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FOI Disclosure Log - January 2011

Requests responded to during January 2011

For a copy of the response given to these questions, please email stating the reference number.

ReferenceSubjectResponse dueCompleted dateResponse

Service: Communities & Employment

FOI00154Tourism and the provision of serviced accommodation for visitors to the area08/02/201131/01/2011Information provided

Service: Customer Services

FOI00135Empty Commercial Properties with rates payable of £18,000 and above20/01/201113/01/2011Part refused - Section 40
FOI00140Business Rates/Council Tax - Outstanding credits on Licensed Properties24/01/201111/01/2011Not held
FOI00143Onstreet and offstreet parking charges28/01/201125/01/2011Information provided
FOI00149Uncollected Council Tax03/02/201110/01/2011Information provided
FOI00151NNDR - how many companies are liable for more than one rating assessment/account04/02/201128/01/2011Refused - Exceeded cost limit
FOI00163Council tax discount15/02/201118/01/2011Information provided
FOI00169Parking tickets and traffic enforcement officers15/02/201128/01/2011Information provided
FOI00176NNDR - Credit Balances21/02/201131/01/2011Information provided
FOI00180NNDR & Rate Relief for Valuation Period 2010-201523/02/201128/01/2011Not held

Service: Environment Services

FOI00145Refuse Collections01/02/201119/01/2011Information provided
FOI00161Fly posting policy11/02/201118/01/2011Information provided

Service: Executive Management Team

FOI00160Funds regarding building social housing10/02/201128/01/2011Information provided
FOI00162Council annual spend on leaflets/posters14/02/201126/01/2011Information provided

Service: Human Resources

FOI00147Annual figures for Compromise Agreements02/02/201126/01/2011Information provided
FOI00164Employee absenteeism/sickness14/02/201126/01/2011Information provided

Service: ICT Services

FOI00150ICT software products and spend03/02/201114/01/2011Information provided

Service: Legal & Democratic

FOI00133Fees charged for conducting property searches17/01/201117/01/2011Refused - Section 36 and 41

Service: Leisure Services

FOI00142Public children's play areas27/01/201118/01/2011Information provided

Service: Multiple Services

FOI00132Impact of funding decisions on Third Sector Organisations17/01/201117/01/2011Information provided
FOI00137Council owned property/land and buildings for sale or lease and empty.20/01/201112/01/2011Information provided
FOI00138Council Branding/Logo and Domains/Website plus ICT Structure with job descriptions20/01/201113/01/2011Information provided
FOI00141Fixed penalty notices issued for Environmental crimes27/01/201119/01/2011Information provided
FOI00159Langdown Lawn Open Space10/02/201128/01/2011Information provided

Service: Not NFDC

FOI00152Council pension fund - past service reserves04/02/201112/01/2011Not held
FOI00155Claims for damaged cars due to potholes.08/02/201112/01/2011Not held
FOI00157Lollipop man/women09/02/201113/01/2011Not held
FOI00167Children Services16/02/201119/01/2011Not held
FOI00168School Dinners15/02/201119/01/2011Not held
FOI00172How many miles of roads does the council have responsibility for?16/02/201119/01/2011Not held

Service: Performance & Strategic Development

FOI00153Use of language08/02/201111/01/2011Information provided
FOI00156Letter of complaint - Copy09/02/201119/01/2011Refused - Section 40

Service: Planning & Transportation

FOI00130Details of property searches 2001 - 201013/01/201112/01/2011Information provided
FOI00165Workplace parking levy15/02/201119/01/2011Information provided
FOI00179Name of complainant27/01/201126/01/2011Refused - Section 40

Service: Property Services

FOI00144Number of allotment sites where Council has access to waiting list data31/01/201104/01/2011Not held but advised and assisted

Service: Public Health & Community Safety

FOI00131Food Hygiene inspections carried out and rated zero13/01/201110/01/2011Request withdrawn
FOI00139Food businesses details plus inspections24/01/201110/01/2011Information provided
FOI00178Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations21/02/201126/01/2011Not held
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