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FOI Disclosure Log - November 2011

Requests responded to during November 2011

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer Services

FOI00527Details of all genuine credits that are held on your business rates system, to include: credits written away to suspense/ control accounts. Amounts written off during the last 12 months. Credits which are due to non individuals.09/11/201109/11/2011Part refused - Section 31
FOI00535How many companies within your jurisdiction are liable for more than one rating assessment/account? Company name, Number of rating assessments liable for, addresses for each assessment, Individual rateable values for each assessment.18/11/201114/11/2011Information provided - part refused Section 31
FOI00543Number of people prosecuted for dishonestly using disabled parking badges during the last ten years.25/11/201125/11/2011Information provided
FOI00552The total cost of providing and administering the 1400 amenity car parking permits in 2011 and the total revenue from this. The total cost of providing and administrating the Long Stay Clocks in 2011, number issued and total revenue for 2011.28/11/201111/11/2011Information provided
FOI00566Schedule of all Non Domestic Rate properties within your billing area which are currently vacant with rateable values in excess £250,000 and containing the following data: property description, billing authority ref number, rateable value, name and full postal address for the ratepayer where this is not an individual.07/12/201121/11/2011Information provided - Part refused Section 31

Service: Environment Services

FOI00534Council policy regarding recycling credits for charities21/11/201108/11/2011Information provided
FOI00546Waste collection service.30/11/201125/11/2011Information provided
FOI00569Details of the Council's arrangements for repair and maintenance of fleet management/contract hire.14/12/201117/11/2011Information provided

Service: Housing

FOI00549Was money received through the New Homes Bonus scheme (this was paid from the Communities and Local Government department to councils in April 2011). Has this money gone into a general fund or been spent on a specific project? If the money was spent on housing, how many of those homes were affordable?01/12/201117/11/2011Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI00529I would like to request details of all your current insurance contract(s)15/11/201103/11/2011Information provided
FOI00532Details of your current recruitment services contract(s)18/11/201114/11/2011Information provided
FOI00550During 2010 and 2011 to date, how many redundancies were made? figures to be broken down into age groups.01/12/201130/11/2011Information provided
FOI00568Childcare voucher scheme13/12/201130/11/2011Information provided

Service: Legal and Democratic

FOI00545Access to all of the papers relating to a complaint which was recently considered by the Membership and Standards Committee.25/11/201121/11/2011Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI00530The purpose of this request is to identify all the firms that have bid for the five tenders in the spreadsheet attached.17/11/201115/11/2011Information provided
FOI00539Information regarding service provider, name of service provider and cost of providing various services22/11/201116/11/2011Information provided
FOI00542Developers contributions, monies received and spent with details on individual projects benefiting reference the 106 Agreement accounts for all developers in Barton for the last 10 years.18/11/201115/11/2011Information provided
FOI00548Charges for a selection of services for 2011/12, 2010/11 and 2009/10 financial years. Total income from fees and charges for the services for 2010/11 and 2009/10. What was the budgeted income from fees and charges for the services this financial year?01/12/201123/11/2011Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI00538Number of unaccompanied asylum seeking children in the care of the Council in each of the past five financial years25/11/201107/11/2011Not held
FOI00541Information relating to legal claims resulting from allegations of bullying at schools under your remit.05/12/201107/11/2011Not held
FOI00557Road adoption competitions by developers22/11/201108/11/2011Not held
FOI00571Information relating to Social Care14/12/201117/11/2011Information not held
FOI00574Details of crematoria and cremation services14/12/201117/11/2011Information not held
FOI00581Whether the local authority of Council currently or in the past has funded coroners for the payment of GP reports? If such funding was made available, how much was paid to Coroners for the years 2007 - 2011.19/12/201123/11/2011Information not held

Service: Planning and Transportation

FOI00536Information about legal costs incurred in connection with appeals arising from Planning Committee decision, in particular with regard to wind turbines, dating back to 1 January 2009.22/11/201114/11/2011Information provided
FOI00585Please provide a copy of the minutes (and any associated documents) from the Traffic Management Liaison Meeting, which, I have been informed, was held on 15th November 201121/12/201128/11/2011Information provided

Service: Property Services

FOI00544How many charities in total on 01/01/11 rented council property? How many currently rent council property and how many have been evicted since 01/01/11. Has the council cut the reduced rent scheme to any extent?23/11/201116/11/2011Information provided
FOI00553Any documentation associated with the purchase and use of 18 Vincent Road, New Milton for a youth project 'hostel' under the supporting people banner managed by HCC. Please include any correspondence, meeting minutes, Cllr questions, funding provision/assistance and any associated terms and conditions, operating license, policy alignment or approval, any assessment or evaluation documentation etc30/11/201125/11/2011Information not held - advised & assisted
FOI00559Provide a list of concert and or theatre and or performance venues which the Council owns or manages within its geographical area.06/12/201121/11/2011Information provided
FOI00562Copy of the Council's mobile phone policy and details of our mobile phone contract07/12/201115/11/2011Information provided

Service: Public Health and Community Safety

FOI00528Short questionnaire regarding pest control services.14/11/201108/11/2011Information provided
FOI00531Details of all complaints relating to noise your Council has received since 1st Jan 08 for noise received within the cartilage of a dwelling house, and in particular any sound measurements for each case investigated.18/11/201108/11/2011Information provided
FOI00570Copy of letter which the Council sent to a property and notes on the Environmental Health file concerning the requestors clients07/12/201116/11/2011Part refused - Section 40
FOI00580'executive hire' exemptions of private hire vehicles from displaying signage, by your local authority, under the provisions of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976:19/12/201121/11/2011Information provided
FOI00582How many hours a day is your CCTV control centre manned? Hours manned 3 years ago? Any cuts to number of staff monitoring CCTV, how many? How many arrests police have made after your surveillance staff have alerted police after noticing offences on camera since November 2008.20/12/201129/11/2011Information provided
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