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Primary Authority Partnerships

What is it?

The Primary Authority Partnership (PAP) scheme is a legally recognised partnership between businesses and a local authority, by which the business is provided with robust and reliable regulatory advice that other local authority regulators must respect. 

Who can enter a partnership?

Partnerships are available to any type of business, whether starting out or established, as well as other types of organisation such as charities and trade associations.

What are the benefits?

  • Assured advice that you can rely on - this is expert opinion which is applicable across England, and which other local authorities must take account of when carrying out inspections or dealing with non-compliance

  • Partnerships can reduce costs by providing certainty to your business, reducing risk and aiding compliance

  • A single point of contact for regulatory advice and support

  • A reduction in regulatory burden through simpler and more successful regulation

  • A single point of contact for EH and licensing issues - a designated officer who will get to know your business and be able to provide tailored advice

  • On-going advice and support so your business is always compliant and on the right path, even when legislation changes

  • Customers are better protected as businesses find it easier to comply with legislation

What regulatory advice is provided?

With qualified and fully trained officers we can provide expertise in food hygiene, health and safety, and licensing legislation. We also work in partnership with other regulators to provide advice in other areas that may affect your business, such as trading standards and fire safety.


For details of Primary Authority set up costs and our hourly charges please contact us on 023 8028 5230 or email

We charge for Primary Authority work on a cost recovery basis, at a rate of £70 per hour. Before finalising any agreement, we will spend time with you to find out what level of support your business needs. A minimum package costs £700 and includes setting up the PA agreement, registering the application,  the application for approval from the Secretary of State and preparation of an action plan if appropriate. Any surplus of the initial fee will be credited to your business for the provision of advice and support.


Updated: 24 Oct 2019
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