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FOI Disclosure Log - September 2011

Requests responded to during September 2011

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Customer Services

FOI00479Bad debts written off by the Council and the amounts owed to and from other Councils.26/09/201126/09/2011Information provided
FOI00482Please state the price of all parking permits at your local authority, broken down by area and length of permit for each of the financial years 08/09, 09/10 and 10/11 in an excel spreadsheet. Please state the number of permits issued to Council employees by your local authority for the same period.28/09/201113/09/2011Information provided
FOI00483A list of all addresses and rateable values for properties up to a rateable value threshold of £12,000 and a list of all addresses up to a rateable value threshold of £12,000, where the Council has awarded small business rates relief.28/09/201112/09/2011Part refused - Section 40
FOI00490Details of commercial premises which are currently vacant and where the rateable value of the property exceeds £25,00005/10/201112/09/2011Part refused - Section 40
FOI00495Credits or refunds which are due to clients on any of their business rate accounts. The extent of those credits and/or refunds and the properties to which they may relate.07/10/201115/09/2011Information provided
FOI00508Credit balances on Non-Domestic Rates Accounts from 1 April 1990 to the present day. Please do not supply details for sole traders or private individuals, partnerships or limited liability partnerships.20/10/201130/09/2011Part refused - Section 31
FOI00514How many challenges have the NFDC received for failing to display, in which the challenge claimed a valid ticket which for some reason or other was not visible to the parking attendant.26/10/201130/09/2011Information provided in part
FOI00515Disclose all discussions, correspondence, meeting minutes, meeting notes, cost comparisons and any other material relating to the choice to implement a parking management system based on non-sticky back tickets.26/10/201130/09/2011Information not held

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI00448Accounts & Audit Regulations 2003 - expenses claimed by officers, especially those that are claiming hotel, restaurant, flight & travel expenses & expenses charged to any debit or credit cards provided by the NFDC-06/09/2011Dealt with under the Accounts & Audit Regulations 2003
FOI00486I am requesting for your kind assistance in provision of historic data on referrals,prosecution ,Indicted,Acquitted, and penalise for the period 2000-2011 .I am also asking for a brief summary of the Investigative process or model used. I am attaching a spread sheet to assist in gathering information collection.29/09/201102/09/2011Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI00451Information relating to voluntary early retirements, redundancies, the use of agency workers and apprentices at New Forest District Council08/09/201107/09/2011Information provided
FOI00480How much did the NFDC spend on providing translation services in each of the following financial years 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/1127/09/201127/09/2011Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI00445Maps showing all land within the authority area that falls into the following categories: Green belt land, local authority owned land, Local authority designated brownfield sites, undeveloped land currently held by developers, village greens, allotments13/10/201129/09/2011Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI00463The Council's understanding of the legal position on charges for personal searches. The Council's current charging policy for personal searches. Estimates of the financial liability for refunds of charges wrongly made. include all recorded information covering the above issues.19/09/201119/09/2011Part refused - Section 21, 42, 43 and 36
FOI00472Current structure chart, to include posts which are dedicated to processing subject access requests, freedom of information requests and environmental information requests, to include job title, salary band and whole/Full Time Equivalent.21/09/201112/09/2011Information provided
FOI00473Structure charts for the following directorates - Chief Executive and Executive Management Team, Housing Management, Housing Strategy, Homelessness, Housing Maintenance, Sheltered and Supported Housing. Finance and Accountancy, Legal, Human Resources and Corporate Services.21/09/201106/09/2011Part refused - Section 21
FOI00485Request to re-use information provided under ref 408. Public Register of Contaminated Land (under Part llA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990). Authorised Processes (Part A2 and Part B permits) (under Pollution Prevention Control legislation); information found on the Public Register of Hazardous Substance Consents (under the Planning (Haz.Subs) Act 1990) - obtained from the Council's website.08/09/201106/09/2011Information provided
FOI00489Could you confirm that the removal of the pre-printed 'tick' on the Electoral Roll form was as a result of a deliberate policy change? If so could you provide me with details of when/why this decision was taken?03/10/201114/09/2011Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI00465Details regarding Local Land Charges.19/09/201119/09/2011Part refused - Section 21, 36, 42 and 43
FOI00469Additional information regarding request ref: 42021/09/201114/09/2011Information provided
FOI00499Contact details for Heads of Service and Service managers for various departments13/10/201115/09/2011Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI00491Details on each separate application for new registration of "common land" (or "village greens"). In each of the following years: 2010-11, 2009-10, 2008-9, 2007-8 and 2006-705/10/201112/09/2011Information not held
FOI00492Complete list of all petrol stations in the New Forest District Council area. The information i require is the name, full address and telephone number of the petrol station.06/10/201114/09/2011Information not held
FOI00497The amount budgeted for by the council for Connexions (and related services) in the financial years 2011/12, 2010/11, 2009/10, 2008/9.11/10/201114/09/2011Information not held
FOI00501What is the Local Authorities policy & practice on recording of meetings with the LA by service users in Social Services matters under the Children Act 1989 (Recordings by parents or children or those who might act for or assist them)14/10/201119/09/2011Information not held
FOI00502Winter service for road surface gritting. Resources and trigger temperature18/10/201121/09/2011Information not held
FOI00506How many schools have been closed? School buildings, school site or land been sold or is it awaiting sale, from 1st January 2008 to the date of your reply.19/10/201121/09/2011Information not held

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI00457Status of you local plan or core strategy, How many full time development planners, conservation officers and heritage officers did you employ in 2008? How many do you employ now?13/09/201108/09/2011Information provided
FOI00464Details of planning applications that have been submitted to your local authority since August 1st 2011. Regarding Mosques, Islamic institute, Community Centre, Cultural Centre, Islamic school or college.19/09/201105/09/2011Information provided
FOI00466The guidelines, instructions and work practices associated with a review of an initial application for a TPO and subsequent Appeals Panel that apply to the activities of the Council's Tree Officer.19/09/201115/09/2011Information provided
FOI00467Job description, role and responsibilities of the Senior Arboricultural Officer19/09/201115/09/2011Information provided
FOI00488Section 106 agreements03/10/201130/09/2011Information provided
FOI00504Number of street lights run by the local authority. The current arrangements for turning off or dimming street lights overnight including the number of lights affected and the hours that apply. The saving of any arrangement in 2 above.18/10/201130/09/2011Information not held

Service: Property Services

FOI00481Tenancy agreement and related costs for allotment plots in the Council27/09/201105/09/2011Information not held

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI00438A list of all public health funerals in the last 4 weeks, including full name of the deceased, date of death, last known address and approximate value of estate30/08/201123/08/2011Refused - Section 22 and 31
FOI00446People who have died with no known next of kin. Please include the dates of death, approximate area of death and the date you sent information to the Treasury Solicitor.06/09/201105/09/2011Information provided
FOI00458From March 2011 how many public health funerals has your organisation performed? Names, date of death, date of birth and last known residence for the deceased.13/09/201105/09/2011Refused - Section 22 and 31
FOI00461Has your council (or agency) ever dealt with the same animal as a stray on more than one occasion, if so please identify which animal has been dealt with by your council the most times, and how many occasions?14/09/201106/09/2011Part refused - Section 12
FOI00468Do the Council's Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) Team give alleged offenders 'formal' verbal warnings? if so, are these recorded on any system or an offender file?20/09/201119/09/2011Information provided
FOI00474Information about any person who has died with no next of kin from 14/04/11 to the date of your response. To include dates passed away, Post code region or local area, The dates referred to the Treasury Solicitor.21/09/201105/09/2011Information provided
FOI00476Information relating to pest control services. How many individuals were employed by the council under the remit of pest control during 2009/10 and 2010/11. Number of requests involving various pests etc..23/09/201128/09/2011Information provided
FOI00477Series of questions relating to Garra rufa fish treatments23/09/201120/09/2011Information provided
FOI00478List of public health funerals in the last 4 weeks. include the full name and the date of death, and last known address.26/09/201105/09/2011Information provided - No cases
FOI00484The number of incidents of pest infestation dealt with by your authority in each of the last two financial years. A breakdown of the species concerned.28/09/201114/09/2011Information provided
FOI00487in 2010/11 how much money did the local authority receive/is due to receive from businesses with which it has a registered Primary Authority Partnership? Please list each individual Primary Authority Partnership, the amount of money received/due to be received and state what the money was paid to the local authority for.30/09/201112/09/2011Information provided
FOI00500Persons who have died with no known next of kin since my last request of 16/02/11 to the day of your reply. Please include the dates of death, post code areas, dates the information was passed to the Treasury Solicitor.13/10/201127/09/2011Information provided
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