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Safer Food Better Business

Find out about food hygiene legislation and what you need to do to manage food safety in your business.

Food Safety Management Systems

Food businesses need to have a written food safety management system which explains how the business produces safe food. Such a system usually involves some record keeping such as temperature monitoring.  The type of system needed will depend on the size and type of business. Many small catering businesses will only need very simple records, whilst medium sized and larger businesses will have their own bespoke written systems in place.

Help for Small Businesses - Safer Food Better Business

A food safety management system called Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB) has been developed to help small catering businesses such as restaurants, caf├ęs and takeaways comply with the regulations.

Please visit the FSA Safer Food Better Business page where you can download the following:

  • Safer Food, Better Business for Retailers is designed to help small retail food businesses such as small convenience stores, tobacconists and newsagents comply with food law. It is not suitable for specialist retailers such as butchers, fishmongers or bakers.
  • Safer Food, Better Business for Caterers has been developed to help small catering businesses such as restaurants, cafes and takeaways comply with food law.
  • SFBB Supplement for Care Homes is a supplement designed to accompany the caterers Safer Food, Better Business pack and is designed to help caterers and staff working in small residential care homes. It covers such areas as extra care, gift food and mini kitchens. It is not suitable for use in nursing homes.
  • SFBB for different cuisines is available tailored for different cuisines: Chinese or Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan
  • SFBB in other Languages: SFBB is also  and in different languages
  • SFBB for childminders is especially for childminders and gives simple, straightforward advice on food safety, including information on feeding babies and children etc.

Alternatively you can develop your own procedures based on the principles of HACCP, or use a food industry guide recognised by the Food Standards Agency. Help is available for smaller businesses who do not have a documented system.

Updated: 23 Oct 2019
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