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Temporary Premises

Temporary Premises: Marquees, Market Stalls, Mobile Sales Vehicles, Premises used occasionally for Catering Purposes and Vending Machines

Temporary premises and vending machines must be designed, constructed, kept clean and maintained in good repair and condition so as to avoid the risk of contaminating foodstuffs and harbouring pests.

The temporary nature of this type of business may mean that work methods have not been tested. Careful planning will be necessary to ensure there are adequate work surfaces, washing facilities and refrigeration.

The main requirements are as follows:

  • all surfaces with which food comes into contact must be of sound condition, easy to clean and where necessary capable of being disinfected.
  • provision must be made for the cleaning and disinfecting of utensils and equipment, as described in that section.
  • appropriate sinks should be provided where foods need to be washed.
  • sinks must be provided with an adequate supply of hot and cold water of drinking quality.
  • provide appropriate means of maintaining and measuring the temperature of foods that require chill storage.
  • maintain personal hygiene by the provision of facilities for hand washing and drying, sanitary accommodation and changing.
Updated: 23 Oct 2014
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