. Building Services Engineering (e.g. heating, lighting, ventilation etc.). Quantity Surveying (Building Cost). Building Maintenance. Property Strategy/Asset Management. Include contact e-mail,Phone number and address.27/02/201201/02/2012Information provided
FOI00661What is the authorities current total spend on energy at its offices and depots? Please include electricity, gas and any solid fuel that is used. The energy efficiency rating for all local authority offices and depots.05/03/201207/02/2012Information provided
FOI00678Information regarding the Council's mobile phone contract13/03/201215/02/2012Information provided
FOI00700Request to inspect file and take copies of specific documents16/03/201229/02/2012Part refused - Section 21

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI00626From August 2011 until present day how many public funerals has your organisation performed or will be performing. Include the name, date of death, dates of birth and last known residence of the deceased. Whether next of kin have been located, estate if any been passed to the Treasury Solicitor and value of estate.07/02/201201/02/2012Refused - Section 31 and 22
FOI00629Copy of report and statements regarding site inspection following an accident.06/02/201202/02/2012Part refused - Section 40
FOI00630How many public health funeral cases you have referred, or are due to refer to the Treasury Solicitor from Oct 2011? Include name of deceased, date & place of death, date & place of birth, last known residence, whether next of kin have been traced, value of estate and date on which referred/due to be referred to the Treasury Solicitor.08/02/201207/02/2012Refused - Section 22 and 31
FOI00638Information relating to persons who have died with no known next of kin since my last request of 15/09/11 to the day of your response. Dates of death, Post Code areas, Dates when the information was passed or is likely to be passed to the Treasury Solicitor.14/02/201214/02/2012Information provided
FOI00651Copy of report investigating the accident which took place at Tesco New Milton, along with any details or finding/recommendations, including photos.21/02/201209/02/2012Refused - Section 31
FOI00654How many public funeral cases you have referred, or are due to refer to the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy, QLTR or Crown Solicitor from November 2011 to the date of your response. include name, date and place of death, date and place of birth, last known residence, whether next of kin have been traced, value of estate if known, date on which referred/due to be referred to the Treasury Solicitor etc.29/02/201216/02/2012Refused - Section 22 and 31 - Advised and assisted
FOI00659Forename, surname and email address of: The Director of Public Health(s), The Assistant or Associate Director of Public Health(s), Head of Public Health(s), Public Health Manager(s)01/03/201210/02/2012Information provided
FOI00665List of taxi & private hire vehicles licensed to your authority, This information would ideally consist of the following information - Plate number, Registration number Vehicle type, Operating company (where applicable)05/03/201223/02/2012Information provided
FOI00670Disclosure of information held regarding an accident at the Haywain Restaurant in 2009.05/03/201220/02/2012Part refused - Section 40(2)
FOI00692Information regarding primates licenses issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 as of 15 February 2012.21/03/201223/02/2012Information provided
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